Japanese Skincare Review: “Parunos” by k.k. IBC Research & Laboratory

We all know that Japanese women are renowned for their ageless beauty. You may have known a number of popular Japanese brands, but today I want to introduce a new brand called Parunos to you. I’ve recently fallen in love with it. ^__^ Their products are a standout for me because they are simple, high quality, and I’ve had GOOD results!


About the brand: Backed by over half century of research by the founder (Researcher and Technician) and used by many loyal users, Parunos is an organic skincare product developed by k.k. IBC Research & Laboratory Japan using natural ingredients with no scent, mineral oil, alcohol or colouring.

Developed from a scientific basis of the relationship between effective natural ingredient and physiology of the skin, the products strengthen our skin’s barrier function and enhance its self-regeneration function to keep our skin beautiful, youthful and healthy. They are safe for the most delicate skin.

My Review: I’ve been using these 4 products in the basic skincare range for two weeks now – Face Clean Jell, Moisture Lotion, Essence and Moisture Jell, and it’s super easy to follow their beauty regime. Now, I’d share my impressions of these products.

Parunos Skincare Set

Parunos Face Clean Jell, 120mL, US$32.00

Multitaskers rejoice! Parunos Face Clean Jell is a 2-in-1 facial cleaner and make-up remover. It has a thick but soft consistency and spreads effortlessly on my face. It effectively melts my non-waterproof makeup. When I add some water, it turns slightly milky.

The cleansing gel removes dirt, make-up, bacteria and dead skin cells without the need for double-cleansing. It’s certainly my saviour for the late nights when I want to wash my face in the fastest mode possible so that I can rest early.

Face Clean Jell 1

How to use:
  • It is recommended that water-proof makeup and lipstick to be removed using make-up remover prior cleansing.
  • Lightly pre-wash your face with warm water.
  • Use a cherry size amount and spread it on the entire face from the T-zone to U-zone in circular motions.
  • Once the gel is well adapt, rinse with warm water up to a degree of no slimy feel.
Tips on how to use the gel better!
  • The gel is so soft so it can be used even without pre-wash, but pre-wash makes the cleansing more effective.
  • You can adjust the amount while observing your skin condition. If you use too much, you could dry off your skin due to decreased in sebum production.
  • Scrubbing could damage your skin. So, please rinse carefully and ensure that your skin is moistened.

This water-soluble gel has a moisturizing effect that leaves the skin thoroughly cleansed and moist. It uses ingredients such as glycerine and carbomer (also used in high-grade medical care), as well as other plant-based ingredients to moisturize, protect and clarify our skin.

Unlike other foam cleansers, Parunos Face Clean Jell doesn’t leave me with that dry, tight feeling on my skin after rinsing. My skin feels so fresh, clean and moisturized after washing. So, I really like it! =)

The gel is SO gentle on my skin, and it’s suitable for sensitive and rough skin too.