IMPACT Ergonomic Study Desk & Chair (from ERGOWORKS)

ERGOWORKS has been my trusted brand for ergonomic products. Since Edison started using IMPACT Ergo-Comfort Spinal Protection School Bag a year ago, I can see that his posture has greatly improved. And the best thing is – after a year of rough handling from the boy, the bag is still in good condition. T__T

I do believe in ergonomics and being comfortable as much as possible to avoid unnecessary stress that may lead to spinal problems in the future. Therefore, I feel the importance of having a proper ergonomic desk and chair, both in the office and at home, for my health and wellness.

Most of you are aware that we’ll be moving to our new home soon. Initially, I’ve planned to custom-made an L-shaped study table for Edison. But after giving it a second thought, I scrapped the idea. Firstly, the cost is high. Secondly, a fixed height desk may not be suitable for a growing up child like him.

Thus, it’s more worthwhile to invest in a good quality ergonomic study desk and chair for him. I really want to give him a comfortable study area that is properly designed and provide a healthy seating position for him.

So, I visited ERGOWORKS showroom at Marina Square two months ago (read here) to find a suitable set of ergonomic growing desk for him. There are two brands available here – ERGOSTARS and IMPACT – both have their own unique features. After trying all the different models at the showroom, we picked IMPACT Bundle 3. 🙂

IMPACT Bundle 3

Now, let me show you some of the unique features of IMPACT Bundle 3 that we really like.  😎

IMPACT Bundle 3 Ergonomic Study Desk

1. It has a quick release locking mechanism for desktop height adjustment. It is designed ergonomically to grow with our children.

2. The desktop tilts to comfortable and ergonomic angles for reading, writing and drawing with easy angle adjustment (using the red lever).

3. It has an accessories tray and wrist support pad. No more messy accessories all over the table! The wrist support pad is useful to hold a book or laptop.

IMPACT Ergonomic Study Desk

4. The desk comes with rounded corners for safety.

5. Easy mobility with front caster wheels. I love how easy it is to move the desk without risking a scratch on my floor.

IMPACT Ergonomic Study Desk

IMPACT Bundle 3 comes in two colour options – white and modern maple, and we chose the latter.

DUOREST DR-250 Smart Collection Ergonomic Chair

1. It’s patented design, Dual Backrest, reduces sitting fatigue and spinal pressure

DUOREST DR-250 Smart Collection Ergonomic Chair

2. Quick release locking mechanism for easy seat height adjustment

3. Back rest height and angle adjustment

4. Armrest adjustment

5. Healthy back tilt movement

DUOREST DR-250 Smart Collection Ergonomic Chair

6. Upholstered in durable fabric material. It’s very smooth and comfortable too.

Oh, one thing that’s worth mentioning – I must compliment the delivery guy for his professionalism and efficiency. The items were delivered to me on-time, and he was polite, helpful and took extreme care of the products with caution when carrying them into my house. Then, he set-up the table and demonstrated the functionality of the study desk and chair to us. When he left, he carried the empty boxes and plastic wrappers down to the trash bin.


All in all, I’m glad to have chosen IMPACT Bundle 3 for Edison. IMPACT Bundle 3 is a complete workstation that grows along with him, allowing him to use it from primary to secondary school. The service rendered to me was fantastic since our first visit to their showroom at Marina Square all the way till product delivery. Last but not least, the product comes with 10 years warranty too.


Edison1Edison loves his study desk and chair so much! 🙂

If you’re looking for an ergonomic study table and chair for your kids, I highly recommend ERGOWORKS. Do check out their showrooms at Marina Square, Centrepoint and Causeway Point for an extensive range of high quality, comfortable and user-friendly ergonomic products that are endorsed by medical professionals.

Shopping for Ergonomic Study Desk and Chair at ERGOWORKS

Recently, I was pretty annoyed with people misusing the word “ergonomic” – especially people who should really know better. I feel that there is a need for the general public to understand more about ergonomics, without just buying a product that is labelled as “ergonomic” but it is not, or buying a genuine “ergonomic” product but not using it correctly.

Ergonomics, as (I hope) we all know, is the process of designing or arranging workplaces, products and systems to optimise the comfort and performance of individuals, and to minimise risk of injury or harm.

As such, a chair can’t be “ergonomic” until you’ve established who will use it, the shape and size of the user, and what their activities are while sitting on it. Similarly, a study desk with adjustable height does not automatically make it “ergonomic”.

I’ve seen many cheap China-made study desks that claim to be ergonomic just because their height is adjustable. I’ve also recognised that there are situations where brands use the word “ergonomic” to add a marketing edge to their products without feeling the need to fully research, understand or justify that description.

The most important messages that I want to share with you today is: 1) before you buy an ergonomic product, please check whether the brand is medically endorsed by doctors, medical professionals or posture specialists, 2) make sure that you know how to use the ergonomic product effectively from the people where you bought it from.

I quote a very good example here. Don’t just buy an ergonomic school bag just because it’s labelled as “ergonomic” and let your child use it without teaching them the proper way of using it. You can’t reap the benefits of an ergonomic product, unless you use it correctly.

ERGOWORKS Showroom at Marina Square #03-337

Recently, we were out shopping for an ergonomic study desk and chair for Edison. I came to know ERGOWORKS when I worked with them on a campaign a year ago. (I’m not paid to write this post.) Since then, I told myself that I want to buy an ergonomic study desk and chair for Edison when we move to our new home.

Much to my surprise, I discovered that ERGOWORKS showroom at Marina Square has a revamp. I love its clean, simplistic but highly innovative design. The new concept showcases the vast range of ergonomic products that ERGOWORKS can provide in this niche market.

Here are some of the ergonomic products at ERGOWORKS that we really like.

1. Kids Ergo Study Desk

There are a wide range of Ergonomic Study Desks that provide a healthy study, reading and writing workstation for our kids.

I really like the IMPACT Bundle 2. The golden maple top with pink trim and a pink chair is so beautiful that it totally screams “buy me now!” This set is sold at a promotional price of $999 now (u/p $2,399). But don’t worry, I won’t buy a pink desk for Edison. He will get a blue, white or grey set.

ERGOSTARS ES-8501 Desk & Chair Set is another good choice, especially when it’s having an online promotion now for just $699 (u/p $1,998). It comes with 3 colour options – blue, grey and pink. This video gives you a very good introduction of this product.


The important ergonomic features of these tables include desk top height adjustable, desk top tilt angle adjustment, rounded edge for child safe design, easy mobility with caster wheels, desk feet leveler, and wrist support pad that holds book and laptop. They are suitable for kids 4 years old to adulthood. I’d say it’s a good investment for a quality product that lasts for years.

2. Seating Solution

I tried the DUOREST Chairs and I really love them. They provide excellent whole body support and comfort. The unique design of the highly adjustable neck rest and back support puts my spine into a good posture. Most importantly, it prevents neck aches or back stiffness from long hours of sitting.

3. IMPACT Backpack

Please read my previous review on IMPACT Ergo-Comfort Spinal Support Backpack, if you haven’t.

IMPACT Backpack is simply the best for its design, structure and spinal protection benefits. After one year of usage, Edison’s backpack is still in good condition – despite his rough handling (boys can never be gentle with their belongings!). The bag is made of durable, water and UV resistant materials that are built to last.

Most importantly, the professional Spinal Care Systems provides excellent support to the contour of the back while effectively distributing the weight equally on the surface of entire back. Edison’s posture is greatly improved with IMPACT ergonomic school bag.

ERGOWORKS provides a 20% trade in royalty program, that’s going to save a lot on our next upgrade of IMPACT backpack for Edison.

4. Computer Accessories Solution

I also came across Computer Accessories Solution at ERGOWORKS which interest me greatly. Occasionally, I suffer from wrist pain due to prolonged use of keyboard and mouse. I really hate it, but I don’t have a choice – as long as I’m stuck with this desk-bound job.

The CONTOUR RollerMouse Red (also a Red Dot Design Award Winner 2013) and Neo-Flex Notebook Lift Stand are perfect for my home office. The RollerMouse Red is placed below the keyboard, so I don’t need to reach for the mouse. I move the cursor by rolling the bar lightly with my fingertips.

Everything I need to control my computer is just right in front of me. This ergonomic position eliminates repetitive movements that can cause neck, shoulder and elbow pain. It took me a while to get used to it, but once I did, I really love the product.

5. Arm & Wrist Solution, Back & Seat Solution, Air Quality, and Heat Therapy Solution

Apart from school bags and workstations, ERGOWORKS also have a lot of ergonomic lifestyle products that I’ve never heard of. I’m glad to discover these gems.

I recommend ERGOWORKS because it’s the only medically endorsed and certified ergonomic brand in Singapore. Just a note to you that ERGOWORKS has three showrooms in Singapore at Marina Square, Centrepoint and Causeway Point. Many times, I walked into the “wrong” Ergo shop as there are a few shops with similar names that confused me.

ERGOWORKS is a brand that I trust, and I can genuinely recommend to you. Their extensive range of products have won numerous accolades and achieved international ergonomic standards. All ergonomic products from ERGOWORKS are also endorsed and recommended by The Chiropractic Association (Singapore) and Singapore Physiotherapy Association.

Anthony, the Sales Consultant at Marina Square outlet, demonstrating to us the proper use of ergonomic chair

Most importantly, ERGOWORKS delivers professional services to their customers. Every time we shop at ERGOWORKS, their friendly staffs demonstrate to us the proper use of their ergonomic products and give us recommendations on products that suit our needs. ERGOWORKS truly cares for customers who desire comfort, wellness and protection for their body structure and posture.

Check out ERGOWORKS if you’re looking for ergonomic products and professional services.

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Opens Daily: 11:30am – 9.00pm
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