Linking Memory

Our sensei at Shichida Method has introduced the Linking Memory program at the beginning of this term. However, little Edison shows very little interest in it.

The Linking Memory is a unique memory program that is designed based on the unique photographic memory linking system using fun and whimsical stories. It is well-loved by many children.

It utilizes the right brain’s ability to record, store and recall images by linking each image with another by stories. These stories are silly and nonsensical, but they stick well in our mind.

In order to cultivate his interest in Linking Memory, I need to practice with him more often at home. I bought a home practice kit for $12. It consists of 72 picture cards and 18 short stories.

Linking Memory Home Practice Kit

How to do it?

1. For a beginner, start with 5 to 6 cards. Gradually increase the number of cards based on the child’s progress.
2. Make a story that links all the cards. Any silly story, even if it doesn’t make sense!
3. As you read out the story, flash the cards when the relevant words are pronounced.
4. After reading the story, flash the cards again in the same order and read out the words only (skip the story this round).
5. Next, ask the child to arrange the cards based on the sequence that they were presented.

Here’s an example:

Linking Memory Example

Round #1 (Read the story and emphasizes the key words):

The vegetables are cut into small pieces and sold as sweater which Grandpa wore. He then ran upstairs and found a huge departmental store.

Round # 2 (Repeat the key words only):

Vegetables, sweater, Grandpa, ran upstairs, departmental store

Last night, I attempted to practice Linking Memory with little Edison (our first time). He was not interested at all, he turned away the moment I flashed him the picture cards. Oh boy!

Nonetheless, I’m going to try my luck again tonight.