Edison’s New Balance Footwear

This is my first guest post from my Husband, V. He’s practising on my blog now before starting his own daddy + food blog at Our Little Tummies.com in future (just joking!).


Dear readers, as a parenting father, I must first introduce myself that this is my first review post related to this blog on behalf.

Nowadays, choosing or rather investing in a suitable pair of shoes for our children is very essential such as the most basic requirements like providing good comfort, safety features and its aesthetic qualities, rather than paying for lower quality cost shoes that lacks all of the above in the past.

First and foremost, I’ll like to introduce and recommend the New Balance Premus KV100.

Premus KV100

The New Balance Premus KV100 is one of the latest and newest additions, specially designed and built for infants and kids, which offers them the natural barefoot feel and the ground contact to help encourage them to be active. Likewise enhancing children to feel more comfortable on their feet when these shoes are on.

New Balance Store

The colour of the shoes was chosen by my boy from the point of collection at the New Balance store. There are a range colours and sizes to choose from. For further details, please visit http://www.newbalance.com.sg.

Premus KV100

Earlier on, I have just mentioned about good comfort and safety aspects before selecting shoes for my boy. I was impressed to learn that The New Balance Premus adopts flex grooves to assist children’s feet to flex naturally.

The toe box area is designed like the shape of a fan to ensure there is enough space for the toes without hindering the growth of the children’s feet. In addition, it is designed to be soft and flexible with a slight curve upwards so as to prevent tripping!

Premus KV100

Instead of the traditional kids’ footwear which has a heel drop of 8mm, The New Balance Premus has further applied greater physics and it is engineered in such a way that it is designed at only a heel drop of 4mm to promote greater ground contact and better response to different terrain. This attributes to substantial amount of safety features which I have also mentioned earlier on.

Additional features include:

  1. (EVA) Ethyl Vinyl Acetate foam: Primarily in midsoles and footbeds foe cushioning.
  2. Rubber Sole Unit: Provides long-wearing durability.
  3. Synthetic / Mesh Upper: Provides lightweight, comfort and support.

The New Balance Premus KV100 has been launched in all New Balance Concept Stores since August 2012. Infant range is retailing at $59 while the kids range is retailing at $69.

Nevertheless, my advice for all, make the right choice for the right shoes, choose The New Balance Premus KV100. Before signing out, I wish all our readers best regards and may God bless all.

Premus KV100

Edison wearing Premus KV100

Disclosure: New Balance Premus KV100 was provided by New Balance for review. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.

Let’s Talk About Body Hygiene

I’ve a confession to make. It’s something that I knew, but couldn’t admit, not even to myself until now. I’m a perfectionist in personal hygiene, and I’m very meticulous in daily cleaning and my choice of products to be used to achieve a clean, fresh and germ-free body.

I’m particularly sensitive to body odour too, so much so that the Husband needs to take a bath before he goes near me at bedtime. And the truth is, it really irritates him a lot when I’m constantly asking “Dear, have you showered?”

This is a scenario that happened a week ago. V had a long day outdoor supervising an audit. When he got home, he was sweaty and smelly as he has been perspiring the whole day. As usual, Little Edison will run to him every time he gets home from work.

On this particular day, he made a sudden detour and said, “Ewww, Papa is so smelly!” Good or bad, he inherited my sensitivity to smell and body odour.

I quickly dashed out my Lifebuoy anti-bacterial bodywash in the new LemonFresh variant, and said “Dear, let’s try this!” He grabbed the bottle and rushed to the bathroom. After a shower, he felt totally refreshed, rejuvenated and squeaky-clean. Our boy was all “Daddy, you smell great! Okay, you can hug me now!”

Lifebuoy Lemon Fresh

Lifebuoy’s new LemonFresh

For many people, a lemon smell has come to symbolize cleanliness. Personally, I find that the citrus smell of a lemon is very refreshing and invigorating. Lifebuoy’s new LemonFresh variant is particularly suitable in managing unpleasant body odour.

Retaining the same trusted benefits of the original Lifebuoy bodywash, LemonFresh is also formulated with the natural benefits and fragrance of lemons. The result is long-lasting protection from germs that cause body odour, and freshness!

Now, let’s talk a little bit on lemons. Lemons not only have antibacterial properties, but they also have a natural freshness. This is the reason why lemons are often used as an ingredient in cooking to add a refreshing flavour.

We can get rid of body odour and say goodbye to awkward situations associated with body odour with the all-new Lifebuoy LemonFresh! It’s a germ-kill bodywash that combats body odour at the same time that we all love!

Edison loves Lemon Fresh!

What causes body odour?

Do you know what the real cause of body odour is? Yes, it’s GERMS – you’re right! In order to maintain a good hygiene habits, it’s not about one-time usage to kill germs. It’s about staying one step ahead to prevent infections. This is an important point that I like to highlight, again and again.

Effective germ killing cannot be achieved with regular soap alone. As the world’s first anti-bacterial soap brand, and with over 100 years of history in saving lives, Lifebuoy is the World’s No. 1 Germ Protection soap. Lifebuoy with its patented Active 5 technology provides fast and effective 99.9% germ kill.

Lifebuoy Body Wash

Do you realize that body odour can be very awkward and it’s the main culprit for social embarrassment? Sometimes, everybody around him / her may know that he / she has it, but that person is totally unaware of it. I’m sure that you’ve seen such person in public, particularly when you’re taking public transport during the peak hours. You know what I mean.

Although body odour can be also attributed to several factors, including genes and poor internal health, it is largely a result of poor personal hygiene. When we don’t take baths or shower as often as we should, bacteria is accumulated on the surface of our skin.

Secondly, we often perspire when we participate in our daily activities. The sweat from our pores gradually combines with the bacteria on the surface of our skin. When the sweat on our skin dries, it creates an unpleasant smell and causes us to emanate bad odour.

Thirdly, the hot and humid climate in Singapore causes us to perspire more frequently, and even a short walk in the outdoor causes us to perspire. Sad to say, sweat is not always sexy. It embarrasses us and makes us stink! So, let us to eliminate the nasty bacteria that thrives under humid conditions by using anti-bacterial soap.

Some people may attempt to mask up their body odour using strong perfumes and deodorants, but this isn’t a permanent solution. We should target the root cause of the problem and eliminate bacteria on our skin for long-lasting effects.

Now, the good news is we can take control of our personal hygiene through regular use of anti-bacterial bodywash to eliminate bacteria and unpleasant body odour.

Lifebuoy Body Wash

Tips to eliminate body odour

Here are some useful tips to eliminate body odour:

1. Use a loofah or body towel to clean yourself thoroughly in the areas where you’re more likely to sweat often. Don’t neglect the hard-to-reach areas as they need to be cleaned too. Use a long-handled brush to reach these areas.

2. Use an anti-bacterial soap like Lifebuoy LemonFresh Bodywash to eliminate bacteria on the surface of your skin.

3. Wear clean clothes with natural fibres such as cotton, as it allows your skin to breathe.

Before I end this post, I like to share with you some interesting comics. In a bid to promote good body hygiene practices, Lifebuoy introduced a series of comic strip advertisements which portrayed social settings where body odour hinders us from living life to the fullest, and even dampening our mood.

These comic-type advertisements were a big hit with consumers in the 1930s, when we still don’t have TV commercials and social media yet. It’s interesting to discover how product advertisement can be made using comic-strips!

Enjoy! (Click on the picture to view the larger version)




Lifebuoy_Banner_(500mm) - Copy

Why Online Shopping & PayPal are my Best Friends?

Last week, I mentioned in a blog post that my lunch costs me only 50 cents (on weekdays at my office canteen). Many readers cheered for me, and if I do the Maths correctly, I save about $7.50 per day – assuming that the average lunch cost $8.00.

That will work out to an amazing amount of $150 per month, and $1,800 per year! Wow!

Women are strange beings at times (or is it just me?). The more I save, the more I want to spend. No wonder the Chinese coined the phrase “left pocket in, right pocket out”. There is a truth in it, or at least it applies in my case.

I still do a lot of online shopping now. Not that I’ve given up shopping in the real world, but online shopping is more appealing to me. For busy mothers like us, I’m sure you’ll agree that shopping away with a click of a mouse is easier than going out to the mall with our kids in tow. I hate dealing with crowds and I can always find exactly what I’m looking for online (usually at lower costs)!

On the contrary, the busier I am, the more retail therapy I need. This is especially so when most of my time is taken up by work, managing the family and writing this blog. I multitask by getting some retail therapy in between the daily hassles of my day. It improves my mood and motivates me in a way that I can’t possibly explain in words. You get what I mean?

Just arrived

Why PayPal?


As an introduction, PayPal is a global e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. It is available in 190 markets, supports 25 currencies, and accepted by millions of e-commerce sites. As of today, there are 9 million merchants, large and small, from across the globe that use PayPal to get paid.

My first encounter with PayPal was over a purchase on eBay made more than ten years ago. And today, we’re still best friends and PayPal remains my preferred payment option when I make online purchases.

I’ll tell you why.

1. Ease of use

Do you know your credit card number, verification code and expiration date by heart? I certainly don’t. But you probably know your PayPal login name and password. Yes, I do! Thus, if a merchant accepts PayPal, it is much easier for you to complete the check-out process, rather than getting your credit card to punch-in the numbers.

PayPal allows users to purchase items more quickly, because they don’t have to enter their financial information every time they make an online purchase.

2. Security

Many people are hesitant to provide their credit card information over the Internet. I’m also one of them; because I’m not sure how far the merchants will go in protecting my sensitive financial information.

PayPal provides a secure server (SSL) so that our transaction is safe. Moreover, when we make a purchase through a PayPal merchant, we have additional security because only PayPal, not the merchant, is provided with our credit card information. This helps to reduce the incidence of credit card fraud due to unscrupulous merchants.

3. Various payment options

PayPal offers more choices than other payment methods – members can choose to pay from their bank accounts, credit cards, debit cards or money stored in their PayPal accounts (depends on country availability).

I link my PayPal account to my credit card, so that I can still earn reward points on my credit card when I make purchases.

4. Buyer Protection Guarantee

Another unfortunate thing about online shopping is when we do not receive the promised goods from the Seller. Or sometimes the goods may be significantly different from what the Seller described.

Purchases made through PayPal are protected against fraud, and therefore, we’re entitled to a full refund for unauthorised payments for something we didn’t purchase, dispute for incorrect orders or purchases that never arrive. PayPal handles these problems for us at no extra cost! Click HERE for more information.


So, if you do not have a PayPal account, you will need to register and there is no cost to you. If you are already a PayPal member, you just need to enter your E-mail Address and Password. You only need to register once, and you’ll be able to enjoy a safer online shopping experience.

With the year-end holidays and Christmas season approaching, I’ll be doing a fair bit of online shopping. These are stuffs on my wish-list.

Wish List

  1. White Gold Plated Necklace Made with SWAROVSKI, price unavailable, from Groupon
  2. A trip to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town + The Little Big Club, $39.90, from Deal (Exclusive PayPal Deals available!)
  3. SK-II Stempower, $111.75, from Sunnanz
  4. Gucci Bow Detail Continental Wallet,$655.00, from Reebonz
  5. Fiore Ankle Strap Two-Tone Wedge, $79.90, from Zalora
Now, what’s on your wish list?


Disclosure: PayPal credits were provided by PayPal for review. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.

“Super Sweet 17” New Menu from nydc

Nydc, the well-loved restaurant which has continually thrills Singapore diners with its iconic mudpies and cheesecakes since 1995, is celebrating its 17th birthday this year by launching more than 20 new food items on its menu.

I’ve never been to nydc before, even though I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about them. So, when we were invited to sample their wholesome new dishes last weekend, I was very curious to try them out.


We went to the new nydc’s outlet in Wheelock Place. My first impression of the restaurant was that it’s small but cosy and nicely decorated with Halloween stuffs like webs, spiders, pumpkins and pointy hats. Those fake spiders were keeping our boy really busy that night. I’m just glad he didn’t insist to bring them home.

We’re thankful that a table has been reserved for us, because when we arrived at the restaurant, it was packed full of people. It’s indeed very popular. We browsed through the new menu, as well as the current one.


We ordered two entrees. The Summer Harvest ($12.80) is a garden salad served with strawberries, blueberries and oranges. It’s attractively healthy and tasty! V also ordered the Super Sampler ($23.80) – a platter good for twin-sharing with yummy chicken wings, cheesy baked-potatoes and chips.

Garden Salad

Super Sampler

We also ordered one entrée from the new menu, which is the Drunken Masta ($18.80) with 2 shots of tequilas. I must say that this pasta-dish spiked with tequila is my favourite! The most interesting thing about this dish is that you can customize your drunken master level with one to three shots of tequilas. Interesting, isn’t it?

Drunken Masta

I chose the medium level with two shots, and the sauce is just nice for me. The tiger prawns were crunchy and the clams were lovely, you just have to try this! It’s served with two slices of herb-buttered toast, which is a perfect companion for the sauce.

For our first main course, I ordered the Piggy Back ($17.80), which is the marinated pork ribs served with seasonal vegetables and golden wedges. Our boy, who is a big fan of fish and chips, ordered the Good ol’ Fish and Chips ($15.80).

Piggy Back

Fish & chips

It was two huge slabs of hand-battered pacific dory served golden brown, accompanied with sides of fries, salad and tartar dip. Our boy had one huge slab all by himself!

We also get to try the drinks from their new menu – Nutty Cookie Cruncher ($7.80) and Shake Affogato Shake ($9.80), both served with shots of Bailey’s. These milkshakes were pretty thick and sweet (but not too sweet). Personally, I prefer the Shake Affogato Shake for its slightly bitter espresso taste.


We ordered a glass of Berry Freezy ($6.80), a refreshing blend of fresh-mixed berries, real lemonade and soda for Little Edison. He loves it to bits! I also ordered the Raspberry Tremble ($6.80) on the menu; it has a refreshing, tangy and spritely sweet taste. It’s really, really good!


Finally, we wrapped up our dinner with a 3-some ($11.80) dessert – a yummy combination of chocolate chip cookie dough ice-cream and strawberry cheesecake ice-cream, cookie crumbs and graham crackers. Little Edison just went wild with these layers of ice-cream!


Edison enjoying the ice-cream

It’s not often that a restaurant can put everything together – an innovative menu, a charming atmosphere, excellent service, reasonably-priced (most main courses are below $20) and delicious food, and in a family-friendly setting. nydc has managed to do all that, and it really deserves a big tick and worth a visit!


Here are some family-friendly deals at nydc that you might be interested:

Kids Eat For FREE! @ nydc Velocity & Tampines

Free *Kids Meal with every order of any regular a la carte Main Course. 

*Kids’ Menu:

  • 1 > chicken little spaggy: Shredded chicken breast and spaghetti in yummy tomato sauce.
  • 2 > hammy spaggy: An all-time favourite dish of Italian ham and spaghetti tossed in creamy sauce. 
  • 3 > little little fellas: Two petite beef burgers stacked with cheese, onions and coated with a special sauce.
  • 4 > mini fish and chips: Mini battered fish served with wedges.


  • Available on Sat & Sun, except on eve of PH, PH & other special occasions at nydc Velocity and nydc Tampines only.
  • Limited to one free Kids Meal per adult Main Course purchased.
  • Valid for kids aged 12 and under.
  • ‘Main Course’ includes: Oven-baked, Sandwiches, Spaghetti, Mains & Pizzas

We’ll definitely be back again!

Dinner at nydc

  • Wheelock Place, 501 Orchard Road, #02-19
  • Tel: 6736 3253


Happy Handwashing Day!


Do you know that each year on October 15, Global Handwashing Day is celebrated in over 100 countries around the world, and involving over 200 million people? Before writing this post, I had no idea that handwashing was celebrated in such a global scale, much less that a day was devoted to handwashing.

The objectives of Global Handwashing Day are to foster and support a global culture of handwashing with soap, shine a spotlight on the state of handwashing in every country, and to raise awareness about the benefits of handwashing with soap.

Now, knowing a little bit on the history of handwashing can be quite interesting too. Just three short paragraphs, I promise you. Please read on.

Before scientists knew about germs, handwashing has not always been believed to reduce the transmission of disease. Up until the late 1800’s, surgeons didn’t scrub or wash their hands before surgery. Very often, they would move from dissecting a corpse through to examining new mothers without washing their hands. This led to a high mortality rate in maternity wards.

In the 1840’s, a physician named Ignaz Semmelweis realised the link between handwashing and the spread of infection between patients. Through insisting his staffs to wash their hands with various antiseptics, Dr Semmelweis has greatly reduced the deaths in his wards.

After Dr Semmelweis passed away, the germ theory was confirmed by Louis Pasteur and handwashing became a more accepted practice among doctors back then. Fast-forward to today, handwashing is a part of our everyday life, and it becomes a practice to wash our hands before eating, after toileting and sneezing or coughing.

From an article that I read recently, I also realized that diarrhea is the second largest cause of child mortality, and at least 3,000 kids under the age of 5 die each day succumbing to diarrhea. It’s an alarming figure, but we may not feel the impact here because 80% of these deaths occur in South Asia & Africa, which are also the primary regions for Global Handwashing Day activities.

As a mother, I admit that diarrhea is one of my biggest fears. We had a really bad experience three years ago, and since then, we’ve become even more careful in preventing the spread of germs by washing our hands scrupulously with antibacterial soap.

Little Edison was just two years old when he caught the nastiest diarrhea in his life that lasted for almost two weeks. This was the time when our patience was truly being tested with many sleepless nights, countless messes and endless worries.

The poor boy has to be cleaned and changed frequently throughout the day and night. Diarrhea came with vomiting, making it twice as hard to handle. We were devastated to hear that there was no medication to stop diarrhea in young children, except by taking oral rehydration fluid to replace lost fluids and electrolytes to prevent dehydration.

Looking back, this was a hard experience that we’ve learnt. One key point that I want to emphasize today is – handwashing is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of germs and illnesses. Lifebuoy handwash kills 99.9% of germs in just 10 seconds.

Lifebuoy Handwash

We all know that children are notorious for passing germs back and forth as they touch and share while playing. And since their immune systems are not fully-developed, it’s easy for a runny nose in one child to magnify into a full-fledged cold in another.

As a parent, we can stop the spread of germs and keep our children healthy by teaching them how to wash their hands effectively with antibacterial soap. It’s something quick and easy that I’ve been teaching Little Edison since young, and hopefully it will become a healthy habit that he will carry over to his adulthood.

If you don’t know how to wash your hands, oh no, what I mean is – if you need some tips on how to teach your children to wash their hands properly, please read HERE.

Wash HandThe Hubby always says that there is a chip implanted in my system that will beep every couple of hours or whenever needed, that says “Remember to wash your hands with soap!”

I reckon our boy has already got used to the constant handwashing reminders from this nagging mom, but he still does it whenever requested.

To help him on this, I’ve dedicated the sink in our maid’s toilet that is lower and easy for him to reach specifically for handwashing and we don’t use that sink for other chores. An antibacterial soap and hand towel are also in place for his use.

In summary, as the world is going to celebrate the Global Handwashing Day soon, let us re-emphasize the importance of handwashing to our children. You’re also welcomed to join Lifebuoy’s Global Handwashing Day Facebook tab HERE.