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I joined Instagram many months ago, but I was never active and my photos are kept private until recently.

Instagram is, first and foremost, a photo-sharing social network and a wonderful photography app that makes your photos look beautiful effortlessly. Photos taken with Instagram always look great, especially if you match them with different filters. My favourite filters are ‘rise’, ‘amaro’ and ‘earlybird’.

Simple and user-friendly, the Instagram app boasts five options at the bottom of the app, each designated by its corresponding icon – Feed, Popular, Share, News and Profile.


The fun thing about Instagram is that it isn’t just for shooting and adding filters. As I’ve mentioned, it’s also a fun photo-sharing social network. Similar to the feed in your Facebook, the Instagram feed will let you see the photos of fellow Instagram users that you’re following. You’ll also enjoy the “Like” and “Comment” features available for photos in the feed.


Represented by a heart-shaped icon, the ‘Popular’ option allows you to view a daily-updated collection of photos that are receiving high amounts of viewer traffic. It’s a great way to see what other users are uploading and perhaps, we can also learn some useful photography techniques from them.


Represented by a camera-shaped icon, this is the most important feature of the Instagram app where you can take a photo or upload from your photo album. Once you have taken or selected a photo, Instagram will allow you to add a collection of custom-designed filters and borders to your photos.

After customizing your photo and sharing it on the Instagram network, the edited version of the photo will be automatically saved onto your iPhone’s photo album library. Instagram also allows users to post their photos on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr and Foresquare.


This is like a ‘quick update’ page where users are updated on recent activities from their friends. You’ll be informed when someone liked your photo, posted a comment on your photo, mentioned you in a comment, or started following you. In short, it’s similar the notifications feature in your Facebook app.


Lastly, your profile icon will grant you access to your Instagram account information, i.e. options to find friends, invite friends, search Instagram, view your photo library and photos you have liked, edit your profile information, edit share settings and change your profile picture. You can also adjust your photo’s privacy settings here.

All in all, Instagram is a fun, simple and interesting way to share your day through creative photos on the social network. If you’re interested to add exciting effects or making picture collage with Instagram, you can try InstaCollage and InstaEffect apps. They are free for download.


InstagramYou’ll get to see interesting places that we’re visiting, yummy food that we’re having, beautiful things that we’re seeing, as well as our special daily moments. So if you haven’t, follow me there @ourlittlesmarties. Just click on the blue camera icon on your left! See you there!


Smartphones & Photography Apps

In recent years, smartphones with high-quality cameras have revolutionized the way users take and share photos. Come to think of it, camera phones have really come a long way. I still remember the first camera phone that I bought few years ago – it was a Sony Ericsson (can’t remember the model though).

The pictures that I’ve got were routinely out-of-focus and full of noise, that they were barely usable after I shrunk them into pint-size. Most of the time, I can only used them as my handphone wallpaper but nothing else.

Luckily, as mobile phones continue to become faster and more powerful, the pictures that we get now are as good as taken from a point-and-shoot camera. Now that smartphones come with internet connectivity, users can take pictures and conveniently share them online.

It’s all about the ease of shooting and sharing that makes it so attractive. I like taking pictures with my iPhone too, especially on days when my bag is heavy. I can leave the camera at home and rely on iPhone to shoot.

iPhone Photography Apps

Among all the iPhone Photography apps, Instagram pleases me the most. It is a very simple apps that allows users to take pictures, add preset filters to them and share them online. It is fully integrated with popular social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.

I can upload my pictures onto Flickr instantly, and then use them on my blog. It saves a lot of time, without the need to plug a cable and download onto my computer. However, it does irritate me sometimes when it doesn’t function properly due to the poor 3G connection.

Recently, my colleague introduced PhotoWonder apps to me, and I find that it’s really cool. It dresses up your pictures with effects, props, decorations and frames. You can make picture collage with a wide range of templates too.

You can also beautify your pictures by slimming the body and face, making the eyes larger and smoothen the complexion. All these effects can be achieved by just a smudge or tap with fingers. Now, everyone has great complexion and zero acne. Pretty and happy!

If you want a more comprehensive make-over, you can try Photo Makeover apps. I rarely use it because I find that it’s quite complicated. Other apps in my iPhone include Camera+, Photosynth and Leme Camera – but they are all under-utilized because I’m just too lazy.

What is your favourite photography apps? Please share with me. iPhone or Android, both are welcome.