K2 Year-End Graduation Concert

If you have a preschool child, there is one special event that you’ll surely look forward every year –that’s the year end graduation concert! If you have a K2 child, that year will be extra special because you can witness your little graduate walking up the stage in his or her graduation gown with mortar-board on.

After waiting for four years, I can finally see my little boy walking up the stage with full confidence to receive his graduation certificate. At that instance, I was filled with mixed emotions. On one hand, I was happy and excited to see that he has completed his last year of preschool. On the other, I was filled with uncertainty and apprehension of what his formal education would be in the next coming years.

His graduation concert was held at the Sanctuary of his church kindergarten last Friday. Little Edison has been learning and practising for his dance since a month ago. Before the concert, he also taught me how to sing his concert theme song which is “My Life is in You, Lord”.

The song goes like this: “My Life is in You, Lord. My Hope is in You, Lord. My Strength is in You, Lord. In You. It’s in You.” A very nice song indeed.

During his first performance when he was in pre-nursery, he was a little lost and had stage-fright. On the second year, his performance has improved. By the third year, he really enjoyed performances and looking forward to his concert. I really treasure these opportunities for him to perform on-stage and gradually build-up his self confidence.

Luckily, we brought along our Olympus m4/3 camera with zoom lens. We were seated on the sixth row from the stage. Without the zoom lens, we won’t be able to capture these pictures.

So, here’s sharing some of the pictures that we took on his graduation concert.

Theme of the concert is My Life is in You, Lord.
Walking up the stage, yay!




Friends Forever!
Performance time!




Two handsome boys posing for picture

I shall end this post with a short message for my boy.

Dear Edison,

Congratulations on completing your last year of preschool! You made me proud, not because you’re the best student in class, but for the skills and talents that you’ve developed from a young age in this kindergarten.

You cried when you were sad and alone. You laughed at something that was funny, and you frowned at something that was not. You learned to be independent when I was not with you. You made friends, and you’re always so sociable and loving towards people around you.

I will always support you in all ways through your schooling days. I wish you every success in finding your own happiness and excel in your education in the coming years.





My Six-Year-Old Big Boy

Edison at 6-year-old

The second week of school is ending soon today, how is everyone doing? I hope that all our kids have settled down in school already.

As for Little Edison, yes, he has settled down in K2 this year. It’s the same school, same routine and same classmates for him. Only changes are his teachers and classroom. So technically, it should be an easy transition for him.

Since he started school last week, he keeps repeating this to me: “I’m six years old now, and I’m a big boy.” He is very proud of his ‘big boy’ status and being the oldest kids in school now. And I told him this: “If you see a little kid crying at school, you should go over and tell him/her not to cry. Take care of those children younger than you.”

I’m not sure if he’ll really approach them if he sees someone crying.

Our morning routine has been adjusted back to ‘school’ mode and we’re less hurried if we could wake up slightly earlier. I’m still driving him to school, since it’s near my office. I asked him if he wants to join his friends to take the school bus, and his answer was, “No, I want to take Mama’s car.” So, I’ll continue to be his ‘chauffer’ as long as he needs me.

Recently, I was caught with a big surprise when I heard him sprouted the word ‘fucking idiot’.

   Me: Boy, you shouldn’t say that word. It’s a very bad word.

   Edison: But Papa is saying that. (Now I know where he learnt the word from)

   Me: Papa is an adult, but you’re a small boy.

   Edison: So, I can say that word when I’m an adult?

  Me: Errr, still NO. It’s a bad word. Nobody should say it.

   Edison: But why Papa says that?

   Me: Go ask your Papa!

And so, I issued a warning to V to be extra careful when he’s talking in front of our boy. I’ve a feeling that this conversation is not so over yet. Perhaps before the next bad word comes, I should start thinking of how to answer his questions.