Korea Day 6 (Part 1): Nami Island – Namiseom

Nami Island, also known as Namiseom, is a tiny half-moon shaped island located in Chuncheon, 63km away from Seoul. The island is famous for its beautiful tree lined roads and stunning scenery. There are so much to talk about Namiseom, so I’ve decided to dedicate this post entirely for it. =)

As some of you might be aware, Nami Island was made famous by Korean drama Winter Sonata, and is now a very popular tourist spot. In fact, being a huge K-drama fan, I’ve also seen many other dramas filmed in this beautiful island. One of them that I could still remember is High School King of Savvy (2014), and this part of the drama was filmed here.

High School King

Nami Island is beautiful in all seasons, especially winter when it’s covered in pristine snow. My pictures may not justify the beauty of this island, so I made a collage with some pictures I found on the internet that depict the four seasons of the island. Our visit was in early summer, so it was slightly warm.

Seasons of Nami Island

We left our previous accommodation at Seorak after breakfast. The bus journey took about an hour and we reached Gapyeong Wharf at 11am. From the wharf, visitors can enter the island via ferry or Zip-Wire. Even though it was a weekday, the ferry was quite crowded – mostly with foreign tourists.

Gapyeong WharfOur tour guide gave us a short briefing before we took the ferry

Nami Island 1

Nami Island 2

Nami Island Boat

We reached Nami Island in just 5 mins via ferry!