Happy Sparks – The Perfect Start to the School Holidays

Throughout the year, there are many children’s events held in Singapore that are fun-filled and combine family-bonding activities with education. We love participating in these events. And today, I’m going to share an upcoming event with you – I’m sure it’s a perfect start to the school holidays!

What’s so special about this event, you may wonder. Well, this is not the typical event you usually attend where you visit the advertisers’ booths, collect your freebies, play some games and go home. There’s something more valuable for you to bring home this time.

Happy Sparks

The event is Happy Sparks, an inaugural edutainment event for families and children aged 3 to 12 years old. Organised by Times Experience, the four-day event will take place from 10 to 13 November (Thurs – Sat: 10am – 9pm, Sun: 10am – 8pm) at Singapore Expo Hall 4B.

Happy Sparks aims to ignite and inspire each child’s creativity, and urge them to be innovative. Thus, the three pillars of the event are: Ignite, Inspire and Innovate.

Happy Sparks also aims to make learning come alive through play and technology. Technology is a ubiquitous part of our children’s lives now. Thus, integrating technology is crucial for our 21st century learners.

As we all know, rote learning and memorisation won’t help our children become nimble, but creative thinkers will go a long way. Educators that embrace 21st century learning create opportunities for students to practise the critical skills through technology-rich experiences.

So parents, stop picturing a teacher writing on a whiteboard while kids sit in neat rows. It’s time to open your minds to new teaching methods and ideas for the future generations.



Across the four days, there’ll be several workshops and activities for children and parents which help to promote family bonding. There’s also a parenting forum on Saturday evening with a stellar line up of speakers including Diana Ser and moderator DJ Eeva Chang Mei Hsiang from 88.3Jia FM.

Speaking of which, I’m a huge fan of Diana Ser and her Crazy About Chinese online portal. She inspires me to make learning fun, engaging and productive for my son. Naturally, I’m keen to join this parenting forum to learn how I can encourage the use of Chinese in our daily conversations.