Swiss Sheep Farm Pattaya Thailand

During our cruise vacation on Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas last week, we had two days stay at Laem ChaBang, Thailand. So, we visited Pattaya which is about 45 mins drive away. Among the few places in our itinerary, Swiss Sheep Farm Pattaya is the one that we enjoyed most.

Personally, I find that Swiss Sheep Farm Pattaya is a combination of pseudo-European sightseeing attraction and animal farm. Everything is done SO beautifully and the tickets are inexpensive. Only 180 Baht for adult (~S$7.20) and 150 Baht for child (~S$6.00).

Swiss Sheep Farm

The entrance ticket also includes sheep feeding activities. Basically, every visitor will be given a handful of grasses to feed the sheep. Additional animal food, i.e. milk for the baby sheep, carrots for the horses and alpaca, etc. can be purchased at a small token of 20 Baht.

Swiss Sheep Farm Ticket

Swiss Sheep Farm Pattaya

For a city boy like Edison, animal feeding is always a thrill. This time, he gets to bottle-feed the baby sheep (his first time!) and he was extremely excited. Additionally, he also get to see alpacas that are as tall as a human adult and farm animals roaming around freely in the farm.

Swiss Sheep Farm

I’ve recorded two short videos of him feeding the animals. =)

Overall, Swiss Sheep Farm Pattaya is a great place to visit. It’s beautiful, clean and well-maintained. The farm is not very big, we spent slightly more than an hour here. Most of the areas are outdoor, but there are sufficient sheltered areas for visitors to take a shield from the blazing sun. Yup, the weather was SO hot and it reminded me of summer in Kaohsiung.

Here are some pictures taken at the farm. If you’re visiting Pattaya with kids, I’d recommend Swiss Sheep Farm to you. I’m sure your kids will enjoy the animal farm too!

Swiss Sheep Farm

Swiss Sheep Farm