More on Clarisonic Mia

There are several types of Clarisonic systems in the market – Mia, Classic and Plus. Mia is the smallest size with single speed. Classic is the original system with two speeds while Plus is the advanced system with three speeds for the face and a body mode. I understand that currently Sephora Singapore has the Classic and Plus, but not the Mia.

This is how I use my Clarisonic Mia:

First of all, I remove my makeup by hand using a makeup remover. Then, I wash my face with clear water before I apply the facial cleanser on my face. I wet the brush head slightly with water, press the on/off button and gently move the brush using a small circular motion. I begin with forehead, then moving on to my nose, chin and lastly my cheeks.

The timer in Mia is set at one minute so it will automatically shut off after that. You don’t have to worry about “over-washing”. I use it once a day at night now and will gradually increase to two times daily. I find that the brush works best with foamy clanser.

Be careful not to wet the brush head too much. Otherwise, the soapy water will drip and goes into the eyes.

Care and Maintenance:

This little engine needs some maintenance too. After every use, I rinse the brush head thoroughly with water to remove all the soap. Once a week, I wash it with antibacterial soap. Clarisonic recommends that the brush head to be changed every 3 to 4 months.

Here’s my verdict:

Ever since I stopped facial treatments at beauty salon, this is the first time I feel my pores so clean. My skin feels softer and smoother after every wash. It doesn’t cause any break-outs and it does not leave my face dry.

The best part of Mia is that it is water-proof – I can even use it in shower or bath tub. It is so gentle and easy to use. The only little problem is that it gives a ticklish feeling when I’m cleaning my nose due to the vibrations.

Overall, I find that it’s a good investment, especially for busy mothers like us. With Clarisonic Mia, we can achieve the effective cleaning at home even without visiting the beauty salon that costs us a bomb.

I SO look forward to using it everyday.


Beauty Find: Clarisonic Mia

Ladies, I have something really really amazing to talk about today. If you’re following my friend – SY’s blog, you should have heard this beauty gadget before.

It’s the Clarisonic Sonic Skin Cleansing System, one of the popular products being raved about in Glamour Magazine.

As an introduction, Clarisonic uses sonic technology which creates 300 movements per second for the brush head to provide a facial cleansing experience that no other products in the market can provide. It’s time to throw away our good old face sponges!

It thoroughly removes 6x more makeup and 2x more dirt and oil than manual cleansing using our hands. It cleanses so well that skin care products absorb better, pores appear smaller and with improvement to skin tone and texture. Are you convinced?

I ordered a pink set from The usual price is US$149.00. After 20% discount and with USPS International Shipping, the final price is US$134.15. My little pink baby arrived six days after I placed my order.

Picture source:

Let’s meet Clarisonic Mia. The kit comes with a pink cordless Mia, a brush head, a compact charger, a trial size Gentle Hydro Cleanser and a user guide. I quickly glanced through the user guide and I realised that I need to charge the Mia for 24 hours prior to the first use.

So, I quickly attached the charger to Mia and plug it into the power outlet. Much to my dismay, the charger uses a 2-pin blade socket configuration that is different from Singapore’s 3-pin rectangular configuration. I scrambled to find a suitable converter and luckily V has one for me.

I’ve been using my pink Mia for the past three days and I simply love the whole cleansing experience. After washing, I pat SK-II miracle water onto my face. I can feel and hear the pitera oozing into my skin. “Pong, pong, pong!” It feels so great. Okay, I’m exaggerating. It’s fine to chuckle a little.

Clarisonic Mia, she really rocks my world!

I’ll be writing another detailed post about this little engine later this week. Stay tuned!