Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium Famtastic Weekend Staycation Review

The thought of having a staycation at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium has always been on my mind. This is because we dined at Atrium Restaurant frequently – we LOVE their sumptuous buffet.

Fresh seafood, crabs, oysters, sashimi, signature laksa, satay, chilli crayfish, durian penyet and so much more! The great food, combined with great service, keep us coming back.  We also celebrated Edison’s 10th birthday at Atrium Restaurant with our extended family members this week.  😀

So, I thought it was a perfect timing to try-out the hotel’s newly launched Famtastic Weekend Staycation. Edison was SO excited to stay in this hotel because he told me numerous times that he loves its signature lift lobby.

Wait! What? I thought you’d say he loves the buffet? But why the lift lobby? Haha!  😛

Well, yes! He absolutely loves the food too. You see – Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium is famous for its signature lift lobby where guest rooms are reached via 6 full-glass cylindrical lifts that offer amazing visuals of the hotel. Edison is often mesmerised by the dazzling atrium lobby.

Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

Not just a hit for kids, it attracts a lot of photographers too. I had a fun time taking pictures of this beautiful atrium lobby using my wide-angle and fish-eye lenses.

And if you’re here, try to look down from the highest floor inside the lift LOL! It’s AMAZING (make sure you’re not scared of height!).

Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium
Bottom-up View
Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium
Top-down View

I also love how the atrium looks from the top. The symmetry that accentuates the very structure of this architecture proves to be both pleasing to the eyes as well as intriguing in other ways.

Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

The hotel lobby is very spacious with plenty of sitting areas. The reception counters are illuminated in the chain’s signature green. Opposite are lime and orange leather armchairs with low tables, and the steel skeleton of the building’s framework.