Magic Slim Body Firming Treatment (With Super Trio RF) & Final Slimming Progress Update

Well, well, well! If you’ve been waiting for my final episode of slimming progress, this will be the post. My target has been achieved and seriously, I felt like I’ve been reborn. It’s been three years since I shy away from camera because I looked so fat. And now, I don’t feel ashamed anymore.

Just a fast recap on my slimming program (if you’re new to this blog) – I’ve started Total Slim Programme with Fat-Freezing treatments at Halley Medical Aesthetics since Jan 2015. Read my previous posts here: Jan 15 | Feb 2015 | Mar 2015 | Apr 2015.

Many people noticed my weight loss; even the cleaner auntie in my office whom I seldom talk to asked me how I did it. It’s nice to hear compliments, especially when I’ve been hearing the complete opposite for the past few years. So, I recommended Halley Medical Aesthetics Total Slim Programme to them – a weight-loss program that is fast, easy, and effective without breaking the bank in the process.

The most obvious change that occurred in my body is – my tummy is no longer bloated to the extent that I always look pregnant. Yay! I’m seeing my collar bones again, and I also noticed that my upper arms are not as saggy as before. Yay yay!

Results at a glance:

Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4
Weight: 58.5kg 55kg 53kg 51.5kg
BMI: 24.4 23.0 22.1 21.4
Body Fat: 27.8% 27.1% 26.2% 24%

I’m soOo happy with the results. The two most important figures dropped significantly – weight from 58.5kg to 51.5kg (7kg reduction) and BMI from 24.4 to 21.4. My body fat has also been reduced from 27.8% to 24%. It all happened within 3-4 months.

The reason why I gained so much weight in the past few years is due to the steroids that I’ve been taking for my medical condition. I’m still on steroids now, but the dosage has been greatly reduced. It’s also due to my age, laziness and uninspired to do anything about my growing waistline.

Perhaps like many other women, I always looked upon middle-age as a time of life when my body would develop a mind of its own and I wouldn’t really have much to say about it. I would see round, fluffy, middle-aged women and assume that one day I would be like that too and well, that’s just the way it is.

That is why managing my weight becomes a great challenge when I entered middle-age. At the peak, my weight was at 62kg. It dropped slightly to 59kg and stuck there like forever. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get an inch away from my disgusting bloated tummy.

Over time, I feel that my health is affected by the weight gain. One example is – I’m already panting when I cross the overhead bridge to send our boy to school. So, I was determined to fix my “weight problem” and I’m glad that I made the decision to consult Dr. Terence Tan of Halley Medical Aesthetics four months ago. If I didn’t take that first move, I wouldn’t be what I’m now.

I’m happy – not only because I’m slimmer and I can wear back all my old clothes (plus more excuses to buy new clothes!), I feel that I’m healthier too. Imagine I’ve been carrying a pack of 7kg weight on my body all these years, and when I can finally put that weight away, I feel significantly lighter. I’m no longer panting when I cross the overhead bridge.

May1Flaunting my flat tummy for the first time, and I’m wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans! (no photoshop)

On my 5th consultation with Dr. Tan, I tried their Magic Slim Body Firming Treatment featuring Super Trio RF technology. This treatment is a combination of multi-polar radio frequency (RF), red light-emitting diode (LED) therapy, and vacuum-suction lymph massage to effectively slim, contour and tightens the areas that we want to treat. This includes the stomach, thighs, and arms.

Benefits of Super Trio RF treatment include:

  1. Slims and contours our body by releasing liquid fat from fat cells and eliminating water retention.
  2. Firms and tightens by boosting production of new collagen and elastin fibres.
  3. Stimulates lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, which aids weight loss by flushing toxins out of our body.


I tried the Super Trio RF treatment on my stomach. The treatment is safe and painless, and it takes about an hour. Firming cream is applied on my stomach with a gentle massage prior the treatment. After that, the therapist applied the Super Trio RF technology with an applicator from the machine (pictured below).


Unlike fat-freezing, this treatment does not give any cooling sensation. In fact, you can see immediate results after the treatment. A pre and post measurements were taken on my waistline, and I saw a 2cm reduction instantly after the treatment. Yes, it’s amazing! I highly recommend it!

This treatment is available as a standalone treatment, and it’s also bundled with their popular Total Sculpt Programme and Slim Sculpt Programme. If you need a treatment to tighten and firm up your stomach, thighs, or arms, I highly recommend Super Trio RF treatment. It’s also useful for tightening loose skin after pregnancy.

Now that I’ve achieved my desired weight, exercise and sensible diet are vital for maintenance. Dr. Tan joked that he doesn’t want to see me again three months later to repeat my slimming program. That’s certainly true, but I’ll still be seeing him for my facial and aesthetics treatments. He’s one of the best aesthetics doctors I’ve ever seen. And he has also given me a lifestyle consultation on how to stay slim and healthy. I’ll certainly share some useful tips with you when I’ve some time later on.

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Slimming Progress Update & Fat Freezing Treatment on Outer Thighs

My colleague commented that I look slimmer and healthier recently. When I told her that I lost 5kg over the last 2 months, I made her really excited. Then, I shared with her the Total Slim Program at Halley Medical Aesthetics that I’m undergoing now, and she was so impressed. The Botox also plays a part in my facial slimming.

Yes, I look visibly slimmer now – even my VERY unobservant husband noticed it, you can imagine my excitement. Like I always say – unless I go for plastic surgery, else he wouldn’t notice any difference in how I look. So this time, he surprised me.

Two months ago, I did my first fat freezing treatment on my tummy. A month later, I did the second fat freezing treatment on the same area. Over the weeks that follow, my body continues to flush out the fat cells, and my tummy has gradually disappears.

I used to look like I’m “pregnant all the time” – I hated it so much that I’ve stopped wearing dresses completely. Most of my weight gain went to my tummy, no matter what I did, I just couldn’t get rid of it. I went from size “M” to “L”, but still struggled to get my zipper up.

Now, I’m comfortably wearing my old “M” size pants without worrying that my zipper will pop open. The fat freezing treatment delivers amazing results, so I’ve decided to do it once more on my outer thighs.

During my third visit to Dr. Terence Tan, I told him that I want to shrink my thighs. Frankly speaking, I’ve long accepted that having wide hips and bulky thighs was simply part of being a woman approaching her 40’s. But now that I’ve discovered fat freezing treatment, I just wish that it can make my thighs just a little bit smaller, or tighter, or just look better.

Dr. Tan suggested that I had the treatment on my outer thighs, so he explained the procedure to me before I get iced. It’s practically the same as the fat freezing on my tummy, except that I laid on a different position this time (face down).

Fat Freezing Treatment on Outer Thighs


The therapist applied the cooling pads on my thighs before placing the fat freezing applicators on my outer thighs. It felt icy cold for a short while, but my body adjusted to the temperature quickly. The therapist sweetly placed a sheet over me and dimmed the lights for me to rest. I took a short nap as the treatment took one hour.



Besides the fat freezing treatment, a major part of the consultation was spent on weight-loss food advisory, understanding my caloric needs, and making healthy lifestyle changes to prevent putting on weight after my slimming program. Dr. Tan doesn’t rushes through appointments, in fact, he is patient in explaining everything to me and very supportive to my questions and needs.

You know, it’s really nice to sit with a doctor who doesn’t appear to be in a hurry to get you out of his room. He takes his time to listen to me, so I’m certainly staying with him for all my aesthetics needs.

We discussed in details about my diet and calorie intake. Before the slimming program, my daily calorie intake was roughly 1,800 as compared to my recommended calorie intake of 1,650. So, I was taking excess 150 calories per day (equivalent to 17gm weight gain per day). That was 0.5kg a month, 3kg in half a year, and 6kg in a year. Eeek!

I totally freaked out, not knowing that my favourite white coffee is the major culprit. So, I cut away all my snacks and drink only black coffee (no milk, no creamer). My revised daily calorie intake went down to 1,300 (equivalent to 40gm weight loss per day). That goes to 1.2kg weight loss in a month.

I don’t go crazy counting calories on everything that I eat. With a good understanding on calories and energy requirement, I can make healthier food choices and guide myself on weight control.

As a record, my three-month slimming progress can be summarized as follow:

Month 1 Month 2 Month 3
Weight: 58.5kg Weight: 55kg Weight: 53kg
Body fat: 27.8% Body fat: 27.1% Body fat: 26.2%
Waist circumference: 78cm Waist circumference: 73cm -
Treatment: Fat freezing on tummy (1 session) & weight-loss medication (1 month) Treatment: Fat freezing on tummy (1 session) & weight-loss medication (1 month) Treatment: Fat freezing on outer thighs (1 session) & weight-loss medication (1 month)

Overall, I’m so happy with the results. It’s progressing easier and better than I’ve expected, and I’m looking forward to month #4 already.


Halley Medical Aesthetics carries MT Metatron – a high quality skincare brand from Japan that specializes in anti-aging, lifting, and face contouring.


Halley’s Signature Firm It Up Facial is the Winner of Harper’s BAZAAR Spa Awards 2015: Best Anti-Aging Facial.

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My Slimming Progress and First Botox & Ultherapy at Halley Medical Aesthetics

At this point of writing, I can start to feel the slimming effect from my fat freezing treatment (first treatment done six weeks ago). I didn’t do any specific measurements on my body. The easiest way to prove this is to wear my old clothes. Yes, I can fit into some of my old clothes – especially those pants that I was unable to zip or button up prior to my slimming program.

To quickly recap, I took up Total Slim Program from Halley Medical Aesthetics since mid January. The duration of this program is 3 months, and my goal is to slim down from 58.2kg to 51kg in 3 months time (that’s 7.2kg reduction in total, and 2.4kg reduction per month).

Being on this program for 1.5 months now, I hardly have any complaints. Initially, I was a bit worried when my friends told me about the side effects from the weight-loss medications. Dr. Terence Tan explained to me the possible side effects, but again, it varies with individuals. So, I was hoping that it won’t be so bad for me.

Duromine (appetite suppressant) caused sleep difficulties on the first few days, but after a week, my system has adjusted to it and I began to sleep normally. Xenical (fat blocker), on the other hand, is more tricky. It causes oily stools, oily discharge, and even oily spotting in my undergarments. To avoid these undesirable side effects, I’ve to avoid food that is high in fat. I do wear panty liner as a precaution. All in all, these minor side effects are still tolerable and manageable.

Two weeks ago, I went to see Dr. Tan for my one month review. The therapist took my measurements and the result was good. I lost 3kg in weight and 5cm in waist circumference within a month! This result was purely from the weight-loss medication. According to Dr. Tan, it was still too early to see results from the fat-freezing treatment, which on average takes 2 months.


It’s important to take note that the key to weight loss success is a change in lifestyle and diet. So, Dr. Tan gave me a comprehensive weight loss plan with deeper understanding into my calories intake, recommended food to eat and cut-down, suitable exercises, and some healthy lifestyle tips.

Botox and Ultherapy at Halley Medical Aesthetics

Besides tackling my weight, there is another problem that has been bothering me for some time. It’s my round and puffy face caused by long-term use of steroid medications. It got worse because I have a wide jaw. For years, I’ve been wondering how to reverse this condition until I read about this article on Halley’s blog.

I told Dr. Tan that I’m keen to try out their V-Face Program, and he gave me a quick assessment to determine my suitability for the program. This program combines Botox and Ultherapy to achieve facial slimming. Botox reduces the size of the jaw muscle. Ultherapy is effective for skin-tightening and when directed at a deeper level, it is effective for lifting the cheek fat pads too. What’s happening is that the focused ultrasound energy in the process of skin tightening lifts some of the fat pockets, thus making it an ideal treatment to sculpt round and chubby faces.

I used to think that Botox is for women over 50, but nowadays, young girls in their 20s are already starting Botox. So, I’m really eager to give it a try and thankfully, V-Face Program is also suitable for me.

After the therapist started the fat-freezing treatment on my tummy (second treatment), Dr. Tan did the Botox and Ultherapy on my face concurrently. I was given oral painkiller and numbing cream on my cheeks, so the pain was very minimal. If you ask me, I’d say the pain level is 2/10. If we’ve all gone through childbirth, this kind of pain is really nothing.


Botox is applied via a needle which is injected into the jaw muscles on both sides of the face. Ultherapy is a non-invasive procedure that the US FDA cleared to lift skin on the face, forehead, neck, under the chin and on the eyebrow. It treats the deep layers of skin tissue without disturbing the surface of the skin.


The ultrasound imaging allows the doctor to see where the treatment energy will be delivered. For my case, the treatment areas are the cheeks, jaws and upper neck. The first round of my Ultherapy treatment was targeted at 3mm into the dermis. Using another transducer, the second round of Ultherapy was targeted at 4.5mm – an even deeper level into the dermis.



What I love most about this treatment is there is absolutely no downtime. I walked out of the clinic and I can resume my normal activities. I felt some soreness on my jaw the next couple of days after the treatment. Botox usually shows some results after one week, but Ultherapy may take up to 2 months. The effect of the V-Face Program is expected to last up to a year.

Overall, I’m so happy to have this treatment done. Can’t wait to see more positive effects soon!

For more information about facial slimming and V-Face program, you may contact Halley Medical Aesthetics.

Halley Medical Aesthetics
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P/S: V-Face Program is not sponsored.

Fat Freezing Treatment at Halley Medical Aesthetics

Last night, I went up the weighing scale and it showed 55kg. I couldn’t believe it; I thought the scale might not be accurate. So, I asked Edison to go up and check. True enough, it showed his correct weight.

That means my weight has gone down from 58.2kg to 55kg. That’s 3.2kg weight loss in just 3 weeks! It’s really amazing – the weight-loss medicine works like magic!

I’m not encouraging weight loss by popping pills. Ideally, the best way is to exercise and eat a proper diet. But in the real world, 24 hours a day doesn’t seem like enough time to fit in work, kids, family, house chores and exercise. If you don’t even have enough sleep, naturally exercise will be the last thing in your mind.

One more week to go for my weight-loss medication, and I’m screaming “Jia You!” every day. I’ll update again after my one-month review with Dr. Terence Tan after the Chinese New Year.

Fat Freezing Treatment at Halley Medical Aesthetics

Today, I’ll be sharing on my first fat freezing treatment at Halley Medical Aesthetics. Dr. Tan took a lot of care in explaining how the treatment works, what I can expect from it, and all other questions that I had. Not only did he make me feel totally at ease, I couldn’t wait to have my fats removed .

Cryolipolysis (fat freezing) is a treatment that originated after researchers fully understood what happens when skin tissue is exposed to modestly low temperatures: fat cells would disintegrate first, leaving the rest of the skin unaffected. Cryolipolysis works in the same way; it destroys fat, leaving the rest of the skin intact.

The process involves putting a section of your skin between the plates of the freezing applicator for about an hour, resulting in the disintegration of fat cells. The body would then eliminate the disintegrated fat cells slowly over the next two months, resulting in a slimmer, more shapely body. It was approved by the FDA in 2010, and today it is widely popular in Singapore.

Here’s how the machine looks like

The targeted area for my first treatment is my tummy. Two cooling pads were placed on my tummy. The applicator was then placed on each cooling pad on my tummy. Then, my skin fold was held between the plates of the applicator.


There are 3 stages of the treatment – as you can see in the picture below. The temperature went from -7°C to -5°C for a specific duration. Much to my surprise, I didn’t really feel any intense coldness (even though it was -7°C!) or any discomfort. All I felt was a firm tug on my tummy for the first few minutes when the device was placed on my tummy. Then, I relaxed throughout the treatment that lasted for an hour.


Since there is nothing much to do except waiting for the treatment, I tried out their Deep Pore Cleansing Treatment Facial ($130 for 60 mins). Yes, it’s the best thing to do while waiting. Women are always good at multitasking. No?


Clogged pores are one of my most common skin problems. They tend to appear on my nose, forehead and chin – very annoying and difficult to remove. The Deep Pore Cleansing Treatment Facial took just an hour (best match with the fat-freezing treatment).

First, the therapist cleansed my face to remove my make-up. With liquid diamond dermabrasion, she cleared my blocked pores and removed all blackheads. She also carefully trimmed my eyebrows. Then, she used iontophoresis to infuse serums onto my face. Lastly, facial mask was applied.

The treatment facial was completed minutes after the fat-freezing treatment. This is how my tummy looked like immediately after the treatment. I asked the therapist to take this picture so that I can show it to you.

Sorry, I’m way too shy to show my belly button in the public, so I covered it with this little bird. =)

There was some redness on my tummy where the freezing applicators were placed but they didn’t hurt at all. The redness disappeared few hours later.

I didn’t take any before and after pictures for comparison because I won’t see the results immediately. Best results are usually seen after two months because the disintegrated fat cells take time to breakdown and get flushed out of our body naturally.

I’ve compiled a list on FAQs based on my own experience and understanding of the fat-freezing treatment.

1. Is it painful?
Absolutely no! As the treatment begins, you may feel coldness during the first few minutes but it will soon dissipates. There is no discomfort or pain after that.

2. How much does the fat-freezing treatment cost? How many sessions do I need?
At Halley Medical Aesthetics, the treatment is priced at $380 per session. It’s best to consult Dr. Tan first so that he can recommend a treatment plan tailored to your specific goals. His consultation fee is very affordable at only $10 on weekdays from 10am to 4pm and $25 after 4pm. On weekends and public holidays, consultation is $50.

3. Are there any side effects or food restrictions after the treatment?
I experienced some redness after the treatment, but it subsided after a few hours. No food restriction or special precaution needed after the treatment. You can resume your normal activities after the treatment but it doesn’t mean you don’t need to watch your diet and have all the unhealthy food you want. This body sculpting treatment is most effective when done alongside a health regime.

4. Are the results permanent?
During weight loss, your fat cells shrink but the number of fat cells in your body cannot be reduced. The fat cells will expand again when you consume more energy that you can burn.

With fat-freezing treatment, once the treated fat cells are disintegrated, they die and are naturally processed and eliminated from our body. Once the fat cells are gone, they’re gone for good.

So, this treatment doesn’t only shrink the fat cells but it removes them permanently.

5. Is fat-freezing treatment safe?
Cryolipolysis is FDA-approved for the flank (love handles), abdomen and thigh. With over a million of treatments done worldwide, it is proven to be safe and effective for non-surgical fat reduction.

6. When will I see results?
Some patients may start to see changes as fast as three weeks after the treatment, and will experience the most dramatic results after two months. Our body will still flush out fat cells and continues doing so for up to four to six months after treatment.


At Halley Medical Aesthetics, beauty and wellness are made simple and affordable, yet safe and personalized. Dr. Terence Tan and his team of friendly staffs made my visit so pleasant and comfortable.

I always believe that a happy and satisfied customer is likely to return and share about his / her good experiences with others. Word of mouth recommendations are far more valuable than any hard-selling.

Till my next update, if you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment here.

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My Slimming Journey with Halley Medical Aesthetics

I’ve been battling with weight issues since three years ago after I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. The only treatment for this disorder is using steroids. Steroids affect my metabolism and how my body deposits fats. It also caused uncontrollable appetite leading to weight gain, and in particular leads to extra deposits of fats in my tummy and face.

Until today, I’m still on steroids. Even though the dosage has been cut down to the lowest maintenance dose since half a year ago, my weight doesn’t go down, and my tummy doesn’t return to its normal size either.

I feel hurt when people asked me about my weight gain. I didn’t want to tell them the truth, so most of the times, I just shrugged off the question by joking that my husband fed me a lot of good food. Whenever I wore a dress to work, I got suspecting stares from my colleagues that I was pregnant. So, I’ve stopped wearing dresses completely after that.

Sometimes, my self esteem takes a big hit. I feel so depressed; I hate myself and everything about life. I hate the way I look, and I stop loving myself for this reason. To compensate for what I’ve lack, occasionally I splurged on something expensive to make myself happy.

After going through this emotional trauma for years, I’ve decided that I WANT A CHANGE! I don’t want to avoid the weighing scale again. I don’t want my self esteem to suffer any longer. I don’t want to feel hurt again with comments that I’m fat. So, my biggest resolution this year is to change myself and tackle my weight issue as first priority.

I’ve decided to seek professional help, so I’ve shortlisted two options – Slim Couture and Halley Medical Aesthetics. After much consideration, I chose the latter because it’s more cost-effective, less time-consuming and I believe it has longer lasting results too.

Halley Medical Aesthetics at River Valley Road


So, I called Halley Medical Aesthetics to fix an appointment. On the day of my appointment, I arrived at a shophouse along River Valley Road. As I walked in, I liked the cosy feeling of the clinic and their friendly staffs.

Halley Medical Aesthetics


First of all, I was led into the treatment room where the clinic assistant took my weight and height, and measured my waist, arms and thighs circumference. After all the measurements were taken, I was brought to see Dr. Terence Tan – the Director of Halley Medical Aesthetics.



My first impression of Dr. Tan is that he’s very polite, patient, and honest. He didn’t rush through my consultation, in fact, he explained in details how their weight management program works, and the results that I can achieved from it.

Halley Medical Aesthetics

Yes, I like the point where he set my expectation right on my first appointment. One thing that is worth mentioning is that there is no awkward sales pitch from the clinic at all. In fact, Dr. Tan recommended the minimum treatments that I need to achieve my goal in just 3 months. He even joked that I shouldn’t see him again after 3 months. Such a lovely doctor!

Before I proceed any further, let’s take a look at the numbers:

  • My current weight and height are 58.2kg and 154cm, that gives me a BMI of 24.5 (healthy BMI range is 23 – 18.5).
  • To at least get back into the healthy BMI of 23, I need to slim down to 54kg (4.2kg reduction).
  • To get into an ideal BMI of 21, I need to further slim down to 51kg (7.2kg reduction!).
  • To achieve 51kg in 3 months’ time, I need to reduce 2.4kg each month.

At first, this sounds like a mission impossible to me, but Dr. Tan assured me that he can help me achieve this goal. So my first goal in 2015 is to hit 51kg in 3 months’ time!

After the full body check-up, the second part of my weight management program involves lifestyle and diet counseling, and medication. Dr. Tan shared with me some useful tips to guide me in my weight loss journey. He also prescribed some clinically tested weight loss medication to me. These medications are to be consumed for one month only, and they consist of three types:

  1. Duromine to be taken once first thing in the morning to suppress appetite,
  2. Nopal, a low calories and high dietary fibers supplement to be taken an hour before lunch and dinner,
  3. Xenical to be taken with dinner to block some of the fats that I eat, and keeping it from being absorbed by my body.
Halley Medical Aesthetics Price List
Price List

This Total Slim Program that consists of 3 slimming consultations and 3 types of medications for duration of 3 months is priced at S$655 (as listed on their price list). This was the amount that I paid with no other hidden costs.

After my consultation with Dr. Tan, I walked out of the clinic feeling hopeful again. Every cloud has a silver lining; finally I have some hope of being slim again.

I’m keeping a journal of my weight loss journey on this blog. I’ll update my progress regularly. In my next post, I’ll share with you my first fat freezing treatment at Halley Medical Aesthetics that I did after my first consultation. So please stay tuned.


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