KidZania Singapore – Review, Guide and Promotions

We’ve been planning to visit KidZania Singapore since it was opened in April 2016. But I bet it would be super crowded during the initial months so we decided to wait.

Last weekend, we made an impromptu trip to KidZania, and what a surprise! The place was quieter than I’ve expected. At most of the establishments, Edison hardly had to queue. It must be due to the exam period. So, if exam doesn’t bother you, then October could be the best month to visit KidZania Singapore.

Introduction to KidZania Singapore

Kidzania SingaporeCheck-in counters at KidZania Singapore

If you’re entirely new to KidZania (else, you can skip this section), KidZania is a place where children can experience the ‘real world’ through role-playing activities such as working, earning a salary and buying things.

KidZania operates just like a real city complete with buildings, paved streets, vehicles, a working economy and recognisable destinations in the form of ‘establishments’ branded by local and international brands. These establishments are designed to educate through experiences, foster the development of life skills, and empower our children to pursue their dreams.

Kidzania Singapore Qatar Airways

Located on Sentosa Island, KidZania Singapore is an 81,000 square feet kid-sized city with over 90 professions. Best of all, it’s the first KidZania in the world to house a full-wing fuselage of a Boeing 737.

Before You Go In

I’d advise you to purchase your tickets online to enjoy 5% discount. Use Maybank Credit or Debit cards to enjoy 10% discount.

When you arrive, proceed to the check-in counter with your e-tickets to get your wrist tags. All the visitors will need to be tagged. This is a safety feature to ensure that children can only leave the premises with an authorized adult.

Getting into Kidzania

Children aged 4 and above will receive 20 kidZos in cash and an ATM card containing 30 kidZos (currency used in KidZania) for their initial spending.

Tips: Kids should wear covered shoes and pants if they want to try activities at the Climbing Building, Mountaineering School and Stadium.

First Thing When You Go In

Kidzania 2

First thing first – head to the bank to activate the ATM card. Once the card is activated, you can start using it across ATM machines within the city. Your kids can also deposit their earned kidZos into the card.

KidZos are recognized at every KidZania city throughout the world. This means you can use the cash in other countries too. However, every city has their own bank and ATM card. Thus, you may not be able to use the card in other countries. For instance, KidZania Singapore uses Maybank and KidZania Malaysia uses CIMB Bank. Therefore, if you wish to use your kidZos in other countries, please bring the cash.

Remember – parents are not allowed inside the establishments. But not to worry, the friendly Zupervisors will assist your kids to activate their ATM cards and during subsequent their role-playing activities.

Kidzania3His first job in the bank!