Beat the Heat with 3M Prestige Sun Control Window Films

The scorching heat is hard on our bodies, moods and electric bills. Every night when I reach home, I immediately switch on the air-conditioner. My living hall and bedrooms are under strong sun rays in the afternoon, as a result, they feel like oven at night. #mad

Therefore, I re-visited the thought of installing solar films that can block the heat and cool down our home. Truth be told, we briefly considered about it when we started our home renovation back in Dec’15. We received many samples and flyers from various window film contractors in our mailbox.

Just like many new home-owners, we were rather budget-conscious. After all, solar film isn’t something that we can see, nor enhance our home aesthetically. It also doesn’t come cheap. Moreover, we’ve indoor and outdoor blinds. We thought that they should be sufficient to reduce the heat and glare, so we shelved the plan for solar film.

After moving-in for half a year, I realized that I was wrong. Blinds can only block the glare of the sun (not the heat!) and for privacy. The morning sun getting into Edison’s room is far worse than I’ve expected. Our poor boy was soaking under the morning sun. The strong sunlight also creates hot spots in his room, making it warm and uncomfortable.

Edison's roomMorning sun at Edison’s bedroom. Blinds can only block the glare by 60%, but not the intense heat.

Our master bedroom, on the other hand, has a different facing. The late afternoon sun heats it up to a point that is totally unbearable for me. Our study room is also very warm even when the blinds are completely rolled down. Due to the heat, Edison does his homework at the dining table during the day.

The unbearable heat forced us to look for solar films again.  I heard from my neighbour who has installed 3M Prestige Window Films that it works and they experienced a significant difference in heat reduction.

There are many solar films in the market that provides similar benefits but to varying degrees of efficiency. Most of them offer 99% UV Rejection, but other characteristics like Visible Light Transmission, Solar Energy Rejection, Infrared Rejection, etc. vary. The price range is also quite huge.

3M prestige 1
We weren’t looking for the cheapest solar film, but one that performs best in heat reduction. We decided to go for 3M Prestige Window Films since it was highly recommended by my neighbour. Moreover, 3M is a trusted global brand. I’ve full confidence in them.

Phase 1: Consultation

So, I called up Jestac, an authorized distributor of 3M Window Films, to fix an appointment for on-site consultation (at no cost or obligation). The sales representative showed me various types of window films, their performance specifications and benefits. He also shared with me some tips on what to look out for when choosing a window film.

As my main concern was heat, he recommended the 3M Prestige Sun Control Window Films which is excellent in rejecting heat and increasing comfort in our home. He also explained in details the key benefits of this film and what to expect before-and-after the installation.

In the end, we decided to go for 3M Prestige Window Films – PR40, the film that offers the highest heat rejection out of the Prestige Series, as approved by our condo’s management.

3M Prestige Sun Control Window Films – PR40
Visible Light Transmitted 39%
Total Solar Energy Rejected 60%
Infrared Rejected 97%
UV Rejected 99.9%

Bartley Residences: WinUs Korean Combi Blinds and Unislat

Many readers asked me about the blinds that I used and their costs. I realised I didn’t share much about it, partly because taking pictures of the blinds are very tedious. There is a high contrast, indoor is dark but outdoor is too bright due to the harsh sunlight. I may be able to neutralise the lightning using a flash, but I’m really a sucker in using it.

Thankfully, with my new Olympus PEN-F and M.Zuiko 25mm f/1.8 prime lens, this is made possible. So, let’s check out my Korean Combi Blinds and Unislat.

Personally, I still prefer curtains over blinds. Curtains look lovely on big windows and able to block out light more effectively than blinds. For smaller windows, blinds are a good choice because they’re simple and stylish.

However, V is strongly against curtains because he feels that washing curtains is such a big chore. Blinds are much longer-lasting, can be cleaned easily, and offer varying degrees of privacy as they are fully adjustable.

Since we’ve been living with curtains for so many years, we decided to go completely curtainless this time – using only blinds and unislat. Moreover, during my visit to Picket & Rail, I was completely won over by the beauty of Korean combi blinds and unislat.

Unislat for Living Hall

Living Hall 3

We chose Unislat for our living hall. It’s made of 100% lightweight polyester, unlike curtains which are generally dependent on heavy fabrics which can be troublesome to maintain and clean.

Unislat is very light and soft with high quality materials, moderate thickness and extremely soft textures. With just a gentle twist of the wand stick, it slides flawlessly and effortlessly to keep our privacy, as well as allowing the gentle breeze and sunlight through the mesh textured fabric surface.

Living Hall

UnislatCloser look at the material (partial block-out)
Unislat 3Closer look at the material (complete block-out)
Unislat 5Light and flowy material

Unislat 4

Every layer is anti-pollutant coated to prevent build-up of dirt, dust and other harmful allergens. It can be hand-washed, or simply wipe with damp cloth or feather duster.

Unislat controllerWith a gentle twist of the wand stick, the unislat slides effortlessly
Unislat TrackThe unislat track

Our Little Smarties Welcomes You for a Home Tour

We’ve moved into our new home for two months now, and it’s about time I get down to do a home tour post before laziness creeps in. 🙂

Truth be told, the first month I moved in, I was obsessed with cleaning. Gradually, the “new house syndrome” subsided, we’ve settled in comfortably and no longer obsessed with cleaning. Even though we’re not as fascinated as before, we’re still very much in love with the simplicity and clean design of our home.

As I’ve shared in my previous post, we’ve chosen neutral colours that include white, grey, beige and brown (wood) as we’re going for an overall soft and cosy look.

This is our living hall.

Living Hall 1

The Lamitak pearl and wood laminate provides a beautiful centrepiece for our home entertainment. We bought a Samsung 50″ SUHD 4K Flat Smart TV with 320 W 4.1 Ch Soundbar. Read my post on furniture and electrical appliances HERE.


For our curtain, we opted for Unislat – a new type of curtain from Korea. It’s very difficult to take a proper picture of our Unislat due to the light (as the material is very sheer). You can check out Picket & Rail website for more pictures on Unislat.

Unislat is like a vertical curtain. You can flip it so that you can see through or completely block-out for privacy. I like the fabric as it’s very light, soft and washable. I don’t need to bring it down for washing, just vacuum and clean with damp cloth. So, it’s easy on the maintenance part too. And because it’s sheer, our living hall is bright with ample sunlight.

Our ceiling fan is from Acorn. This model is Futuriste 309 56″ LED RGB twin-blade ceiling fan. I love it because: 1) it’s white, 2) modernistic design, 3) absolutely quiet, and 4) provides great air circulation for a natural and comfortable feeling. You can read my review HERE.

Living Hall 3

Our leather sofa is from Lorenzo – one of my favourite furniture brands. Our living hall is small, we had a hard time searching for an L-shape sofa that is below 2.3m in length. Most L-shaped sofa in the market is above 2.4m which is obviously too long for our hall.

This 3-seater sofa is like a dream-come-true to me. It’s not exactly L-shaped, but all the 3 seats can be extended to form an L. The foot rest can be pushed inside when not in use to save space.

Nonetheless, many guests commented that our sofa is too big. I guess this is the bare minimum for the three of us to sit comfortably. If I buy a two-seater, I may end up sitting on the floor!

This is our main balcony.

Living Hall 2

We opted for wood-plastic composites (commonly known as WPCs) and artificial turf. You can read my previous posts for detailed information on my balcony decking: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3.



I grow orchids on my planter boxes.

Planter Boxes

This is our dining hall.

Dining Table

Our dining table, bench and chairs are from Cellini. The dining table has a quartz top, making it resistant to stains and scratches – the main reason why V loves it. I’d prefer a smaller glass top dining table with chrome-plated legs, and the price is half of the price of quartz top.

At the end, we chose the quartz top because it’s easy to maintain and more durable.

This is my kitchen.


We didn’t do any renovation in our kitchen. All the cabinets and furnishings are provided by the developer, including the fridge, convention oven, cooker hood, washer and dryer. I love the tall pull-out pantry which is truly a lifesaver for storing food in a small kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet

A stacked washer and dryer unit within cabinet in the kitchen is absolutely lovely too!

Washer Dryer

This is our master bedroom.

Master Bedroom 1

For all our bedrooms, we chose WinUs – Korea’s No.1 Roller Combi Blind Brand. Actually, there are many similar combi blinds in the market (commonly known as rainbow blind). We decided to invest a little bit more for the original WinUs Korean Combi Blind simply because we love their designs and quality. We’re going completely “curtain-less” because we don’t have time to wash them. Combi blind is easy to maintain, just vacuum or clean with a damp cloth.

Master Bedroom 3Built-in wardrobe from the developer

Please ignore my dry cabinet on the bedside table. I couldn’t find a better place that is away from sunlight and has a power point. #nospace

Master Toilet 2Master bedroom toilet
Master BalconyMaster bedroom balcony (mainly used for hanging laundry now)

This is Edison’s bedroom.  😉

Edison's Room 2

Unlike my room, Edison’s bedroom is more colourful. Thanks to his Mickey Mouse bedsheet! We made a platform bed with drawers and cove lighting, and also a top hung cabinet for him. The drawers are now full of his toys and books. His transformer toys are neatly arranged on the cabinet, still have some empty spaces on top for future use.

Edison's Room 4

Edison's Room 5

This is our study room (bedroom 3).  😛

Study room

And lastly, the bomb shelter has been transformed into a fully functional store room!

Bomb Shelter

Phew, that’s it! I took quite a long time to write this post and take so many pictures (some of them are taken since CNY). So, I hope you enjoyed my home tour! 🙂


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