Disney Live! Mickey’s Rockin’ Road Show

Last weekend, we were given tickets to attend the Disney Live! Mickey’s Rockin’ Road Show at Marina Bay Sands Grand Theater.

I was really looking forward to it because 1) both Edison and I are huge Disney fans, 2) I haven’t been to the Marina Bay Sands Grand Theater before, and (3) I was pretty sure that Edison is going to LOVE it.

Before I elaborate any further, I just have one word to describe the show – AWESOME!


We were seated at Row R in Category A, where the distance to the stage is just perfect. Not too near, and not too far. Seated on a booster seat, Edison also enjoys a full unblocked view of the entire stage.

The running time of the show is 90 minutes, and it is divided into two parts with a 15-minute break in-between. In the first part of the show, Mickey Mouse went on a fun-filled road trip and hilarious talent search with his friends Minnie, Donald and Goofy.

Disney LIVE

Mickey's Bus

Along the way, they met with the beautiful Cinderella, the ever-lovable Tigger, and the team of Woody, Jessie and Buzz Lightyear from Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story!


Disney LIVE

With Mickey’s fantastical bus, they soared over mountains and plunged underwater to complete their search for talents. Through a huge scenic projection panel, audience can enjoy a truly visual experience as the scenic backdrop takes them through country hillsides, a cactus-filled desert, a royal village and other picturesque locales.

In the second part of the show, the Disney characters display a variety of talents as they sing and dance to a mix of hip Disney tunes. The second part is more entertaining because there are more singing rather than just running around the stage in the first part.


Cinderella & Fairy Godmother


Overall, we enjoyed the show so much and I think that it was well put together. The show is perfect in length for young children with short attention span, yet enjoyable for older children as well. The Grand Theater is beautiful and spacious.

My favourite moment is seeing Cinderella on-stage. Edison keeps telling me that he likes Woody and team for their wonderful hula-hoop, lasso and ring juggling. And of course, he likes the confetti at the end of the show too!


Ashputtel – The Story of Cinderella

Last weekend, we were invited to watch the musical theatre show called Ashputtel – The Story of Cinderella. It was my first time watching a musical theatre show, thus I’m very excited. In addition, it’s about Cinderella – a wonderful story that is full of magic. It’s a story that I really enjoyed reading since young.

However, the biggest challenge is to persuade my two boys to watch the show with me. First of all, my big Boy (I’m referring to the Husband) isn’t a big fan of musical show. After much persuasion, he agreed to drive us there and watch the show with me. Apparently, the show is only 50 minutes and I assured him that he won’t fall asleep.

My small Boy, Edison, is slightly more difficult to tackle. He doesn’t like going to the theatre and he has never once finish watching a show from the beginning till the end. When I told him that we’re going to watch Cinderella, he was like “Who is that? I don’t like Cinderella! I don’t wanna go!”

I tried to convince him to say YES, and I told him that the show is going to be like High-5, full of music and fun, that he’ll surely enjoy it. I promised him that at any point of the show, if he doesn’t like it, we’ll leave the theatre together. Finally, he said “YES” and I was so delighted, still keeping my fingers crossed that he’ll stay throughout the show.



The show started at 7:30pm. We had a quick dinner at Balmoral Plaza before heading to the theatre.

The story is about a girl called Ashputtel. She’s called Ashputtel because she sleeps in the ashes by the fire. I’m sure all of you have heard about this girl. She is known in different times and places by many names; Yeh-Shen in China, Damura in India and Sootface in an Ojibwa, Native American tale. We all know her as Cinderella.


This musical show tells us her story; of a stepmother, two wicked stepsisters, a Prince, and a magical tree, and how she finally gets what her goodness deserves! With music and songs, drama and dance, adventure as well as comedy, this classic folk tale is presented into a brand new musical for all ages. You might be surprised at the differences in the story you think you know!


My favourite character in the show is the Stepmother, played by Julie Wee. She is funny, sharp, beautiful and endlessly delightful to watch. Edison, on the other hand, enjoyed watching Prince Charles, particularly on the part where he was chasing and running after Ashputtel.

When the prince asked the audience “Where is Ashputtel?”, Edison jumped off the chair and said, “There! There! On the left!”.

The humour was indeed great, especially near the ending when both stepsisters are trying to fit into the shoes. When the first stepsister agreed to chop off her big toe to fit into the shoe, I was laughing non-stop. Then, the second stepsister threw the bloody toe onto the audience, I heard everyone in the theatre laughing again!




The show is a simplified version of a Cinderella story, which any kids above the age of 4 can enjoy and relate. It’s funny and humorous to keep the adults entertained (even the man!) throughout the show. The casts also did an excellent job in interacting with their audience.

Alas, I’m happy to be able to watch the entire show without being hijacked by my son. And I’m glad that both of them – Edison and V, enjoyed the show as much as I do.

After the delightful show, we managed to take a picture with the casts. It was truly a memorable theatre show for me and a wonderful evening for all of us.


Show Details:

  • Dates: 25 Oct – 17 Nov 2012
  • Duration: 50 minutes with no interval
  • Venue: Alliance Française Theatre, 1 Sarkies Road Singapore 258130
  • Tickets: $28, or S$106.40 for Family Package of 4 or S$126 for Family Package of 5
  • For more details, please visit the SISTIC website or the Event website.
Disclosure: Complimentary tickets were provided by iTheatre for review. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.