The World’s Best Dad Cake

In less than ten days, we will be celebrating Father’s Day. This year, Father’s Day falls on Sunday, 16 Jun 2013. Opps! If you’re struggling to look at your calendar and count how many days more to go, please don’t fret. It’s not that you forgot Father’s Day, it’s just that life got in the way.

Here’s a last minute Father’s Day gift idea to share with you. It’s still not too late to grab something sweet and yummy for your Dad!


The World’s Best Dad cake (I love the name!) is a bittersweet chocolate truffle ganache between soft and moist chocolate sponge, topped with chocolate ornaments, fresh strawberries and raspberries. An irresistible indulgence for the Daddy and a special bonding moment for the entire family!

Two days ago, I told my father-in-law that I had a special Father’s Day cake delivery for him. I told him to wait for me to get home before he cuts the cake because I need a take a picture of the cake. Ermm. Every blogger does that – shoot first, eat later. Am I right?

Guess what! By the time I reached home, one quarter of the cake was gone!

Okay, I can’t really blame him because the cake is too hard to resist. I can imagine how tempting the melt-in-the-mouth chocolate sponge and fresh strawberries are. If I were him, I probably can’t wait too!

The World’s Best Dad cake is available in both standard size 520g, priced at $30.80 and per kg, priced at $44.80/kg, at all PrimaDéli outlets from 3 June to 16 June 2013.

For the World’s Best Dad, because they are worth it!

Appreciating Dads on Father’s Day

V & Edison @ Roof Top Garden, Orchard Central

There was a time where the role of a father was mainly in the financial aspect. He was the breadwinner of the family. When he was able to bring home the bacon, his job was considered done and he was respected in his community.

However, today’s fatherhood has evolved so much more than just paying the bills. It means the other half of a couple equally responsible for raising children. Fathers are much more involved than they’ve ever been, and that’s fantastic.

When I was young, my mother was in-charge of every single parenting duty, from feeding, bathing, changing my diapers etc. She didn’t have a helper, and I honestly don’t know how she copes with taking care of three kids.

Did my father helped out when he got back from work? I asked my mom this, and from the look on her face, I was certain that her answer is NO. I can’t blame my Dad for not contributing much to childcare or housework, because he worked very hard to make ends meet. He had to support his wife, three kids, his mother and mother-in-law. He had six mouths to feed, that’s what he always said.

Fast forward to 2012, my marriage works a little differently. When the Husband cooks, I take care of the after-dinner clean-up. We alternate the book-reading, bath-giving, meal-making, dish-washing, house-keeping etc. I think the Husband I have hit upon the perfect balance.

As a result, three great things have happened to us: (1) Our marriage is stronger, (2) Our home is more peaceful, and (3) Our son has a close relationship with his dad. Instead of constantly looking for me, he has started choosing Daddy to help him or play with him.

To our always committed Daddy V, and all the dads out there, I wish all of you a very …

Happy Father’s Day!


Happy Father’s Day 2011

Do you realize that the expectations for being a good dad are completely different now as compared to generations ago? Traditionally, Dads were not expected to emotionally connect with their children, being a good dad simply meant being a breadwinner or a provider for the family.

TODAY, it’s about being a breadwinner and a caretaker. Modern dads build a strong, healthy and close relationship with their children. They are a much more hands-on bunch of caregivers too, and we should be really grateful for that.

Last night, I had a short talk with V and I asked him how fatherhood has changed him. His answer was, “It has changed me in many ways – I’m a happier man and I’m more fulfilled. I’m definitely more responsible now and I’ve no idea how happy our dear son can make me.”

He further commented that being a good dad is not easy, but it’s definitely something that he has to take on seriously. His happiest time is to hang out with Little Edison after a busy day at work.

If he asks me the same question, I think the most obvious change in him is that he is no longer annoyed by little children running and screaming around. When he was a single, he dislikes rowdy, noisy and hyperactive children. His face turned sour when little kids ran around and bumped onto him.

But today, he will smile at them and ask them questions like, “Hi, what’s your name?” or “Be careful boy, do not fall down”. I roll my eyes whenever I hear him engaged in a kiddie conversation with the little children. And of course, I’m happy to see that.

To our always hardworking and committed Daddy V and all the dads as well as dads-to-be out there, I wish all of you a very Happy Father’s Day!