Celebrate the Lunar New Year with Special Edition Coca-Cola Auspicious Cans

With Chinese New Year just around the corner, supermarkets are packed with shoppers stocking up their carts with CNY goodies, from mandarin oranges, biscuits, candies and drinks to home decorations like red lanterns, paper cut posters, flowers and fireworks.

For me, I like to look out for special edition product launches and packaging expressions. Chinese New Year is a festival that is blessed with rich and varied iconography, as well as a theme that changes every year. So there’s certainly no shortage of visual inspirations for brands to launch their special limited edition products.

This year, Coca-Cola brings a very refreshing twist to spreading good fortune in the Year of Goat with the 8 specially-designed auspicious Chinese New Year Coca-Cola cans. These cans bear lucky Chinese characters and they are the perfect complement to the traditional Mandarin oranges.

The EIGHT auspicious designs in distinctive red cans include “happiness”, “wealth”, “abundance”, “good luck”, “prosperity”, “fortune”, “peace” and “a smooth year”.


What I like about this design is that the greeting on each can is so personalised, and each of the eight cans expresses a different wish that we want to share with our loved ones.

In addition, the combination of contemporary design graphics with traditional calligraphic greeting characters makes the cans stand out among other products. They make a very meaningful gift across generations, bridging the generation gap and sharing the festive joy with everyone in the family.


Besides the calligraphic greeting characters, you may also notice some special design elements and symbols associated with each greetings, such as Chinese coins to represent fortune, a rice bucket to signify abundance and clouds to show happiness.

Chinese New Year is a time to re-connect with family and loved ones. To help us connect with each other during this festive season, Coca-Cola has specially created a Happiness Greeting Machine which allows friends and family to digitally share good fortune and prosperity with their loved ones.

Where I can find this Happiness Greeting Machine, you may ask. These machines will be located at 20 hypermarkets and supermarkets across the island, starting from 7 Feb 2015 to 16 Feb 2015. Check out Coca-Cola website for the list of locations.

Simply purchase any Coca-Cola products (excluding single cans and 500ml bottles), we can create our own personalised Chinese New Year greeting message with Happiness Greeting Machine, and send it to our loved one or friend via text message or e-mail. This greeting also comes with a digital auspicious Coca-Cola can.


Even if you can’t share your favourite Coca-Cola drink with family and friends living overseas, you can still send them a digital auspicious can!

As an added bonus, for each digital can and greeting that we shared, we will also receive an auspicious can of our choice and a free gift from Coca-Cola. It’s also the tradition of giving and receiving during the Chinese New Year.

Last but not least, we will also be able to spin the Auspicious Wheel of Happiness and stand a chance to win other great Chinese New Year goodies. So, let’s share the auspicious Chinese New Year greetings with Coca-Cola’s Happiness Greeting Machine!


Sharing good fortune with family and friends is what Lunar New Year is all about. I will certainly choose the auspicious Coca-Cola cans to spread happiness and prosperity to my family and friends.

Today, I’d like to take this opportunity to share these EIGHT auspicious designs with them:

  • I want to share “Happiness” with my mum to wish her everlasting joy.
  • I want to share “Wealth” with my husband to wish him good salary and job promotion (you know – his money is my money, my money is my money, heh!).
  • I want to share “Abundance” with my dad to wish him having more than enough of everything that he needs.
  • I want to share “Good Luck” with my siblings to wish them best of luck in the Year of Goat.
  • I want to share “Prosperity” with my parents-in-law to wish them a flourishing and joyful new year.
  • I want to share “Fortune” with my brother-in-law, Kenneth, to wish him good fortune and success in his career.
  • I want to share “Peace” and “A Smooth Year” with all my friends and blog readers to wish them a peace, joyful, safe, healthy and smooth-sailing Year of Goat.


Let’s celebrate the Year of the Goat with this stunning Chinese New Year Edition of Coca-Cola and make a difference! These auspicious can designs are now available at your nearest stores (also look out for Coca-Cola’s special shrink wrap / box carton designs if you’re purchasing by the bulk in-store).

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Nuffnang. All opinions are honest and are my own.

Galloping Into the Year of Horse

Chinese zodiac

Generally, I don’t consider myself as a superstitious person. I don’t believe that washing hair on the first day of Lunar New Year will wash away good luck, nor do I think that wearing red will bring good fortune.

However, I do believe in Chinese New Year zodiac predictions. That’s something that I look forward to read every year to find out what my zodiac sign has in store for me on that year. Do you believe in zodiac predictions too?

Last year, my zodiac prediction showed that I’ll be faced with a lot of obstacles at work due to pressure from the boss and troubles from the customers. There is a taboo that when a Snake meets another Snake from the yearly cycle, that year will not be a good year for people born in the year of Snake. True enough, last year was a rough and challenging year for me, especially at workplace.

This year, however, my zodiac prediction sounds more promising. Here’s my zodiac predictions separated into 4 segments.


It says, “This year may be faced with minor obstacles at work, but things will get smoothen out quickly with the help of kind people. All form of difficulties can be solved with ease. There will be ample opportunities to stand out at work too.”

This is exactly what I wanted to hear! I have kind people surrounding me, not backstabbers. LOL.

Truth be told, I’ve been working in this company for 11 years – from singlehood to motherhood. One decade is a very long time, and this company feels like a part of me now. Although I feel like I’ve reached a stagnant phase of my career, I’m reluctant to step out of my comfort zone to experience new challenges.

I mean, I can go home on-the-dot every day. I’ve good working relationships with my colleagues and suppliers. I’m comfortable with my pay cheque. I can’t ask for more. I think I’ll just spend another few more years here before I retire. I want to retire early – ideally when I hit the big 4-0.

In short, this year I don’t have any grand plan for career switch.


It says, “The fortune of wealth is not bad this year. High-risk investments are not advisable but you may expect to be pleasantly surprised with sizable gains from alternative sources of income.”

Oh, wow! I wonder what my alternative sources of income would be. Rental? Nope – our new place is not ready yet. Blogging? Nope – I’ve planned to cut down on blog projects this year. So, I don’t have a clue yet.

Seriously, I’m not an investment person, or even highly skilled in finance. I don’t even understand statement like this: ‘You work hard for your money, so why not make your money work even harder for you?’

Worst of all, I’m not a risk taker. So, I’m contented to continue to enjoy peanut interest rates from my savings accounts.


“This year’s top priority will be to take preventive measures against illness. The fortune of health is generally alright, but maintaining a good diet and more exercise can reduce the occurring of illness and improve immunity.”

I do agree that health is my top priority now. It has been 1.5 years since I was diagnosed with Wegener’s Granulomatosis and till now, I’m still on medication. Sometimes it feels like I’ve been walking in a dark tunnel for so long, I was blinded by darkness, and I couldn’t find my way out.

I don’t know when I’ll go into remission. Each time I walk out from my rheumatologist clinic, I go home with a bag of medication. Despair and hopeless. Despite having a saddled nose that bleeds easily, battling with weight gain and self-esteem issues, I convince myself to have faith that one day I will recover and be medication-free.

Having said that, I’m still glad that I can live my life as a normal person to take care of the people I love. I realized that the simple joy of being alive, being able to move freely, and being able to live with my loved ones are daily blessings that I should never take for granted.


Lastly, it says, “Married couples can expect to celebrate newborns in the family this year.”

Congratulations to those who are born in the Year of Snake! I’ll have to let this opportunity slip away this year. As I’ve mentioned a while ago, I’m still on medication and thus, I’m unable to conceive. If I do get pregnant, it would be disastrous!

Nonetheless, predictions are still predictions. I will not drown myself into believing them 100%, but rather take them as a general guideline for the year.

Have you read your zodiac predictions this year?


Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Happy CNY

We wish you a Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year 2014.

May good luck and fortune always be with you in the Year of Horse. Huat ah!

May the Gentlemen always be handsome and the Ladies always be pretty!

 Flower Divider


Sentosa Flowers 2013 – Joys of Spring

Sentosa Flowers 2013

This Chinese New Year, we managed to squeeze some time to visit the Sentosa Flowers – one of the most celebrated flower exhibitions in Singapore. This year, it is held at Palawan Beach and the theme is Joys of Spring. Being the year of Snake, there is a 100m long snake sculpture on display too.


As soon as we checked-in, we were greeted by the Giant Floral Carpet, which measures 50 metres by 40 metres and comprises 30,000 fresh flowers. I like these vibrant red flowers. There is a beautiful water snake display that is made of flowers too.

Red Flowers


Snake Display

We continued to stroll along Palawan Beach, hand-in-hand, enjoying the beauty of the flowers that surround us. It was relaxing and enjoyable. As we walked past Post of Lost Wonder, we bumped into God of Fortune! We quickly took a family picture with him.

With God of Fortune

There are a lot of beautifully-designed photo-points for visitors to capture the special moments, and a bunch of helpful Sentosa staffs who help to take pictures for the visitors.

Edison & V

Little Edison

CNY 2013 at Sentosa Flowers

After a long walk, passing the F&B outlets and Bora Bora Beach Bar, we finally reached the Glittering Snake Trail. It is formed using sand collected from Sentosa’s very own beach. A group of staff volunteers used dyed sand to colour the snake, which forms the Chinese character “Fortune”.

Glittering Snake Trail

Glittering Snake Trail - Body

After the visit, our boy went to have some fun at the beach before we head to RWS for dinner.

CNY 2013

This flower festival, being held at Palawan Beach, will run until Feb 17, with tickets priced at $5 per adult (free entry for children aged 12 and below). Check out http://flowers.sentosa.com.sg/ for further details.

Welcoming the Year of Snake!

CNY 2013

First of all, Gong Xi Fa Cai! Wishing all of you an abundance of health, happiness and success in the year of Snake.

This Chinese New Year is rather unusual, in a way that it rains a lot. Water snake, maybe? For as long as I can remember, Chinese New Year is usually very hot and humid. So, it’s quite good for visiting as the weather is cooling, but not very convenient when we’re on the road.

This week has been one of the most stress-less weeks I’ve ever had. No work, no school, and no alarm clock. We slept past midnight and woke up at 10am. Little Edison seems to enjoy Chinese New Year more than me. In fact, as he grows older now, he can sustain the entire day out doing visiting without taking his afternoon nap.

In addition, he loves the Lo-Hei session too. He likes to toss the ingredients as high as possible and all over the table, but he doesn’t like to eat them. I enjoy Lo-Hei a lot too, though it can be really messy and noisy.

As I get older, I seem to be become less and less excited about Chinese New Year. When I was a kid, I looked forward to Chinese New Year because I can wear new clothes, beef up my piggy bank, and eat lots of yummy food. Two weeks before the Chinese New Year, my mom will gather with our neighbours to make cookies, nian gao, and even bak kwa. The kids will join in for help, it was so much fun!

My childhood favourite is the love letters. Whenever I eat it now, it brought back so many fond memories of me being a kid, and making these love letters with my mom before the Chinese New Year. It was nostalgic.