Bartley Residences: Post-Renovation Review

Bartley Pool 2

It’s been nine months since we moved into Bartley Residences. How time flies! One common question I get from my friends is: “How’s life in new home?” I can’t deny that I enjoy staying at BR, especially when I can get more sleep in the morning. Edison’s school and my office are just a stone’s throw away. To me, location is the key advantage of BR. =)

Apart from being a brand new condo, the convenience of MRT at my door step is totally awesome too! Although I still drive to work, we take MRT more often during the weekends now. Travelling to town is generally faster by MRT than car. Moreover, there is no frustration of searching for carpark.

Lately, V and I are discussing about what we like and dislike about our new home. So, I took this opportunity to write a post-renovation review today.

Things We Like and Have Worked Well:

1. Acorn Ceiling Fan with LED lights

Living Hall 3

In our previous home, we installed those old-fashioned ceiling fans that are ugly and difficult to clean. This time, I’m glad we made the right choice in using Acorn ceiling fans with LED lights.

The model that I like best is Futuriste 309 56” LED twin-blade fan in our living hall. It’s remarkably QUIET with excellent wind delivery. Sometimes, I doze off to sleep on the sofa! Ha! I’ve also recommended it to my friends.

One of the most common questions from my readers is whether the ceiling fan with LED light causes any annoying flickering shadow at night – especially in the study room. So, I took a video of it and shared it on my Instagram recently.

Model used in our study room is Ventilateur 238 42”.

The answer is YES! The shadow, however, appeared near the ceiling. So, it’s not noticeable within eye level. So far, we’ve been working and studying in our study room at night, and none of us are bothered or felt any discomfort with it.

2. 3M Prestige Sun Control Window Films

Window pane 2

These window films aren’t cheap, but they’re totally worth the price. It’s truly amazing how effective they are in rejecting the sun’s heat. Initially, I was a bit sceptical about it. Therefore, we didn’t install the films during our renovation.

After moving-in for half a year, we found that the heat was so unbearable. When the sun hits our windows during the day, heat becomes trapped inside our house, and thus increasing its temperature.

After the window film installation, we felt a significant difference in heat reduction. =)