Easter Bunny and Birdy Icons

Take a look at these lovely Easter Bunny and Birdy icons. They are super cute! Use them to spirit up your blog theme. They are free for download. Check them out HERE.
I’ve added two bunnies in my blog. Can you spot them?

Beautiful Blog Designs by Gis

Good news to all Blogspot bloggers! Gis has released a new blogger template. It’s called Birdie’s Spring Time. SoooOooo gorgeous, it makes me want to change my template too. But unfortunately, it’s not available in WordPress yet. The layout is simple, but very pleasing to the eyes. I like the white background with flowers. Check out this awesome template HERE. I hope Gis will create more WordPress themes in future. I…

I Like WordPress!

It has been two weeks since I started blogging with WordPress. It has been an interesting transition, I have to say. I love WordPress and everything that it can offer – from plug-ins to themes, and I like getting the full control of my blog.  When I decided to move from Blogger to WordPress, I had two options. I could start fresh, or I could import all of my Blogger…