His Primary Two Journey

In a blink of an eye, we’re now into another new school year. Today is Day 7 – to be exact. How’s everyone doing? Truth is, I look sleepier than my boy – still adjusting to my 5:30am alarm.

Edison is in Primary Two this year. So, it’s a lot easier for us (and less nervous too). The only challenge is he must wear shoes with laces this year. The school only allows velcro straps for Primary One boys.

Turned out that teaching him how to tie his shoe laces was a complete nightmare! On his first attempt, he gave up and said, “Mama, please tie the shoe laces for me in the morning.”

To be really honest, I was about to put off the hassle of teaching him how to tie those laces. It’s easier to just tie the laces for him. But again, I thought – What if they came undone at school? What if he needs to remove his school during his PAL lessons?

The mollycoddling has to stop, I’ve finally decided. I explained to him the two scenarios above where he needs to tie his own shoe laces at school. I also warned him that I can’t be at school to do it for him.

Then, he agreed to try it again. On his third attempt, he eventually succeeded. I was watching him from one corner as he tried and tried. And I was amazed by his determination. When he finally made it, he was beaming with pride and excitement.

I took a photo of him on the first day of school, and comparing it to 2 Jan 2014, this is what I’ve got:

P1 vs P2

Basically, he was wearing the same piece of uniform. Last year, the pants were too loose for him (even though it’s the smallest size). This year, the pants fitted nicely. I bought new PE attires him for him as the old ones were rather stained.

In terms of routine, it’s pretty much the same. He attends 1.5 hour of Chinese enrichment lesson on Wednesday evening and 1.5 hour of English Composition lesson on Saturday morning. Sunday is kept free as our family day.

I spend about half an hour every night to do revisions with him. We spend a big part of our weekend mornings doing worksheets, reading his Chinese textbooks and practicing for his spelling / dictation tests. The rest of the time, I’ll leave him to enjoy whatever that’s left in his idyllic childhood.

I don’t want to be a tiger mum, roaring at him all the way through his Primary school journey. I still want to remain a sane mum who is not fixated with A grades, and most importantly, he enjoys his learning and does not lag so far behind that his self-esteem suffers.

He may not grow up to be a scientist or doctor, but I’m hoping he would at least have some happy memories of his primary school days to bank on. And always remember me as a mum who has provided him with endless support, guidance, care and faith during his learning journey.