Private Tutors in Singapore: Five Things You Need to Know

Private Tutors Singapore

In a poll conducted by The Straits Times, nearly eight in ten Singaporean parents with children in primary school pay for private tuition. Do you belong to the minority who doesn’t send your child for tuition?

I admit that I belong to the ‘majority’. Being a full-time working mother doesn’t allow me to be with my son 24/7. It’s even harder to stay updated with the latest MOE syllabus when I’ve been out of school for so long.

Therefore, sending my son for tuition is unavoidable. Even when I’m working overtime, I’m assured that Edison is in good hands with his tutors.

Here in Singapore, we’re truly blessed with so many tuition and enrichment centers. On top of that, we’ve the convenience and expertise of home tutors who can provide our children with 1-to-1 attention at their own pace.

Since the start of Term 3 in 2016, I’ve engaged a Chinese tutor for Edison. Prior to that, he attended group tuition at two different centers. As he’s rather weak in the subject, I found that having a private tutor helps him greatly. In his SA2 last year, he has improved from Band 3 to Band 2.

It was a huge relief to me, I was at my wits’ end trying to find out how to help him in a subject that I myself are not good at. Furthermore, it’s Higher Chinese that he’s taking (he barely passed in SA1). We were lucky to find an experienced tutor who can motivate him to learn the subject. Much to my delight, Edison enjoys his lesson with him too.

This year, I’ve decided to stop his Math tuition at the tuition center. I engaged a Math tutor for Edison. I’ve also seen good improvement after one term with his tutor.

Benefits of hiring a private tutor for your kids

In my opinion, there are many advantages of having a private tutor – here are just some of them.

1. A private tutor can work at a child’s pace. Obviously, this is MAIN advantage. When your child is totally lost or weak in a certain topic, the tutor can explain everything from scratch and customize their lessons based on the child’s pace.

2. A private tutor can give a child one-to-one attention. Whether your child is more visual, has short attention span, or prefer learning through activity, an experienced tutor can cater their classes based on the child’s learning style and preferences.

3. A private tutor can work on specific learning obstacles. Be it dyslexia, attention issues or behavioural problems, a specialized and experienced tutor can help the child to advance in leaps and bounds.

4. A private tutor can impart vital study / exam skills. These include time management, handy tips like summarising and focusing on titles while skim reading, and strategies like paying attention to what the teacher emphasises in class, in order to predict the content of future tests.

5. A private tutor is flexible in timing and convenient. This is certainly the main advantage, especially for working parents like me. Sometimes, fetching your child to tuition center can be quite troublesome – difficulty in finding a carpark, travelling time, etc.