A New Haircut

Two weeks ago, after my endoscopic sinus surgery, I was feeling terribly down with my hair. For the whole week, I didn’t get a good hair wash and care. As a result, my hair was dull, oily, lifeless and hard to manage. Due to its length, I also started to have split ends.

So, when I woke up last Wednesday morning, I was so desperate to have a haircut. I told V to send me to the salon after my post-operation check-up at Gleneagles Hospital. Thankfully, the check-up was completed on-time and V drove me to The Heeren after that.

It was my first visit to Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio. Prior to my visit, I’ve read numerous good reviews about this salon. Kaoru and Cha are the two Korean hairstylists that were raved the most in forums. Unfortunately, both of them were not around on that day.

I was introduced to Lilian, one of the directors in the salon. I had a chat with her; she is a really nice lady. Very pretty too! I told her what was wrong with my hair and that I was desperate to cut it real short. She recommended a concave bob cut with long side-swept bangs for me. And I said, “Okay, go ahead!”

I’ve been keeping my hair long for the past eight years. It’s time for a change, and I was so eager to try a short hairstyle this time. I want a hairstyle that is easy to maintain.

After a professional hair cut, wash and blow drying, I was very happy with the results. Lilian also shared with me some tips to keep my hair healthy and in shape. Honestly, I really appreciate that they didn’t try to convince me to buy their hair care products or sign-up for any expensive hair care treatment package.

In addition, their price list is very transparent. You know what to expect the moment you’re seated. Most salons nowadays don’t publish their exact prices. They will indicate the lower amount, i.e. from $90 onwards, on their price list. At the end, they will charge twice or thrice the amount depending on the hair lengths.

Because of the above reasons, I will definitely patronize them again. I intend to visit the salon next month for hair color – hopefully before the Chinese New Year.

I highly recommend them too!

Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio



The time has come for my most dreaded parenting task – that is to bring Little Edison to the barber shop.

Making him sit still for a few minutes to have his hair cut is a huge challenge. He is anxious whenever he is being confined in a hair-cutting apron. He hates it when the prickly pieces of hair fall on his neck and shoulder.

When he was younger, he would scream, cry and struggle until the whole hair-cutting episode was over. I wrote about our first experience HERE.

After a few rounds of haircut, the situation gets slightly better now. He still hates it, but he doesn’t struggle. We go to the same barber shop and choose the same hair stylist to attend to him. As he is more familiar with the environment now, he is more relaxed – lesser amount of turning and twisting.

We tried many attention diversion tactics to divert his attention from the haircutting process. From his favorite toys to mobile phone and TV, they don’t really help much. Recently, we found our ‘secret weapon’.

It’s a lollipop!

As he was happily eating his lollipop (a reward for sitting still), the hair stylist gave him the best haircut ever.

This is Little Edison – after a haircut and shower. I like his hair to be short and neat.

What about your kids? Do they hate haircut too?