The Word Flashcards Game

I’ve always been a firm believer of flashcards, and I used them a lot when Little Edison was much younger. Unfortunately, after my helper left, I don’t have much time to make flashcards for him.

Many people think that flashcards are only for young kids, but in fact, they work for kids of any age too. When a child sees what he’s learning, over and over again, it will automatically sink right in. So, the key is the repetition.

We can make flashcards with numbers, words, pictures and even science facts, and we will see that our children can learn any subjects quickly using the flashcards.

Word Flashcards

Recently, I found some word flashcards in one of the workbooks that I bought for Little Edison. That’s how we rediscovered the fun of learning through flashcards again. I made them into three levels of word games for him:

1. Read aloud (Level 1) – Take turn to pick a word and read out loud.

2. Rearrange the words to make a sentence (Level 2) – Give him a few words and ask him to make a sentence with them.

3. Make a sentence with a specific word (Level 3) – Give him one word and ask him to make a sentence using that word.

So far, he can make sentences up to six words and he really enjoys doing it. If you have word flashcards at home, please try the above and let me know if your kids enjoy it.


DIY Flashcards #11: Human Body


human body

Another new set of DIY flash cards for download today.

Tips: When I flashed these cards to Edison for the first 3 times, I did it at a slower speed. I pointed to the respective body parts when I flashed the card and read out the words. It works! He is now able to point to the body parts correctly.

Title: Human Body
1. Eyes
2. Nose
3. Mouth
4. Ear
5. Hair
6. Neck
7. Finger 
8. Hand
9. Leg
10. Foot
11. Toes

Click HERE to download it. 🙂

[10 Nov 09] Update: Download URL updated.

Numbers Flashcards

Our toddler’s vocabulary is increasing day by day. They are aware of the words used to describe everyday objects and ideas. We can enhance their awareness by teaching them numbers and colours.

Flash cards are always my best teaching aids. I made some simple numbers flash cards to teach little Edison to count and recognize numbers. If you are interested, you can click HERE to get a copy.

When teaching our toddlers numbers, the best method that we can use is to count everything. We can count the number of cookies on their plates, the number of dogs printed on the flash card or pictures on their favorite board books. We can also use an abacus.

With lots of practices and examples, they will soon understand the concept of counting and recognize numbers. 

numbers flash cards