Fun at The Polliwogs

It’s great to visit The Polliwogs on a weekday. It’s so much fun and less crowded. We took a day off from work to spend some family time with Little Edison.

In the morning, we had to attend an important appointment. After our appointment, we headed to The Polliwogs. Little Edison had a good four hours of playtime. Play, eat, play, eat and play again, he is a happy boy!

As a parent, I really like this place too. There is a rest and relax corner for the parents to sit and enjoy while their children are at play. Free internet access is available (please ask the staff for the password) and there is also a wide selection of magazines and newspapers. The place is clean and well-maintained.

There is also a café that serves kid’s meals, quick snacks, finger food, fruit juices, tea and coffee at reasonable prices. After the play time, Little Edison is usually very hungry and he will finish his meal before we leave the place.

He has a new friend too! They had so much fun playing together. I just had to take a picture of them. Do you notice that they are holding their hands already? =)


  • The Polliwogs is located at 1020 East Coast Parkway, Singapore. The nearest car park is C3.
  • The entrance charge is $16 for children above 2 years old on weekdays with unlimited play. On weekends, the entrance charge is $18 with two hours playtime. Adults enter for free. Pls bring your socks too! In case you forget, socks are available at The Polliwogs at just $3 per pair.

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To The Polliwogs Again!

Our last visit to The Polliwogs indoor playground was almost a year ago. I blog about this fantastic playground HERE.

Last weekend, we visited this place again and I noticed that it has changed so much. Now, there is a café at the chill area for adults. It provides quick snacks, finger food, fruit juices, tea and coffee at reasonable prices.

It’s also a great convenience as we no longer have to walk to the neighbouring food outlets, which are usually crowded during weekends.

However, with this new café, free flow of tea and coffee is no longer available. Another trade-off is that the eating time is also included in the play time. Perhaps, that’s the reason why they extend the play time from 1.5 hours to 2 hours.

Little Edison’s favorite game here is the ball pit.

My plan is to bring my niece and nephew here when they come to Singapore to visit me in Dec. Together with Little Edison, I’m sure they will have heaps of fun here.

Have you been to The Polliwogs recently?


The Polliwogs


I didn’t know that this kiddie wonderland exist in East Coast Park until I read my friend, Gui Wei’s blog. So, we made a trip to The Polliwogs last weekend.

The Polliwogs is Singapore’s newest premium family and children recreation centre with game facilities such as an indoor play maze, a giant outdoor inflatable bouncy and a large toddler area. It is located behind Waraku Restaurant, beside Burger King and about 5 minutes walk from the McDonald’s at Marine Cove. If you drive, the nearest car park will be C3.

The area is bright, spacious and clean. It has three party rooms, an outdoor bouncy castle (Polliwobbly) and a lounge with child-sized sofa, free drinks, computers and magazines for the adults. The indoor play maze has three levels of climbing equipments, lots of tunnels, obstacles, slides, ball guns that shoot little rubber balls and a large ball pit. The toddler play area has shorter slides, a smaller ball pit and a level area for play.

Little Edison was extremely excited as he ran into the play area. He climbed up the maze, crawled through the tunnels, went down the slides, rolled in the ball pit and shot little rubber balls. I and Hubby followed him around as he ventured the whole area. We were so tired as we had to constantly bend our backs to move through the area but Little Edison was still as active as a Duracell rabbit! We were like hamsters running in a hamster cage!

The happiest of all was actually my helper. We forgot to pack her socks, so she waited for us at the lounge. She spent a good 1.5 hours drinking coffee and reading magazines while I was sweating in the play area! (Parents, do remember to pack socks for everyone before you visit The Polliwogs.)

In the lounge, there are plenty of seats for the adults to rest and relax. Vending machines are available with snacks and drinks such as juices, milo and milk. There is also free flow of coffee and tea. There is a nursery room as well as a children’s toilet.

I went to enquire about their party packages. Their party packages start from $438 for up to 10 children and every additional child at $30. The Poco’s Petite Party offers private party room for 2 hours, full access to The Polliwog’s play arena and The Polliwobbly, a special gift for the birthday child, personalized invitation cards etc. There is also a party host to organize the party and conduct games. Food for adults can be arranged with additional charges.

After a good 1.5 hours spent at the play arena, we had to drag Little Edison out of the place as he refused to leave! We took a stroll along East Coast Park, it was so windy and the weather was fantastic. Little Edison dozed off in his pram – this Duracell rabbit finally ran out of battery!

This place guarantees heaps of fun for your kiddos. Let’s check them out if you haven’t been to The Polliwogs.

The Polliwogs
1020 East Coast Parkway, #01-02, 5 minutes walk from McDonald’s at Marine Cove (Former Singapore Tennis Centre, behind Waraku Restaurant)
Nearest car park: C3
Tel: 6442 2805

Opening Times:
Weekdays 10am-7pm
Weekends 10am-8pm

Entrance Fees:

Children above 2 yrs old, $16 for unlimited play
Children below 2 yrs old, $8 for unlimited play
Children above 2 yrs old, $18 for two hours
Children below 2 yrs old, $8 for two hours

Additional charges for Polliwobly – $2 for weekdays and $4 for weekends.