OSIM uAngel: Armchair, Recliner and Massager All-in-One!

I love massage, and I’m always longing for massage. But if I have to visit a massage center in order to get one, I find that it’s too troublesome. And even if I want to, I do not have the luxury of time to do it.

So, you can imagine my excitement when OSIM asked me if I’m interested to review their latest massage chair, uAngel. My immediate respond was, “Sure, bring it on QUICKLY!”

I first caught a glimpse of uAngel during the Cold Storage Kids Run roadshow. My first impression of this massage chair was that it’s really compact. It looks like a small home sofa with contemporary design. But with just a touch of a button, it transforms delightfully into a full-body massage chair!

When this awesome uAngel massage chair was delivered to my house, the first person who was hogging the chair is our boy, Edison. He was smitten by the chic design of the chair, its cute back rest and petite size.


And when I finally had a chance to sit on it, my first reaction was “Aahhhhhh!”, “Wow, wow!”, and “Ooohhh, ooohhh!” The intense squeeze makes me go “Aahhhhhh!” and “Wow!” When my mind and body finally immersed in the luxurious massage, I was all “Ooohhh, ooohhh”.

A heavenly feeling that instantly melts my shoulder and back ache away, leaving me feeling very, very relaxed. It’s so enjoyable that I can fall asleep in it, and when I wake up, I feel totally rejuvenated. That’s how I would describe it.

uAngel 6

Despite its compact size, its massage power is surprisingly intense. Its massage function is very comprehensive too – focusing on the neck, shoulder and lumbar, which is exactly what I need. Working an office desk-bound job from 9am to 6pm often leaves me with stiff shoulders and neck.

In addition, OSIM uAngel is equipped with all the massage techniques that a professional massage therapist can do, including squeeze-and-knead, tapping, roller reflexology and vibration. Its retractable leg massager provides an invigorating massage to tired feet and legs.


There are five different massage modes to suit your needs. Personally, I prefer the “De-Stress” mode. It uses lower intensity massage techniques, thus making it suitable for night time. It’s perfect to unwind my mind and body after a busy day, and before I go to bed. And I sleep better after the de-stress massage too!

At any time of the day, when I need to charge up my body and mind, I’ll go for the “Energise” mode. The high energy massage instantly perks me up, and makes me achieve a heightened sense of alertness.

Comes in a suite of 5 colours, OSIM uAngel can easily match in different home interiors and settings. We have a yellow sofa set with dark brown furniture in our living room. So, we chose the Mystique Grey and it matches perfectly with our home interiors. The metallic brushed upholstery is expressive in design and easy to maintain.

Living Room

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the best thing about OSIM uAngel is its compact size. Its back rest and leg massager can be fully retracted to give 34% more living space. It’s truly a space saver for cosy homes with limited space. It measures only 86cm by 70cm in armchair mode (fully retracted).

When you need a massage, it transforms into a therapeutic full-body massage chair at a touch of a button. And when you don’t, it transforms right back into a beautiful home sofa. That’s the beauty of OSIM uAngel!

uAngel 5

I love OSIM uAngel because I can now enjoy massage anytime in the comfort of my home, with just a touch of a button. It’s like having a professional massage therapist on standby at home! It’s also very versatile; our family can indulge in multiple lifestyle enjoyment.

Multiple Lifestyle

After a hard day’s work, the perfect way to unwind is to sink myself into OSIM uAngel and reward myself with a good round of massage. I feel that my hard work is all worth it!

The OSIM uAngel retails at a special introductory price of SG$1,988 (usual price $2,688). It’s available at all OSIM outlets, road shows and online at www.OSIM.com.

One last thing, there will be a Bloggers’ Facebook contest coming up in May, and you stand a chance to win an OSIM uPhoria leg massager. I’ll share more details of the contest when it is up.

Disclosure: OSIM uAngel is provided on a trial period by OSIM for review. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.

Cold Storage Kids Run 2013 & OSIM uAngel

Little Edison likes to run, but we haven’t officially bring him to a sports event before. So when I heard that the Cold Storage Kids Run is back for the 6th year on 19 May 2013, I thought it’s an awesome opportunity for him to experience the real run. I mean the kind of run with lots of audience, cool T-shirt printed with his name and number, as well as medals.

The Cold Storage Kids Run 2013 will be taking place on 19 May 2013 at The Padang. This year, the event is expecting 5,000 kids to participate in the race, and over 10,000 parents and the public.


Last Sunday, we went to the roadshow at United Square to witness the launch of the Kids Run as well as to register our boy for the run. There are various activities set-up for the kids, from shuttle run to rock climbing, ball shooting and cartoon characters meet-and-greet.

Edison - Run

Unfortunately, we missed Edison’s favourite cartoon character Bob the Builder when we arrived at the roadshow. Nonetheless, he had great fun participating in the activities. It was his first attempt on rock climbing, but he was very cool about it. He managed to reach to the top and ring the bell.

Edison - Wall Climbing 2

Edison - Wall Climbing


Edison - Wall Climbing 3

Well done, Edison!

One of the sponsors for this year Cold Storage Kids Run is OSIM. I’m sure all of you know OSIM as the global leader in healthy lifestyle products, and it’s one of my trusted brands too. OSIM has recently launched a new product called the OSIM uAngel Sofa-Tranzformer.

From its name, you could have guessed that it’s a sofa, and OSIM’s expertise is in massage chairs. So, this product must be a combination of sofa and massage chair. You’re right!


OSIM uAngel is a small sofa that transforms delightfully into a full-body massage chair with just one touch on the button. It offers a range of professionally designed massage programmes to suit our needs, and to keep us healthy and relaxed.


I tried the OSIM uAngel massage chair during the roadshow, and I fell in love with it instantly. The three main things about OSIM uAngel that attract me are its outlook, massage functions and price.


Most of our Singapore home sizes are small nowadays, and it’s difficult to accommodate a full body massage chair due to space constraints. You certainly can’t have sofa, recliner and massage chair in your living hall.

OSIM uAngel is truly unique in a way that it combines sofa, recliner and massage chair into one. Its smart design helps to save up to 34% of living space. The leg massager can be fully retracted under the seat. So, you don’t have to worry about accidentally kicking on it and trip in the middle of the night.

Massage Functions

OSIM uAngel has five professionally designed massage programmes – 1) Neck & Shoulders, 2) Lumbar, 3) De-stress, 4) Relax and 5) Energise. There are also different massage modes including kneading, rolling and tapping.

No matter what health benefits you’re looking for, be it relaxing stiff muscles, enhancing blood circulation, soothe back aches, relieve body tension, or simply to relax, OSIM uAngel has something for you.


The recliners or armchairs in the market right now are not cheap, they easily cost up to $4,000. A full body massage chair costs about $6,000. What about OSIM uAngel? I’m sure you’re curious to find out.

OSIM uAngel is competitively priced at just $1988, and I certainly think that it’s very affordable given its unique features and massage functions.


Before I end this post, I’d like to share with you about the OSIM Facebook contest that is running from 1 to 19 April 2013. All you need to do is to snap a photo of yourself posing as an angel and post it onto OSIM Facebook Page.

Visit http://www.facebook.com/OSIMSG/app_174489652597378 to join now! Contest ends on 19 April, so start snapping away and good luck!