Cuisines Restaurant at The Haven Resort Hotel Ipoh

During our stay at The Haven Resort Hotel Ipoh, we dined at Cuisines Restaurant several times. Located at the clubhouse, this award-winning restaurant has great indoor and outdoor seating. We’re SO in love with its tranquil surroundings and breath-taking views.

Cuisines Restaurant is only opened to its hotel guests and residents at this moment. It serves buffet breakfast, ala-carte lunch and dinner offering Asian, Western and Mediterranean cuisines. Occasionally, they have themed dinner buffet too.

Cuisines Restaurant

Cuisines Restaurant
Cuisines Restaurant
Cuisines Restaurant
Personally, I love the restaurant’s strong focus on healthy and wholesome food at affordable prices. I understand that their chefs go to the market daily to source for fresh food. Only natural ingredients are used with NO MSG at all!

Now, I shall start with their buffet breakfast.

Daily Buffet Breakfast

After a good night’s sleep at our beautiful suite, we woke up for a fabulous buffet breakfast at Cuisines Restaurant. It offers a good selection of local and Western food, pastries and breads, cheeses and salads, cereals, homemade desserts, an egg station with scrambled eggs, fried eggs and omelettes, fresh fruits cut, juices, tea and coffee.

Half-boiled eggs

Edison enjoyed the half-boiled eggs made from the big white eggs. Their eggs are so perfect, and it’s certainly a great starter for him. Then, he went around picking his favourite Western food like mini pizzas, cheese, sausages and cereals.


V and I enjoyed their local breakfast more. My top favourite is their Ipoh hor fun – so satisfyingly soft and smooth, coated in an aromatic gravy. V absolutely enjoyed their nasi lemak with spicy curry chicken.

Hor FunSoft and smooth Ipoh hor fun! Must try!

Hor Fun 2

LocalHot & spicy curry chicken
PorridgeChinese Porridge