Gardens by the Bay Sakura Matsuri Cherry Blossom Festival 2018

It has been four months since our last visit to Gardens by the Bay. So, it’s high time to visit the beautiful garden again before our annual membership expires in May. And I’m SO excited to know that Gardens by the Bay is displaying pretty cherry blossoms at the Flower Dome. I can’t wait to step into the cooled conservatory and imagine myself in Japan viewing the pretty cherry blossoms. Oh, have I mentioned that I’ve never seen a real Sakura before? (pardon me for being so sua-ku)  😛

Sakura Matsuri, which means Cherry Blossom Festival, is now taking place at Gardens by the Bay from 16 March to 8 April 2018. During this period, visitors to the Flower Dome can experience the pretty pink blooms which captivate Japan during this time of the year. Want to catch a glimpse of Japan’s cherry blossoms? Let’s go!  😎

Sakura Matsuri 2018

We came here on 18 Mar, Sunday – and it was super packed! I was wondering if it’s because of the last day of school holiday, or the start of this festival. The carpark was full, we waited for half an hour before we could park our car. And there was also a queue to get inside the Flower Dome. Nonetheless, the beautiful sight of Sakura that greeted us are well worth our queuing time!  😀

Gardens by the Bay Sakura Matsuri

Here’s a red torii gate near the entrance of Flower Dome. As we walked through it, we were mesmerized by the view of Sakura trees at the Flower Field below.

Gardens by the Bay Sakura Matsuri

The cherry blossom trees line the paths around the Flower Field floral display area.

Gardens by the Bay Sakura Matsuri

Buds by Shangri-La: A World of Family Fun Awaits You at Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

Buds by Shangri-La was opened on 26 Jan 2018. Spanning over 2,150 sqm in total (with 850 sqm indoors and 1,300 sqm outdoors), the immersive and curated play space allows children to learn through play in a creative, self-directed and experiential environment while bonding with their parents.

More and more hotels around the world are recognizing the importance of family play and bonding time. Thus, they are offering lots of super fun activities and play areas, each more awesome than the last. This is certainly good news for the parents. Hey kids, you are SO lucky! Now, let’s check-out Buds by Shangri-La – Singapore’s largest play space in a hotel.  😀

Buds by Shangri-la

Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore is the first hotel in Orchard Road to design and build an interactive play space for children that caters to both hotel guests and non-hotel guests. Yup, you’ll be delighted to hear that you can bring your kids there even if you’re not staying in the hotel.

Outdoors, families can enjoy a luxurious sanctuary of lush gardens in a 40,500-square-metre property, a free-form pool and an outdoor playground with a giant pirate ship structure offering challenging climbs and slides, and a water play zone with splash pads.

Indoors, families can enjoy a huge play space that includes Explorer Zone (for kids over 4 years old without parental supervision), Toddler Zone (soft play for kids under 4 years old and their parents) and various themed activity spaces that encourages fun learning.

Overall, the play space includes a design incorporating themes of adventure, camaraderie, independence and embracing of nature. A picture is worth a thousand words. Without further ado, Iet me give you a pictorial walkthrough of this wonderful play space.

Indoor Play Area

The Explorer Zone for kids over 4 years – it has a big ball pit under a mesh cave, climbing structures, air blasters for shooting foam balls (at target boards, not at people hahah!), slides and sand play area.

Buds by Shangri-la

Wild Wild Wet at Downtown East: Singapore’s Favourite Water Theme Park

During our recent staycation at D’Resort Rainforest Premier Suite, we checked out Wild Wild Wet – one of Singapore’s largest water theme parks and a perfect place to have some fun!

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Wild Wild Wet
Wild Wild Wet @ Downtown East

Wild Wild Wet is located at Downtown East, a fantastic leisure and lifestyle destination in the east of the island. This was our second visit to the water park, and we were totally amazed with its significant makeover and expansion! It has also added two adrenaline-pumping water rides – the Royal Flush and Free Fall.

As much as we’re excited to check out the new rides, the weather has not been on our side. The sky was cloudy and I was very sure it would rain within 2 hours. So, I was contemplating whether to bring my camera. V shook his head, obviously telling me to keep my camera in the locker.

We had a blast at the water park even though it was drizzling. It was a pity that I couldn’t take any pictures on that day – but thankfully, I managed to get some media pictures to share with you on this post.

If you’re visiting Wild Wild Wet with kids, you’d most probably be spending the most time at Professor’s Playground. With no minimum height requirement, kids can splash to their heart’s content while parents can relax in the huge Jacuzzi. You can find slides, ladders, water cannons and fountains here.

Be sure to look out for the gigantic bucket of water that pours down at timed intervals! When Edison was much younger, he was SO afraid of the water bucket. Now, he loves it so much. Whenever he hears the tinkling sound (indication that the bucket is about to pour down), he will quickly run towards it.

Kidz Zone
Kidz Zone – pint-sized versions of the big rides

Your older kids will probably enjoy the Kidz Zone more. This new attraction is truly a kids’ water paradise, and I’d say it is just like a pint-sized versions of the big rides! Honestly, I admit I’m quite timid when it comes to thrilling rides. So, I enjoyed myself with the kid-sized water slides so much LOL. Best thing is – parents can enjoy the slides together with their kids at Kidz Zone.

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit National Museum of Singapore

Last weekend, I brought Edison to National Museum of Singapore for the first time, and we had such a delightful time there. The weather is SO warm to stay outdoor these days, but yet the malls are often too packed for our liking. And so, visiting the museum sounds like a perfect idea!  🙂

National Museum of Singapore

Singapore is blessed with a wide variety of museums, be it big or small. They teach families about science, arts, history, culture, and so much more. They also offer opportunities for families to enjoy quality, fun time together. Especially for children, the educational benefits of visiting museums go beyond reinforcing the lessons they learn in school.

National Museum of Singapore is more than just historic artefacts and school excursions. Much to my surprise, the museum has SO much more to offer. It’s informative for the adults, interactive for the kids, and certainly a vibrant space where history comes alive. Here are 5 good reasons why you should visit National Museum of Singapore.

1. It’s FREE!

I’ll be honest – what’s more attractive than free admission, haha!  😉

Since 18 May 2013, National Heritage Board (NHB) offers free admission for Singapore citizens and PRs to 8 museums and Heritage Institutions all year round. Through free admission, NHB hopes to give us greater access to our National Museums and Heritage Institutions.

For special exhibitions where there is an admission fee, NHB will continue to offer free admission for citizens and PRs who are students, teachers, senior citizens and NSFs as well as children of 6 years of age and under. You just have to bring your NRIC / staff pass / student pass as proof of identification.

2. Great introduction to Singapore history

On Level 1, there’s a permanent gallery called Singapore History Gallery that showcases artefacts and development of Singapore through 4 time periods – Singapura (1299 to 1818), Crown Colony (1819 to 1941), Syonan-To (1942 to 1945), and Singapore (1946 to present).

At the entrance, you’ll be greeted by Singapore Stone that contains some Sanskrit words that have never been fully deciphered. The stone was dated from the 10th to 14th centuries. Then, you’ll be transported to the Crown Colony where Sir Stamford Raffles and Major William Farquhar arrived in Singapore in 1819.

This night-soil bucket caught Edison’s attention. After this visit, he knew how people used to dispose their poop before the first sewerage scheme was started in Singapore.

National Museum of Singapore

Syonan-To marks the fall of Singapore to Japanese troops, and it’s also one of the darkest periods in Singapore’s history. There’s a Japanese tank on display at this area. Even though it’s just a replica, it never fails to excite Edison who is a huge fan of tanks.

National Museum of SingaporeA 1-1 scale replica of a Type 95 Ha Go Japanese tank used during World War II. It was constructed for Tom Hanks’ and Steven Spielberg’s television mini-series, The Pacific (2010)

He spent the longest time here, trying to read and analyse how strong the Japanese army was as compared to their allies.

National Museum of Singapore

At the last time-period, it covers highlights of our history from 1946 to present day. Here, you can watch one of the most iconic moments in our history where Mr Lee Kuan Yew cried on national broadcast as he spoke about the separation of Singapore from Malaysia.

National Museum of SingaporeAn old trishaw on display

Yunomori Onsen Singapore: 1st Japanese Onsen & Family-Friendly Spa

Every time I travel to Japan, I always look forward to onsen bath. I’ve always hope that Singapore will have an onsen too. Therefore, when I heard of the opening of Yunomori Onsen Singapore in Kallang Wave Mall, I was jumping in delight. Now, we don’t have to fly to Japan for onsen anymore! =)

Yunomori Onsen

Yunomori Onsen & Spa is located in Kallang Wave Mall within Singapore Sports Hub, walking distance from Stadium MRT Station (very convenient!). It’s the first authentic Japanese onsen in Singapore with the biggest variety of baths, spanning more than 16,000 square feet.

There’s a wide variety of onsen baths available such as Soda spa, Silk bath, Jet bath, Bubble bath, Cold bath and Hot bath. Each bath provides a relaxing and therapeutic experience as well as its unique health and beauty benefits. Other facilities such as sauna, steam bath, massage, spa treatment, relaxing lounge, and a dining café are also available.

Entrance Fees & Membership

Yunomori Onsen & Spa Reception

The Onsen’s entrance fee is priced at $38+ for adults ($40.60 w/GST) and $28+ for children and seniors ($29.96 w/GST), which includes access to the onsen facilities for the entire day.

A variety of massages and spa treatments are available from the ala-carte menu. Guests can also purchase as a set, for example, Onsen + 60 mins Thai Massage at $118+. Affordable membership packages are also available for frequent guests.

Kids above two years old are welcomed at Yunomori Onsen. Different baths have different temperatures, so they can also enjoy themselves at the bath with suitable temperature.

This guide will be helpful if you’re new to Yunomori Onsen. Stripping off for an onsen bath can be daunting for some, so I hope this guide will get you prepared before your first visit.