Create Our Brick Wall with Nippon Momento Travertino

Today, I’m so excited to showcase the new brick wall that we’ve created in our living hall using Nippon Momento Travertino. Truth be told, V and I have always wanted a brick wall. We explored this idea with various interior designers before we renovated our home a year ago, but at the end, we shelved the idea due to high cost.

Recently, we discovered Nippon Momento Travertino – the latest Designer Series from Nippon Momento Special Effects Paint – that allows us to create our brick wall at a much lower cost and we were truly excited about it. Okay lah, it’s not really “cheap” but if compared to other brick wall options, it costs ~50% cheaper. Yup, that’s significant savings – I know.

TravertinoPicture Credit: Nippon Paint Momento Website

Brick Wall Options & Advantages of Nippon Momento Travertino

What’s the advantage of Nippon Momento Travertino over other brick wall options, you may wonder. First of all, let me share with you several brick wall options that are widely available in the market today (based on what I learnt from my past experience).

There are real bricks, brick tiles, hollow blocks, stucco, stones and wallpaper. Most IDs that we’ve met recommended stucco because it is easy to maintain and can last for more than five years. Wallpaper might look artificial – lacks the 3D effects and depending on its quality, it might peel off too.

Real bricks would definitely look genuine, but they are space-consuming, heavy and unsuitable for petite spaces. Stucco takes about three days while a real brick wall takes about five days to construct, thus resulting in high labour costs. Both options cost above $3K for the wall in our living hall (dimension 2.3m by 3.5m).

The most common problems with bricks are the different colours and sizes after the wall has been built, crack lines, positioning as well as alignment.

We created our brick wall using Nippon Momento Travertino in just one day at a fraction of the price. We felt that the main advantages of Travertino are:

  1. lower cost (obviously the MAJOR plus point!),
  2. no alignment / positioning problem,
  3. all the bricks have the same size and colour,
  4. it is light and doesn’t look too heavy,
  5. it’s faster to build – less inconvenience especially when we’ve moved in.

In addition, the most unique part of Travertino is that it can be easily carved, shaped or patterned; mix and match with any colours for endless creative combinations. Apart from brick pattern, you can also create block or weave line designs. Travertino has a white base. Therefore, it can be mixed, matched and glazed over with any Nippon Momento Special Effects Paint to create your own unique feature wall.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Now, let me briefly share with you the process of creating the brick wall using Travertino.

The Process

Nippon PaintThe skillful paint specialists from Nippon Paint and Prestige Painting

First of all, the wall was prepped by applying a coat of Momento Primer. Then, the wall was measured and the brick patterns were carefully marked on the wall using tapes horizontally and vertically. Next, the Travertino paint was applied on the wall. The paint is grey and looks like cement to me. When it dries out, the colour becomes white.

The paint was left to dry for about an hour before the tapes were removed. The painter removed the tapes, strips by strips, very carefully to prevent chipping. I was SO amazed by the process. It certainly eliminates problems such as alignment, positioning and different brick sizes.

Finally, the wall took about four hours to dry out completely. And the end result is a BEAUTIFUL white brick wall with a raw and natural resort feel.

Before and After

This is how my living hall looked like – before and after Nippon Momento Travertino.

Nippon Momento TravertinoBefore
Nippon Momento TravertinoAfter

Wall Enhancement with Nippon Momento Enhancer Series

Nippon Momento Enhancer Series is a special line of semi-transparent Nippon Momento Special Effects Paint that can be applied onto any wall, glazed over any existing wall colour. It’s available in Cloud and Frost effects with 5 different variants – Cloud Gold, Cloud Pearl, Snow Frost, Pearl Frost and Gold Frost.

Nippon Momento Enhancer SeriesPhoto Credit: Nippon Paint

Edison’s room was originally painted with Nippon Odour-less Premium All-in-1 in Latte 1114. So, Jen from Prestige Painting proposed Nippon Momento Enhancer Series that can transform our walls without changing its existing colour.

The advantage of it is that it can easily transform a plain coloured wall into a totally new look without involving a high cost. In addition, it’s durable and maintenance-free. Unlike wallpaper, it can even be applied on surfaces which are uneven, avoiding problems such as bubbling and peeling that wallpaper shows up over time.

Nippon Momento Enhancer Series

Nippon Momento Enhancer Series

We’ve selected the wall above the bedhead as the feature wall to be painted with Nippon Momento Special Effects Paint (Enhancer Series) in Cloud Pearl – Pure Moon CP 175, and the effect that we want is soft and criss-cross.

As mentioned above, Enhancer Series is available in two effects. Cloud gives a cloudy glazes of golden shine or pearlescent sheen, while Frost gives a unique texture of snow, pearl or gold.

Personally, I like Cloud for bedroom because it gives a wonderfully calming effect. Just imagine being drifted away in the fluffiness of clouds – it’s the kind of dreamy effect that we want for Edison’s room. Lovely, isn’t it? =)

First of all, a layer of Momento Primer was applied on the wall. When it dries out, Nippon Momento Enhancer Series was applied in a criss-cross application using a special brush. Again, we witnessed how Jen applied the special effects paint skillfully and totally focused. We were so impressed that she did it in less than half an hour!


The effect of the paint is so subtle that even if we were to paint all the four walls with it, it will not look too overwhelming. That’s what I really like about Nippon Momento Enhancer Series. As light as cloud, as cosy as home.

Here are the before and after pictures:

Nippon Momento Enhancer SeriesBefore
Nippon Momento Enhancer SeriesAfter

Nippon Momento Special Effects Paint – Master Bedroom Makeover!

I’ve always wanted to try out Nippon Momento Special Effects Paint to give my walls a richer colour and elegant finishing. During our renovation a year ago, we seriously considered Nippon Momento but unfortunately, the painters from our Interior Design company were not trained in it. Thus, our ID recommended us to use wallpapers instead.

V and I were concerned about the durability of wallpapers, therefore we didn’t pursue that option. I do not know why at that time I didn’t try to source for another painter. And so, I regretted big time after that. =(

Earlier this year, V and I discussed about Nippon Momento again. After visiting a friend’s new home that is beautifully painted with Nippon Momento Special Effects Paint, I was SO tempted to try it. Initially, V was a little reluctant because of the hassles – especially since we’ve moved in and all our built-in furniture are in place.

I assured him that the professional painters from Nippon Paint will protect our furniture and the painting process is rather quick as we will only be doing it on the feature walls (not the entire house!). Alas, he agreed and I quickly fixed the appointment with Nippon.

Nippon Momento Special Effects Paint

We met with the paint specialist from Prestige Painting to discuss about our home makeover using Nippon Momento Special Effects Paint. We were SO impressed with their past works. Talking to Jen, the paint specialist at Prestige Painting, is just like talking to my trusty hairstylist – someone whom I can connect and entrust.

First, she assessed the colours and design of my home. Then, we discussed about the results that I want to achieve. Jen is an experienced and skillful paint specialist – we can easily tell judging from her past works. She’s also someone who takes pride in her works. Therefore, we’re confident to work with her.

As an introduction, Nippon Momento Special Effects Paint has 3 different collections:

1. Textured Paint Series

This is the first range of Nippon Momento that is available in 174 colours across four contemporary variants – Elegant, Sparkle Silver, Sparkle Gold and Sparkle Pearl. It creates specially textured walls using four unique special effects.

2. Enhancer Series

A special line of semi-transparent Nippon Momento Special Effects Paint that can be applied onto any wall, glazed over any existing wall colour. Available in Cloud and Frost effects across five variants – Cloud Gold, Cloud Pearl, Snow Frost, Pearl Frost and Gold Frost.

[We chose this series for Edison’s room – will share more about it in our next posts]

3. Designer Series

The latest and most sophisticated line of professional special effects paint that masterfully mimics the extraordinary beauty of real-life textures, featuring six distinctive special effects. Available in three variants – Optical, Rust Box and Travertino.

[We created a beautiful brick wall in our living room using Travertino – will share more about it in our next posts]

For our Master Bedroom, we’ve decided to use the Textured Paint Series Sparkle Gold (item #1 above). Sparkle Gold is a textured semi-metallic finish with majestic colour dusted in a golden shine. I loved how it creates a lavish ambience for my room!

The colour that we’ve selected is Champagne MG 158, and the effect we wanted is soft and criss-cross.