Money Saving Tip for the Online Shoppers

In my first job, I got to know a bunch of nice colleagues. Some of them are married with kids. During our lunch time, they often ate their meals quickly and zipped off for a hurried shopping trip. Then, they came back with bags of new clothes, shoes and even groceries.

I was often amazed. By their speed. By how desperate they were to steal some time during lunch to do some shopping. But at that time, I couldn’t understand why. I mean, they can always shop during weekends. Why do they need to rush during the limited lunch hour?


Fast forward to ten years later, I can finally understand the logic behind those hurried lunch time shopping. It’s nearly impossible to shop with ease when you have young kids in tow. When the kids grow older and started schooling, most of the weekends will be spent fetching them to various lessons and activities.

Most importantly, we want to reserve our weekends for precious family time, rather than queuing behind changing rooms, cashier counters, or lugging heavy groceries from supermarket all the way home.

That’s why I’m still an avid online shopper. Not that I’ve given up shopping in the real world, but online shopping is more appealing to me. For busy mothers like us, I’m sure you’ll agree that shopping away with a click of a mouse is easier than going out to the mall with our kids in tow. And I can always find exactly what I’m looking for online – usually at lower costs!

online shopping

It’s strange but true. The busier I am, the more retail therapy I need. This is especially so when most of my time is taken up by work and family. I multitask by getting some retail therapy in between the daily hassles of my day. It improves my mood and motivates me in a way that I can’t possibly explain in words.

Now that I can practically shop for everything online, one of my money-saving tips is to use discount codes available at which are valid for many different e-shops in Singapore and worldwide. For instance, here you can find a coupon for when you’re shopping online at Zalora.


It’s an amazing website where you can find over 300+ promo codes and deals for the greatest online discounts. Yes, you heard it right! That’s a HUGE range of promo codes that we can use for various products such as fashion, electronics, food, travel, health, etc.

Do you have any money saving tips to share? I love to hear from you too!


Tips for a Safe Online Shopping Experience

To shop is to live, to live is to shop – that’s what a shopaholic truly believes! Do you?

If you lead a busy lifestyle, you may not have time to buy the things that you need, let alone the things that you want. If you spend a lot of time on the internet, you are in a good position. That is, of course, when you can shop online without the travelling and waiting time. You can browse online stores at a speed that you could never do at the shopping mall.

Yah yah yah, this is another post about online shopping. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll probably know that I’m an avid online shopper. I receive parcels on a weekly basis. The Husband always cringes whenever he sees a parcel delivered to me.

My loots this week!
New skincare products from Paula's Choice!
Despite the convenience, however, there are certain risks involved in online shopping. Recently, my sister and I stumbled upon an online store that sells fake products. I’ll share with you shortly in this post.

Based on my own experience, here are some tips for a safe online shopping experience.

# 1: Look for the customer service contact and warranty information

This is the first thing that I check! Any online store should have a reachable contact number and e-mail address. It will be a bonus if the product that you’re buying has a warranty, because this may be the only way to gauge its quality.

Recently, I came across this online store that sells Fitflop shoes at discounted prices in Singapore (it says save up to 50% – 60% and free shipping too!). At first glance, there isn’t anything suspicious with this website. It has many good reviews from its customer too.

Later on, we Googled about it and we found that this store is not an authorized retailer of FitFlop shoes. Again, as we read in Fitflop Sg Facebook Page, it is likely to be selling replicas too. Last but not least, this online store does not operate in Singapore. The name of store – BuyFitFlopSingapore – really mislead the customers.

If you look at the website carefully again, you can’t find any contact person or number. Now, I wonder if the reviews are fake too.

# 2: Check for a Security Certificate

When shopping online, we must ensure that the website asking for credit card information is secure. How do we check this? I’ll check the website’s URL – it must begin with “https” where the “S” represents “Secure”. Then, I’ll look for the padlock symbol in the status bar at the bottom of the browser window.

When you’re accessing confidential information such as online banking or a payment transfer (i.e. PayPal), you’ll notice the format change above and you’ll know that your information will most likely pass along securely.

# 3: Check for the final charges, including shipping and packaging costs

In general, please check for the return policy, shipping method, shipping and packaging costs. If you’re buying products from overseas stores, please take note of the currency and exchange rates too.

# 4: Ensure that all the information is correct

To avoid delay and other problems such as wrong size / colors etc, please make sure that all the information is entered correctly before you submit the order.

# 5: Always keep a record of all your purchases

After every purchase, I always print out the invoice or confirmation page as a record. I’ll do a check against my credit card statement. Any unauthorized charges or discrepancies should be reported to the bank immediately.

Are you an online shopper too? Do you have any other tips to share? I love to hear them! 🙂