Project 365: Guns

Some things never change. Boys will always be BOYS. He can never get enough of guns. Project 365: My Daily Photo Journal. Shot using my iPhone DECOPIC Apps.  

Project 365: Maths!

Our boy loves Maths. Every night, I ask him to complete one page of addition from his Kumon workbook. He completed this page within five minutes, and he said, “I’m super clever!” He gave himself five stars! I’m just glad that he loves Maths, just like ME! Project 365: My Daily Photo Journal. Shot using my iPhone Instagram Apps.  

Project 365: Freshness!

Now that Little Edison attends his Phonics class on Saturday morning, I have a lot of time to do my “marketing” while I wait for his lesson to end. I have a delectable selection of fresh fruits at Cold Storage every Saturday. I’m loving it! Today, I bought blueberries, apples, oranges and bananas. Now, our family will have more fresh fruits to eat every day. Project 365: My Daily Photo…

Project 365: On the Top of My Car’s Dashboard

On the top of my car’s dashboard, there are three dog plush toys. Due to their light weight, they tend to drop if I accelerate too fast from a stationary position. Little Edison usually sit on the front passenger seat on his booster seat. He gets rather annoyed every time the dogs drop on him. Then, he will say, “Mama, I told you not to drive too fast. Drive slowly.”…