Korea Day 5 (Noon): Mount Sorak National Park & Hanwha Waterpia Hotspring Resort

Here I am, continuing with my Korea vacation post after a month break. Well, we visited the breathtaking Mount Sorak National Park in the afternoon and had lots of fun at the Hanwha Waterpia Hotspring Resort.

We were given 1.5 hours to explore Mount Sorak National Park on our own. The weather was getting a little warmer here, but in general, it was still windy and comfortable to walk. And we saw many local hikers going there with their backpacks.

The park has beautiful sceneries with granite peaks, lush green valleys and dense forest. On the other hand, it’s also cultural and full of history.

These are some of the pictures that we took at the park while we admire the beauty of its nature. I heard that there’s a cable car that brings visitors to the peak of the mountain, but due to time constraint, we didn’t have a chance to experience it.


Mount Sorak

Mount Sorak 2

Mount Sorak 5

Mount Sorak 4

Mount Sorak 3

Mount Sorak 6

Mount Sorak 8

Mount Sorak 7

We left Mount Sorak National Park at 3pm and headed to Hanwha Waterpia Hotspring Resort. I must say that this is the most exciting place in the entire trip!

Hanwha Waterpia Hotspring is one of Korea’s largest theme parks offering a wide variety of outdoor leisure activities and hot spring facilities. It has indoor and outdoor water theme parks, children’s pool, lazy river ride, wave pool, indoor, as well as outdoor hot spring facilities. The waterpark is really HUGE and AMAZING! I will go crazy if we have such waterpark in Singapore.