Bartley Residences Key Collection

And so, the post title says it all – Bartley Residences Key Collection! We’ve collected the keys to our new home on 15 Sep 2015. The keys were actually ready for collection since early September, but we had to delay it for 2 weeks until the Chinese 7th Month is over – yes, it’s the Chinese superstitious thing!

Our block is the third phase of the key distribution process which has started since early August. Each phase is staggered by 2 to 3 weeks, and the last block is expected to collect their keys in Nov.

At first impression, our new home is really quite small – especially the living and dining hall. Our current home is 1,313 sq ft and it has a spacious L shaped living and dining hall. Our new home, however, is smaller at 1,098 sq ft. The difference of 200+ sq ft is mainly seen at the living and dining hall. It’s a rectangle shape, and the size is about my current living hall only. Looks like we’ve to downsize our sofa, dining table as well as TV.

But the good news is – the main balcony is more spacious than I’ve expected. It’s windy and has a nice pool view too. And that stopped me from sulking over my smaller home. Anyway, all the new private homes are shrinking in size. There is no choice unless we buy a resale property.

We choose Bartley Residences because of its location. So looking at its convenience – walking distance to our boy’s school and PIL’s house, 5 mins drive to my office, and MRT station just across the road, that brings endless joy to me. Now, let us bask in the joy of being a new homeowner again!

We swung by our new place to have a more detailed look at its facilities and surroundings. Here are some pictures to walk you through our new place. I didn’t have a chance to take pictures of all the facilities because of the haze (as you can already see in this picture).

Lap Pool

Lap Pool
Kids PoolKid’s Splash Pool
PlaygroundKid’s Playground

Boardwalk around the Bodhi tree
Multi-purpose Hall
Dining Pavilion with Hot Plate
Adult Fitness Corner
Balcony & Living Hall
View from our balcony
Bedroom 2
Dining Hall
Kitchen Cabinet
Common Toilet
Master Room Built-in Wardrobe
Master Bedroom
BalconyEdison loving the balcony!
One of the defects spotted by our professional defect finder (will share more in my next post)


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