Event Alert: Parents World Exhibition 2013

Hi Readers, heads up! You are invited to the fun-filled Parents World Exhibition 2013 where you can spend your day exploring the booths or participating in their exciting programmes. For the shoppers, do check out their daily massive bargains.

Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 6A
Date: 30 Aug – 1 Sep 2013
Time: 11am – 9pm
Admission is free

Breastfeeding mums can also get involved in the Biggest Breastfeeding Challenge on 31 Aug 2013. First 250 mums who register will receive a free goodie bag (worth up to $100). Let’s set a new national record together at this exciting event!

Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 6A
Date: 31 August 2013
Time: 1pm

Do remember to mark this event on your calendar, and I’ll see you at the Parents World Exhibition 2013. More details are available on their website at www.parentsworld.com.sg OR like their Facebook page to receive updates.


Cold Storage Kids Run 2013

As you probably know, I’m really not the running type but thought I’d give it a go because Little Edison is really looking forward to the run. The first time I saw the Cold Storage Kids Run advertisement on the newspaper, I asked him if he wants to participate and he was all “Yes! Yes! I want to run!”

So, when I told V about our participation, he didn’t look excited as he probably thought that I will back out at the last minute. The day before the run, he asked me for the 99th times if I’m for real and my answer is still a firm YES!

On the day itself, he saw me packing an umbrella into our backpack. He couldn’t stop laughing and he said, “Dear, if you’re so scared of the sun, why you want to go for the run?”

“Aging woman is afraid of the sun, but that doesn’t mean that I cannot run.” I replied. Luckily, he didn’t see me slapping on SPF sunscreen before we stepped out of the house. Else, he will have another round of laughing.

The ‘kan chiong’ spider in me woke up super early yesterday because I dreamt that we couldn’t find a parking space and hence missed the run. So, we left our house at 7:45am, one hour ahead of our reporting time.

Kids Run 1

When we reached the Esplanade at 8:10am, there were ample parking lots. We took a slow walk to The Padang and took some pictures. The atmosphere was awesome. It made me feel like a 7 year-old kid looking forward to my school sports day.

Kids Run 2

Because of the blazing heat, we reported to the holding area early to get some shades. He was in the Sunshine Orange Chase (Fun Run 800m for 5, 6 years old). We were seated in the first row of the holding area and waited for about 20 minutes before we were released to the starting point.

Kids Run 5

Little Edison looked a little tense now due to the long wait. I was so worried that he will ask to go to the toilet five seconds before the flag off time. Thankfully, that didn’t happen.

The moment the race started, he took off enthusiastically without even looking back. I ran behind him to make sure he wouldn’t fall, but he was too fast. Believe it or not, this boy can actually run faster than me. Somewhere at the 600m mark, I was screaming “Boy, slow down. Wait for Mama!” He continued to run and reached the ending point ahead of me.

Here’s my little champion looking extremely pleased with his first medal ever! He was so proud of it.

Kids Run 3

Despite the crazy heat and sweating like a pig, I really enjoyed myself too. I haven’t been to such run for a long time and I’m glad to be able to run with my son this year. I feel that Cold Storage Kids Run is a very meaningful running event that aims to encourage families to exercise and have a healthy lifestyle.

Hopefully after this event, we can continue to run together as a family. As for Little Edison, he couldn’t stop admiring his gold medal for the rest of the day. Looking forward to the run next year!

Kids Run 4

If you’re interested to view more pictures of the event, check out the Kids Run website.