Bartley Residences: Renovation Part 4 (Completion)

This must be my busiest pre-CNY period. I haven’t bought any new clothes for CNY, not to mention changing new notes from the bank and buying CNY goodies. I think I’ll just dig whatever leftover new notes from last year and top-up the balance from my wallet.

Oh wait, where is my bak kwa? T__T

Besides the physical hard works like cleaning, packing and moving, there are also many other trivial things like changing residential address, applying for car decal, turning on gas supply, applying for fibre broadband connection, etc. I went to M1 last week and was shocked to hear that the waiting time for fibre broadband installation is 3 weeks!  😮

And I’m moving in this week. How am I going to survive without WIFI?!!! If you don’t see me on this space, this is the reason.  😕

Our house renovation has completed last week, together with indoor and outdoor blind installation, as well as furniture delivery. Except for WIFI, we’re all ready now.

Living Hall

This is how my TV feature wall looks like:

TV Feature WallPicture taken before our TV was mounted on the wall
A look into my living hall from balcony

Living Hall Carpentry Cost
False ceiling with cove lighting effect: $1,850
L2000mm x H2900mm TV feature wall with laminate finish: $2,405
L8ft suspended TV console in laminate & internal polyester finish: $1,600
L2ft display cabinet in glass & laminate finish: $900
Total: $6,755

Dining Hall

Initially, we planned to have a built-in settee with storage (see our original 3D drawing HERE). But we found a dining table set from Cellini that we really like. It comes with a bench and two chairs. So, we built only a mirror feature wall with cove lighting effect at our dining area.

Dining Feature Wall

Dining Area Carpentry Cost
L2300mm x H1200mm clear mirror with cove lighting effect: $1,200


For our main balcony, we put a partial wood-decking with putting grass. I really love the putting grass because it looks crisp, freshly green and inviting. They are shorter than the usual artificial turf, thus making it easier to clean and maintain.

The composite wood decking (WPC) combines the feel and look of wood with excellent resistance to water, weather and mould.

Outdoor decking

For the small balcony at our master bedroom, we put composite wood decking too. I intend to put a laundry drying rack here for hanging clothes.

Master Decking - 2

Balcony Decking Cost
Composite wood decking in main balcony with putting grass and putting cup: $1,727
Composite wood decking in small balcony: $672
Total: $2,399

Bomb Shelter

We put a 7ft 4-tier metal boltless shelf in our bomb shelter. It consists of two shelves (90cm and 120cm) placed side by side. I use coloured storage boxes from IKEA to store my things. It looks so organized now, and yay to more storage capacity too.  😆

Boltless metal shelfBefore and after!

Total cost: $360

Master Bedroom

In my previous post, I’ve shared the details of my master bedroom renovation. I’m very satisfied with the carpentries in my master bedroom.

Master Bedroom carpentry

Combi blinds from WinUs Korea (will share more in another post soon)

Master Bedroom Carpentry Cost
False ceiling with cove lighting effect: $1,000
9ft half height bedhead with cove lighting effect: $1,080
2ft side table with drawers (2 units): $800
2.5ft dresser table with drawers; $500
2.5ft dresser mirror cabinet: $750
Queen size bedframe with 4 drawers: $1,750
Total: $5,880

Bedroom 2 (Edison’s Room)

Carpentry in Edison’s room is the toughest for me so far. Reasons: 1) the room is very tiny, 2) it has a sliding door to the common toilet, and 3) only the left side of the window can be opened (the right side is fixed).

So, we changed the 3D designs thrice and the 4th time during carpentry measurement. However, the final outcome is still not to my liking. Luckily, Edison likes it and he was so thrilled to have his own bedroom.

His excitement of having his own bedroom overshadowed my disappointment at how the carpentry turned out to be.

Cove lighting on bedhead

Bedroom 2 Carpentry Cost
L4ft half height bedhead with cove lighting in laminate finish: $480
L4.5ft top hung cabinet using solid plywood, laminate & internal polyester finish: $900
L2500mm x W1200mm low height platform bed with side drawers: $1,500
Total: $2,880

Bedroom 3 (Study Room)

Our original plan was to make two built-in L-shaped study tables with top-hung cabinets on both sides (and false ceiling too). Our 3D drawing for study room can be found HERE. However, during the carpentry measurement, we realized that the remaining floor space is very small if we build-in our study tables.

Another reason is that we lack flexibility if we wish to convert our study room into bedroom or guestroom in the future. In addition, a fixed height study table is not suitable for a growing kid like Edison.

Thus, considering these three reasons, we scrapped the idea of built-in study tables and cabinets. We bought two sets of study desks and chairs instead, and that costs us slightly over $2,000 as compared to $5,200 in our original 3D drawing.


Edison is so excited with his workstation – he said this is his NEW office! Hahhaha! Read my review of IMPACT ergonomic study desk and chair HERE.

Outdoor Blind

Outdoor blind wasn’t in our original plan and budget, but we decided to install them at both balconies as they’re facing afternoon sun. By 12 noon, my entire main balcony is soaking under the sun and by 2pm, I can feel the heat right into my living hall.  😥

And I’m soOoo glad that we installed the outdoor blinds. Our living hall is so much cooler now as the outdoor blinds are pretty good at blocking sunlight, and reduces heat and glare. They also provide some privacy when we need it – people couldn’t see through from the outside.

However, they can only block about 70-80% of rain due to the gaps in-between the panels. The roll-up blinds can be positioned at any desired height, and can be rolled up and down effortlessly. I’m very happy with it!  😀

Outdoor Blind

Total: $1,800

I will write another post on indoor blinds after I move-in (same contractor as my outdoor blind). Need some time to monitor the indoor blind to see how much they are able to block the sunlight and glare.

I will also do a home tour post soon to show you my home furniture and electrical appliances. So, please stay tuned. And if I don’t get to log-in the next couple of days, here’s wishing you and your family a HAPPY and PROSPEROUS Chinese New Year. Gong Xi Fa Cai! ^ ^


Balcony decking by:
Absolut Outdoors
81 Ubi Ave 4, #05-19 UB.One, Singapore 408830
Websites: Official Homepage | Facebook Page | Instagram

Outdoor Blinds by:
#03-301 Marina Square
Websites: Official Homepage | Facebook Page

Interior Design by:
Rezt & Relax Interior
33 Ubi Avenue 3, #02-09, Vertex Tower B, Singapore 408868
Websites: Official Homepage | Facebook Page
Designer: Tim Tian and Jingyu


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Bartley Residences: Renovation Part 3 (Carpentry Installation & Balcony Decking)

So, one week passed in a blink of an eye. How fast! ^_^

Our renovation is close to completion now, and we’re all getting VERY busy and anxious. Truth be told, I felt overwhelmed with the amount of works to be done in the next 2 to 3 weeks until we move-in. Looking forward to burn more calories this month with the packing and unpacking. T__T

Even though house-moving is a headache, the feeling of a brand new start in a brand new home is GREAT. And today, I declare that this is the biggest project in my life so far – it requires more planning, time and efforts than our wedding and first home.

Last week, the carpentries in our master bedroom and Edison’s room have been installed. The burst water pipe delayed the carpentry installation in the living hall to this week. Ceiling fans and lighting installation have also been completed this week. In addition, the painters came to touch-up on the paints after the installation.

tv feature wall

I was so thrilled to see the ceiling fans with LED lighting. I know they’ve been in the market for years, but it’s my first time installing them (my current home is using the good ol’ KDK fan). Our electrician shared with us that ceiling fan with LED lighting may create annoying moving shadow of its blades at night. The shadow can be seen on the ceiling, but nonetheless, if the house lighting is bright enough, it should be less noticeable. Okay, let’s hope it’s not so bad.

The 4 drawers on the TV console (bottom row) have flip-up and slot-in doors – for ease of use – we’ll be putting our blu-ray player and other electronics stuffs there. Two of the drawers will have tinted glass doors – to be fixed next week.

The glass on our dining feature wall has been installed too. We wanted the edges of the glass to be chamfered for both visual and safety benefits. The installer placed two wood planks to support glass with a caution notice “not to remove before 15/1”. It makes me a little worried that the glass might fell off any time (but of course, it didn’t).

Just two days ago, our balcony decking installation has been completed. This is the thing that I’m most looking forward this week.

I’m so in LOVE with my main balcony!

balcony decking

Adding a splash of green to my balcony using artificial putting grass creates a comfortable setting for my outdoor space. Plus it’s so comfortable to walk on! Putting grass is shorter than the normal green turf, thus making it easier to clean too.

balcony with putting grass

The dark brown wood decking adds a rich contrast against the putting grass. So glad to transform our outdoor area into a comfortable space to read, relax, and play. The length of the putting green is just nice, and we still have a lovely chillax corner at the other end.

Look! We have a putting cup too!  😎

Here’s a close-up look at the wood composite decking in our master bedroom balcony.

wood composite decking

We installed three planter boxes – two on the right and one on the left. The planter box comes with a water level indicator, so when my plants need some hydration, I won’t have to count on my spider senses. [Related posts: Designing the perfect balcony – Part I and Part II]

balcony planter box

outdoor balcony decking

And so, I’m gonna have a new hobby in 2016. Yes, gardening – you got it right!

In my next post, I’ll be able to share with you more beautiful pictures after all the debris are cleared and plastics are removed. On a side note, I’m pretty amazed with the durability of the protection sheets (although they looked quite thin to me). They are still looking good without any tearing after 3 weeks of rough renovation works.

Tomorrow, our indoor and outdoor blinds will be installed. I’m so looking forward to see how amazing these Korean WinUs blinds are. We’ve decided to go completely “curtain-less”. So, we will be using Unislat for our living hall and Combi blinds for all bedrooms.

Will update more in Part Four. Stay with me, will you?

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Balcony decking by:
Absolut Outdoors
81 Ubi Ave 4, #05-19 UB.One, Singapore 408830
Websites: Official Homepage | Facebook Page | Instagram

Interior Design by:
Rezt & Relax Interior
33 Ubi Avenue 3, #02-09, Vertex Tower B, Singapore 408868
Websites: Official Homepage | Facebook Page
Designer: Tim Tian and Jingyu


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Bartley Residences: Renovation Part 2 (Carpentry and Lighting Installation)

Happy 2016! Hope everyone had a great first week of work and school. I was completely drowned in work after a two weeks’ break. I started my day at 5:30am and ended it close to midnight. And it’s going to take one to two weeks more to clear the backlog at work. In addition, we need to start packing and clearing unwanted stuffs this month. Thus, blogging will take a back seat for now.

Just a short update today on the second part of our renovation. The carpentry installation started last Wednesday. It was planned for completion on Friday, but a small “accident” happened and thus, the progress was affected.

The carpenter accidentally drilled into a concealed water pipe, thus it burst and a few pieces of carpentries were soaking in water. It wasn’t his fault entirely because no one knows that there’s a concealed pipe in that wall. It was just so unfortunate for him to drill right into it.

Living Hall

We had to call a plumber to fix the pipe and the affected carpentries need to be replaced. Although the carpenter and our ID explained to us that the affected carpentry can still be used, we asked for replacement. Our concern is that water might have penetrated through the woods and affect its durability in the future.

Even though our ID company provides lifetime warranty, we requested for replacement on the affected pieces. I applaud our ID, Tim, for agreeing to our request with no question asked. It will take another week to re-fabricate the carpentries for our living hall. Thus, it will resume mid next week.

Dining Area

Dining Area Feature WallDining area feature wall with glass

The carpentry in our master bedroom has been completed, and I was so in awe. It looks better than I’ve expected. There was a last minute design change (during the carpentry measurement) for my dressing table. The original design has a flip-up mirror, pigeon holes for storing cosmetics and a table top for multi-purpose usage. I changed it to a longer mirror with storage cabinet behind it. Thus, it gives more storage spaces, neater (no need to flip the mirror anymore), and also no worries that taller bottles cannot fit into the pigeon holes. And I put an LED spotlight on top of my dressing table.

Master Room

Master Room Carpentry

BR Master RoomOriginal design of the dressing table in our 3D drawing

I love the rounded corners on my bedframe for added safety and a sleek look. No more oohs-and-aahs for kicking on sharp corners in the middle of the night!

Master Room Carpentry

Master Bedroom Carpentry Cost
False ceiling with cove lighting effect: $1,000
9ft half height bedhead with cove lighting effect: $1,080
2ft side table with drawers (2 units): $800
2.5ft dresser table with drawers; $500
2.5ft dresser mirror cabinet: $750
Queen size bedframe with 4 drawers: $1,750
Total: $5,880
Note: All carpentries use solid plywood, laminate and internal polyester finish

For the lighting, we installed cove lights in warm white (warm yellow light) and LED downlights in cool white. For our ceiling fan, we chose Acorn Futuriste AC-308 50” with 18W LED lightkits and touch screen remote control. I love its modernistic and aesthetic design.

ToiletLED downlights in warm white instantly give a nice ambiance to my master bedroom toilet, Edison quipped that it looks like hotel toilet

For Edison’s room (Bedroom 2), the carpentry is also close to completion. We’ve decided not to put false ceiling in his bedroom because we wanted to install a ceiling fan. Due to the small size in both common rooms, we’ve to do away with false ceiling in order to install ceiling fan. We love ceiling fans, and in our hot weather all year long, we simply couldn’t live without them.

Common RoomPhoto taken at 12 noon. Edison’s room has pretty bad afternoon sun and it’s facing Botanique condo.

We chose Acorn Ventilateur AC-238 42” with 18W LED lightkits for our two common rooms – silver for Edison’s room and white for our study room. I love that the LED light comes in two colours – daylight for studying use, and warmlight for all others. The 42” short blades with a big round LED light at the center looks really cute, I will post more pictures after the plastic wrappers are removed next week.

Acorn Futuriste AC-309 56” ceiling fan to be installed in our living hall next week

The remaining works to be done in the next two weeks include:

Week of 11 Jan: Living hall carpentry installation, balcony wood decking and carpet grass installation, metal shelf in bomb shelter, glass and remaining lighting & fan installation.

Week of 18 Jan: Painting touch-up, cleaning, indoor and outdoor blind installation, and furniture delivery.

Will update more in Part Three. So, please stay tuned. [Click HERE to read Part One]


Interior Design by:
Rezt & Relax Interior
33 Ubi Avenue 3, #02-09, Vertex Tower B, Singapore 408868
Designer: Tim Tian and Jingyu


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Bartley Residences: Renovation Part 1 – False Ceiling, Electrical and Painting

After enduring two agonising months of defect rectification, we’ve finally closed that chapter and moved on to the next – our home renovation! This is the exciting part where we can see our dream home having a “facelift” day by day. Maybe I shouldn’t say facelift as this is a new property. A “makeover” will be more appropriate.

Before I share more on that, I’d like to answer a frequently asked question on my blog – Who is my ID? Initially, I plan to share his contact details after my renovation is completed together with the pros and cons of working with him. But since many of you have been asking for it, I’ll be sharing it today – you can find his contact at the bottom of this post. So far, we’ve a pleasant and comfortable experience with him. Thus, I feel confident to recommend him on my blog. At the end of my renovation, I’ll write-up a detailed review on my Interior Design company.

As mentioned in my previous post, we’ve chosen neutral colours that include white, grey, beige and brown as we’re going for an overall soft and cosy look. Our renovation started three weeks ago with false ceiling, electrical and painting works completed so far. Here are some pictures to share:

Master Bedroom

Renovation on master bedroom

Nippon Odour-less Pain

Nippon Odour-less Premium All-in-1 paint turns out to be a perfect choice that never disappoints. For the first time, I walked into a newly painted home and it was completely odourless. Very impressed! I love that it’s washable, anti-bacterial and resistant to fungus too.

For our master bedroom, we used Lily White 1137 and Smoky 1112 on the walls, and Whisper Grey 5009 on the ceiling. It was a last minute decision to use Whisper Grey on the ceiling (original plan was pure white). The three tone colour idea is really refreshing, with the extra boost from Whisper Grey. I love this colour combination.

Bedroom 2

Latte 1114

For Edison’s bedroom, we used Latte 1114 on the walls and White on the ceiling. It turned out to be slightly darker than my expectation. Nonetheless, just like my favourite latte, this colour is soft and comforting. Most importantly, Edison likes it too.

Bedroom 3

Nippon Odourless All-in-One Rose White 1143

Much to my surprise, the colour that I like most after actual painting is Rose White 1143 that we used for Bedroom 3 (study room). It gives a sweet and subtly rosy tone. So bright and so lovable too!

Living and Dining Hall

Nippon Odourless All-in-One Lily White 1137

Nippon All-in-One Whisper Grey 5009

We use Lily White 1137 on the walls and Whisper Grey 5009 on the ceiling. Lily White 1137 is not stark white, but it’s creamy white with a slight tint of yellow. The end result is a warm and homely feel that we’re looking for.

Master Bedroom Toilet
Common ToiletCommon Toilet. Glad to have my Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 9-18mm f/4.0-5.6 ultra wide-angle lens, I can now take interior photos with small spaces!

Our renovation schedule looks something like this:

4 Dec 2015: Lay protection sheet [1 day]
7 Dec 2015: Electrical works [2 days]
14 Dec 2015: False ceiling works [2 days]
15 Dec 2015: Carpentry measurement and fabrication [14 – 21 days]
16 Dec 2015: Painting works [2 days]

5 Jan 2016 (est): Carpentry and lighting installation, glass measurement [3 days]
8 Jan 2016 (est): Painting touch-up [1 day]
9 Jan 2016 (est): Clear debris [1 day]
11 Jan 2016 (est): General washing and glass installation [2 days]
13 Jan 2016 onwards: Furniture delivery

We paid $1,800 for the painting works of whole unit, including one touch-up after carpentry installation, using Nippon paint with unlimited colour selection. The painting works are done by our ID company.

Will update more in Part Two. So, please stay tuned.


Rezt & Relax Interior
33 Ubi Avenue 3, #02-09, Vertex Tower B, Singapore 408868
Designer: Tim Tian and Jingyu


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