Review: EVERSOFT Organic Mulberry Liquid Facial Cleanser

All of us know that organic foods are good for us. They are made with ingredients that have been grown or produced naturally, without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers. That is why many people prefer organic foods for their health benefits. Now, have you heard of organic skincare products? It’s okay if you don’t because it’s relatively new to me too. Organic skincare products are great…

LEGO DUPLO: It’s Where Little Hands Meet Big Imaginations!

A lot of people have very fond childhood memories of growing up with LEGO. Well, yes, I’m one of them! I’ve fond memories of growing up with LEGO. My brother, sister and I could spend hours constructing a house out of our LEGO bricks, breaking it down and rebuilding it again. We can never get bored of LEGO. Occasionally, my Mom would buy new sets to add into our collections…

What Have Been Working for My Face Lately?

It’s been a while since I last wrote a blog post about new skincare products. So, if you’re wondering what have been working for my face lately, this post tells you all. I’ve four fantastic products to share with you today. Before I start, let me ask you a question. What is your major skincare concern and what products are you in search for now? As for me, anything that…

Introducing: Sharp Plasmacluster Air-Purifying System + Giveaway!

As a mother, I always want the best for my family, especially when it comes to nutrition and health. Recently, I’ve paid extra attention to the quality of our indoor air too. Why? We spend most of our time indoor, but we may not be aware that the indoor air that we breathe is often filled with unseen contaminants such as bacteria, virus, mould, allergens, and even odours.

Writing Product Reviews

The article that was published on The New Paper last Sunday is about parent bloggers who write product reviews on their blogs and the different approaches they use as compared to other media advertisements.