Introducing: Monopoly Singapore: Then & Now and Giveaway

Perhaps the most successful board game in the history of all board games is the Monopoly, I would say. The Monopoly game is still very relevant even in today’s era of electronics games. It’s a fantastic game that teaches the younger generation on the strategies of buying and selling properties and managing their money wisely.

The very kind team at Hasbro sent over their latest product – Monopoly Singapore: Then & Now, for me to review and I was so excited. This is one of the board games that I played the most during my growing up years. I can’t wait to show it to Little Edison. At the same time, I’m eager to see how much the game has evolved since 30 years ago.


Monopoly Singapore: Then & Now is the first two-sided Monopoly board game in Singapore. The game features iconic past and current Singapore landmarks on opposing sides of the board, allowing players to choose which themed era, ‘Then’ or ‘Now’ to play on.


Players can purchase properties such as ‘Coleman Market’ (presently known as ‘Lau Pa Sat’), ‘Oxley Estate’ (‘ION Orchard’) and many other historic buildings and sites on the board. It provides an educational play experience like never before! I think that this is a very creative idea.

You can choose the traditional play with paper cash in ‘Then’ or modern play with an electronic banking unit that allows trading of properties in ‘Now’. Be it ‘Then’ or ‘Now’, the rules and route to making as much money as possible and monopolizing properties remain the same.

I gave Little Edison a quick briefing on the rules of the game before we start. We chose a game piece to represent ourselves as we move around the game board. The game pieces are rather unique here; you can find old school delights like ‘Trishaw’ and ‘Wooden Clog, as well as contemporary inventions such as ‘Aeroplane’ and ‘Cabriolet’.

This game is suitable for kids as young as 7 or 8 years of age, although I play a slightly modified version with my 5-year-old that works just fine. They can learn skills such as counting money, making a change, paying a bill, managing their money etc.


One of the best features of the game is landing on the ‘Community Chest’ or ‘Chance’ and getting to pick up a card. It might be good or bad news. You might collect a big bonus or you might be sent to jail. That’s the thrill of this game!

Our boy was quite worried about being sent to jail. Every time he passes the jail, he said “Wow, that was close!”. He gets excited when he hits the ‘Go’ and get $200 from the bank. He is pretty good at counting the dots on the two dices too.


Monopoly is a timeless game that teaches children important lessons in managing their money and properties. There are both skill and luck involved in this game. You can play for hours as the time passes very fast when you’re at it. It’s also a game for bonding with your children.

I still prefer to play the traditional way with paper cash, but the current Singapore landmarks are more appealing to me. Thus, I play with the ‘Now’ version of the board game but with paper cash.

For your information, Monopoly Singapore: Then and Now is retailing at S$79.90 at Toys “R” Us and all major departmental stores.


I have good news! Hasbro has generously sponsored 3 sets of Monopoly Singapore: Then and Now (worth S$79.90 each) for this giveaway contest. Yay!

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Disclosure: This product is sponsored by Hasbro. Views and opinions are my own.


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