Sanrio Hello Kitty Town & Thomas Town at Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park

Indoor theme park is always a good idea when you want your kids to have fun, but not under the hot sun. Am I right? Recently, we made an impromptu trip to Puteri Harbour (our last visit was in 2015!). Considering the very hot weather lately, we chose Sanrio Hello Kitty Town and Thomas Town over LEGOLAND this time.

Before I booked the tickets, V asked me a question. “Is Edison too old for indoor theme park?” Well, errrr, seriously is there an age limit for indoor theme park? Come to think of it, he hasn’t been to one except for KidZania for the past 1+ years.

So, I asked him. 😊

His face instantly lightened up when I said Hello Kitty. As some of you may be aware, he likes Hello Kitty – pretty much influenced by me! This time, I was planning to check-out the new Hello Kitty themed room at Hotel Jen too. So, imagine his excitement when it comes to a weekend of PLAY and HOTEL STAY with zero homework LOL.

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Sanrio Hello Kitty Town

Sanrio Hello Kitty Town
He loves Hello Kitty and is totally COOL about it! LOL.

Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park is a four-storey building that resembles a shopping mall. It houses Sanrio Hello Kitty Town and Thomas Town. The first storey is accessible to all visitors – you can dine at Red Bow Café, shop for your favourite cartoon characters’ merchandises and purchase your tickets.

Sanrio Hello Kitty Town is located on the second storey. The moment we stepped out of the escalator, we were wowed by the striking pink and awesome cuteness that screamed “check me out now!”. Haha!

Sanrio Hello Kitty Town

Over here, you can explore Hello Kitty’s home, watch her live on-stage, pose with her, enjoy the family rides and activities, as well as experience the adventure in Hello Kitty in Oz.

Angry Birds Activity Park Johor Bahru @ KOMTAR JBCC

Last month, we brought Edison to the Angry Birds Activity Park at KOMTAR JBCC, Johor Bahru. It was an impromptu trip because V suggested to go across the border for some shopping and food, and I thought we should also check out this new place. Upon hearing “Angry Birds”, the boy was overly excited and so, we packed our passports and left home. T__T

The best thing about Angry Birds Activity Park is its location. The park is located on the 3rd floor of KOMTAR JBCC, which is directly linked to JB customs via a sheltered link bridge. We didn’t even drive there. We took the SBS buses 160/170 from Kranji MRT to JB customs. From there, it’s just 10 mins walk to Angry Birds Activity Park.

On SBS bus 160, suddenly I felt so nostalgic. I used to take it to JB when I first came to Singapore to work more than 15 years ago, hahhaha! Nothing much has changed except JB customs which is newer and bigger now.

Angry Bird Activity Park

The park is still very new, clean and well-maintained. It was opened in late 2014. Games like Lazer Bird Shoot, Red Bird Goal, Piggy Shooting Gallery and Captain Black Bird Ship – characters from the game can be seen everywhere in the park.

Angry Birds Activity Park is divided into 5 sections: Danger Zone, Utopia, Classic, South Beach and Angry Birds Shop. I’ll go through these sections one by one now. Sorry for the poor quality pictures as they were taken with my point-and-shoot camera under low light condition.

Angry Birds Activity ParkPicture Credit: Angry Birds Activity Park’s website

Danger Zone

Angry Birds Activity ParkSpace Drop Air Bag

This zone features the thrilling activities suitable for older kids. Edison’s favourite game here is the Space Drop Air Bag. You climb up the stairs onto a platform, and then jump off onto a giant Angry Birds air bag. On his first attempt, he said it was a bit scary but subsequently, he said it was so much fun! And of course, he landed safely on the air bag. =)

Lazer Bird ScootLazer Bird Scoot

Another ride at this zone is the Lazer Bird Scoot. This one is pretty challenging and you need to be good on scooters before you go down the steep slopes.



Utopia is Edison’s favourite section among all. It’s suitable for all ages, including the parents. The Air Parkour Track and Giant Leap Foam Pit are super fun. You climb up, hold on to a rope and swing across the foam pit. If you fail, you’ll fall into the foam pit. I lost count on how many times Edison went up there, he was sooOoo excited with his own stunts.

Piggy Shooting GalleryPiggy Shooting Gallery

Other activities here include: 1) Bird Wire Slack Line – walking on a balance beam, 2) Anti-Gravity Trampoline – a giant trampoline here for your kids to jump their hearts’ content, and 3) Piggy Shooting Gallery – similar to the game, you’ve to shoot the angry birds with foam balls and air-gun (fun for adults too!).


Angry Birds Activity ParkAngry Birds GO! Kart Track

This is another super fun section after Utopia. I particularly enjoyed the Angry Birds GO! Kart Track. Yes, you heard it right! I enjoyed the karting too. They have kids and adults karts, so parents can play together with their kids. You must try this (but be warned, the queue might be long at peak hours).

Angry Birds Activity Park

Right on top of the karting track is the Bird Nest Climbing Track. It’s a three-storey climbing structure that all kids will love.

South Beach

Angry Birds Activity Park

Angry Birds Activity Park

This section features some slower pace activities suitable for younger kids such as: 1) Angry Birds Video Game, 2) Balance Bike Lagoon, 3) Captain Black Birds Ship – play area for toddlers, 4) CineMine – cinema where you can watch Angry Birds cartoon, and 5) Red Bird Sona.

Angry Birds Shop

Here’s a small gift shop where you can buy Angry Birds merchandises such as apparel, toys, stationeries and snacks. The prices are rather steep though.

Angry Birds Activity Park Party Room

Hey, you should check out their awesome Angry Birds themed birthday party room too. It’s super cool! ^__^

I saw an Angry Birds Cafe next to the park, but it wasn’t opened yet during our visit. However, there are plenty of vending machines at the Parent’s Lounge area for you to grab some snacks and drinks.

Angry Birds Activity Park

There are many other activities in this park – I didn’t have time to take pictures of all the attractions here.

The Good:

1. A wide variety of activities to keep your kids entertained for hours, and it’s fully indoor and air-conditioned. We spent about 5 hours there with 1.5 hour lunch break in-between. If I didn’t drag Edison out, he could’ve continued until 10pm!  😛

2. Easily accessible from Singapore even if you’re not driving.

3. Electronic safety lockers are available for rent. You don’t have to carry your heavy bags around. And spacious Parent’s Lounge for parents to relax while waiting for their kids.

Angry Birds Activity Park Electronic Locker

The Bad:

1. Admission fee is quite high at RM75 per person for both adults and kids. Most parents enter the park just to supervise their kids, but they’ve to purchase a full-priced ticket. So, you really need to “play” to make your money worth. (Flash your MyKad, if you’re a Malaysian, to enjoy discounted price).

2. Time-restricted sessions on Friday – Sunday, public holidays / school holidays or peak days. Sessions are fixed as follows: Session 1: 10am – 1pm | Session 2: 2pm – 5pm | Session 3: 6pm – 10pm. Even though multiple entries are allowed, it’s quite troublesome to leave the park when the session is over and re-enter one hour later.

Getting There:

If you’re not driving, take the SBS buses 160 or 170 from Kranji MRT to Johor Bahru Checkpoint and Immigration. Once you clear the Malaysia customs, walk to JB Sentral and there’s a sheltered link bridge to KOMTAR JBCC. The link bridge is also connected to City Square Mall (in case you want to do some shopping there).

It’s less than 10 mins walk and plenty of directions available (you won’t get lost!). ^^

Lastly, before you head to Angry Birds Activity Park, please remember to pack your socks!


Angry Birds Activity Park Johor Bahru
Address: Level 3, KOMTAR JBCC, Johor Bahru City Centre, 80000 Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm daily
Websites: Official Homepage | Facebook Page


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8 Things You Need to Know About Pororo Park Singapore

Pororo Park Singapore

Another Hallyu wave will hit Singapore next month! You might have heard about it already – Yes! It’s the opening of Pororo Park in Singapore. Pororo the Little Penguin is South Korea’s top animation character, and it’s well-known internationally too. When I shared the news with Edison, he was truly excited.

First opened five years ago in Seoul, Pororo Park integrates entertainment and educational elements in an indoor playground setting. With seven Pororo Parks in South Korea and three in China, Pororo Park Singapore will be the first in Southeast Asia.

Just one month to its official opening, here are 8 things you need to know about the new Pororo Park Singapore.

Pororo Park Singapore

1. What, when, where?

Located in the heart of the city at Marina Square’s new retail wing, Pororo Park is an 11,000 sq ft indoor edutainment playground that integrates a theme ride, indoor playground, educational classes and entertaining shows – all under one roof! Pororo Park Singapore officially opens its door on 11 Nov 2015.

2. Main Attractions

Suitable for young children aged 1 to 9, fans of Pororo will enjoy various entertainment attractions such as:
__a. Pororo Express: a train ride for kids and the iconic centrepiece of Pororo Park
__b. Pororo House: a replica of Pororo’s House in the series
__c. Shark Ball Pool: an all-time favourite with toddlers
__d. Poby’s Jungle Gym: fun play system for active young adventurers
__e. Crong’s Backyard: a play area extension to Pororo House

3. Facilities

a. Eddy and Petty’s rooms: classrooms cum party rooms themed after Eddy and Petty
b. TongTong’s Little Theatre: a theatre where mini parades, character meet-and-greets and sing-along shows will be performed
c. Loopy’s Café: a 60-seater café that offers Korean-inspired main dishes and desserts
d. Rody’s Toy Store: visitors can purchase their favourite original character-themed souvenirs

4. Other family-friendly facilities

Pororo Park has family-friendly facilities such as children restrooms and nursing room. There are shelf spaces available for shoes and designated area for parking strollers. Free WiFi is also available at the café.

5. Opening Hours

Sun – Thu: 10:30am to 8:00pm
Fri & Sat: 10:30am to 9:00pm

6. Admission Rates
Every ticket is a designated 2-hour play time per entry
7. Membership Packages

8. Early Bird Sneak Peek in October & Promo

Now, you can get a sneak peek before the inaugural debut as Pororo’s friends – Crong Eddy, Petty, Loopy and Poby will be at Marina Square’s Marina Foyer on Saturdays and Sundays at 2pm, 4pm and 6pm throughout the month of October.

Early bird members signing up at the roadshow can also take part in lucky draw and stand to win attractive prizes sponsored by LG Electronics.

I guess we’ve to pop by Marina Square this weekend to get a sneak peak of the excitement. What about you? Come and share this exciting news with your friends on Facebook!

6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square #02-29


Disclaimer: Pictures are taken from Pororo Park Singapore website and press release.

Checking Out: The Adventure Zone in Penang

This post has been kept in a draft mode for more than a month, and finally, I managed to complete it tonight. Phew!

During the March term break, I brought Edison to Penang to visit my brother. At the same time, I went back to Ipoh to visit my parents and sister. Edison was extremely excited to see his cousins again.

One of the places that we visited in Penang was the Adventure Zone. It’s located at the Golden Sands Resort in Batu Feringgi. Adventure Zone is a unique family entertainment venue for children and adults.

It’s really huge! The area is 10,300 sq ft, fully air-conditioned with exciting giant slides and multiple sections of modular play equipments. Children will definitely have an amazing time here, and even the adults can experience some thrills on the speed slides.


Edison with cousins – Jaynie and Jaerone


The highlight of this playground is the three giant slides. They offer a very high level of enjoyment and thrills for children as well as adults.

  1. The Hyperglide Astra Slide (rightmost – orange/yellow/green) is great for young children. They need to slide down using a mat and it is super fun. The kids love this slide the most.
  2. The Double Drop Slide (leftmost – blue) is good for braver children and younger teens. They will slide down into a ball pit.
  3. The Demon Drop Slide (center – red) is a 24 ft vertical drop which is challenging for all ages. It’s indeed very scary, I don’t even dare to try it myself.
That’s why you need to use a mat when sliding down 🙂

Other facilities include a multi-purpose reception, retail and snack counter, Toddler Zone, child-friendly restrooms, and a café serving light snacks and beverages.


Here’s my mom reading the newspaper while waiting for her grandkids to play
The Toddler Zone
Even my 2 year-old niece was having fun!

Overall, the place is very clean and well-maintained. Although the admission fee is slightly expensive, I think it’s worth every cent for hours of fun for the entire family.

The beautiful beach at Golden Sands Resort


One of my favourite pictures of the 3 kids
  • COST: RM33 per child for a 2-hour session for non-resort guest. Free entry for parents of paying children.
  • OTHER INFO: Socks must be worn in the facility. Long sleeve shirts must be worn when using any of the slides.
  • WEBSITE: Golden Sands Resort Adventure Zone


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An Exciting Mini Golf Experience at LilliPutt

Little Edison is a big fan of golf. I meant mini golf, as he doesn’t know how to play with the real golf yet. I’ve the intention of enrolling him for golf lessons, seeing how much he loves golf. But I have to wait for the right time, which is possibly after he settled down in Primary 1.

His doting grandparents have recently renovated their garden by layering natural looking synthetic grass carpet in the garden. It looks like a mini putting green for him now. And he can play golf all day!

During our one-week vacation in Gold Coast, we brought him to various mini golf theme parks (both indoor and outdoor) and he enjoyed himself so SO much. It was a memorable experience for him.

Recently, he asked me a question: “Mama, can we go to Australia and play golf?” I was like “What?! Go to Australia just to play golf?”

He’s too young to understand that it costs so much to buy the air tickets, hotel accommodation, etc.

Nonetheless, I don’t want to disappoint him. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t book the air tickets to Gold Coast. I googled for mini golf in Singapore, and I was extremely delighted to have found LilliPutt Indoor Mini Golf!

I was jumping like a kid; I can’t wait to bring him there for some fun. But I kept it a secret to give him a sweet surprise. When we reached the Big Splash last Saturday, his eyes were beaming with excitement when he saw the mini golf painted on the building. Then, he was all “Mama, I can’t wait to go there! Let’s go now!”


A bit of introduction, LilliPutt is the first themed indoor mini-golf course in Singapore. It’s located at the Big Splash at East Coast Parkway. It has 18 holes, and each one is themed after a well-known landmark or icon of Singapore, i.e. Jurong Bird Park, Sentosa, Singapore Zoo, Esplanade, Changi Airport, etc.


It’s fun because playing at LilliPutt doesn’t require any training or skills. Children and adults, golfers and non-golfers, can enjoy the thrilling games in a fun-filled obstacle course. Nonetheless, you can approach the staffs if you need a demonstration or briefing, and they will gladly assist you.

There are special sound, lighting and animated effects to enhance the overall playing experience at LilliPutt. It’s both entertaining and educational. For the kids, they learn about Singapore’s landmarks and when they play, they can improve their mental concentration, hand-eye coordination as well as posture.


Jurong Bird Park

Singapore Zoo

Botanic Garden

Singapore Port

Admission is charged at $19.20 for adult, $16.00 for student, and $12.80 for children 12 years and below. The best part is – if you’re not playing and you only want to supervise your child, you’re allowed to go in without paying for the adult admission charge.


Each player will be given a putter, a ball and a score card. There is no time limit to complete the 18 holes, so you can enjoy and do it at your own pace. You need to wear socks to enter the golf course.

My advice to you is to call them or check their website before making a trip there, as walk-in admissions may be limited or closed when they have private functions.


Our boy enjoyed himself so much at LilliPutt, and I’ve a feeling that we’ll be going there quite often now.

For more information, please visit their website at