Beautiful Food Blog

I dislike cooking. If you ask me, I would say that it’s too much effort for too little reward. You see – from buying the ingredients to cleaning, cutting and cooking them, we need at least two hours. After the meal, there is another hour spent on the clean-up. So, the total time spent is three hours!

All we need is only half an hour to eat or I should say, enjoy the meal that we cooked in two hours’ time. The subsequent clean-up is far more complicated when there are too many pots and pans to wash.

Marveling at the fact that it is so convenient to dine-out in Singapore, I think we should just enjoy this simple luxury of dining out instead of cooking up a storm at home.

Today, during my web surfing, I stumbled upon the most beautiful food blog I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Delectable recipes. Beautiful food photography. Great presentation. From Chinese food to festive cooking, baking, stir-fries, Thai food, Japanese food and even desserts, this food blog is so complete. I’m absolutely in love with this blog!

I’m particularly attracted to its Chinese soup recipes. The author of this blog is very knowledgeable in explaining the different types of herbs used in the soup. She has pictures of the herbs too, and they are all properly labeled. I’m so delighted when I found out that the author of this blog is actually from Singapore!

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This awesome blog really motivates me to cook a special meal for my family. And it completely changes the way I think about cooking at home. Oh no, I really want to cook something this weekend!