Doob Bean Bags & SoftRock Bohemian Review: Comfortable and Versatile

We came across doob bean bags during our visit to the National Museum of Singapore. Gallery10 was filled with fun, colourful and ultra-comfy doob bean bags that are truly eye-catching. Edison refused to leave the moment he had his butts on them. Yes, they’re SO comfy that you wouldn’t want to get up!  😀

So, imagine my excitement when doob sent over their latest product – The Oomph, Polyester Couch-Shaped Bean Bag, for my review. I jumped at the opportunity because Our Little Butts are certainly in need of something comfy. Haha!  😛

doob bean bag
Yes! Yes! My butts certainly deserves the comfort!

About doob Bean Bags

Doob is a local bean bag producer known for its colourful and quirky design. When I first landed on doob website, my first impression was “Aiyo, why so cute one?” LOL. I love the cheeky vibe, colourful design and cutesy play on words on their website.

First of all, there are many doob bean bags to choose from (you may be confused at first!). The easiest way is to group them by material types:

  1. Rayon (cloth like, machine washable)
  2. Polyester (spill-proof, damp wipes to clean)
  3. Synthetic Leather (water resistant, damp wipes to clean)

On top of that, they come in various shapes, sizes, colours and even level of ‘shiokness’ to suit every need. There’s also an option for indoor and outdoor use. The chart below showcases the different types of doob bean bag in the simplest way.

doob bean bagPicture Credit: doob

Cool, right?

The Oomph, Polyester Couch-Shaped Bean Bag Review

Personally, I prefer a couch-shaped bean bag because I have a pear-shaped bottom. Hah! And I’d prefer a spill-proof one too (the kid is still prone to spills!).  Polyester is perfect for me as it’s spill-proof and easy to maintain – just wipe with a damp cloth to clean without the need of removing its cover.

As you know, bean bags are meant to be formless. The less the structure, the more comfy they are! However, being shapeless also means that it may not be so aesthetically-pleasing to some – especially those who are after comfort and style.

Therefore, the brilliant designers at doob came out with The Oomph! This bean bag stays in shape, so I find that it looks nicer than the older models and yet it offers the same level of ‘shiokness’.  😉

doob bean bag
The Oomph, Polyester Couch-Shaped Bean Bag (L) in Barley Beige, S$269.00