A Fussy Eater

A toddler who refused to try a new food at least half of the time can be defined as a fussy eater. Unfortunately, little Edison is one of the member in this category. That is I’m always concerned about him not eating enough.

He is eating oatmeal and cereal for lunch and dinner. I find it quite unacceptable for an 18-months toddler to eat cereal, especially if it’s the same type of cereal which he has been eating since he was 8 months old. How weird! I wonder if he ever gets bored of eating that cereal.

(Is there any toddler who is still eating cereal, except my little Edison?)

Well, we tried cooking all sorts of new foods for him, i.e. porridge, noodles, mee sua and pasta. But he just refused to eat them.

In addition, I tried to make mealtime a family affair by allowing him to eat on the dining table with us. The result was awful! Or simply – beyond control! He rejects his own food and insists on eating our adult food.

image0081Today I made my second attempt to cook alphabets pasta with soup and egg for him. And I ended up eating my own pasta because he refused to eat again. I didn’t have a choice, but to feed him with cereal again.

🙁 Sigh. But never give up!

Dealing with a toddler who is a fussy eater isn’t fun or easy. I hope this mealtime battle will end pretty soon.