Park Bo Gum Fan Meeting in Singapore

Me, mother of one, 40-year-old-ahjumma, who has never been to a concert before… has attended a Korean star’s fan meeting event! I don’t mind being the oldest fan there, just because… it’s Park Bo Gum fan meeting in Singapore. And it’s his first in Singapore!

Unbelievable, isn’t it? ^___^

I didn’t tell V that I bought a Cat A ticket that costs $228. Else, I’ll get a whole night of nagging (don’t worry, he doesn’t read my blog). He simply couldn’t understand why his old wifey is still fangirling over Korean idols.

Park Bo Gum Fan Meeting in Singapore

The tickets to the fan meeting event were sold out two months ago. On the first day of its sale, I had to fight an “online war” for half an hour to secure two Cat A tickets. The ticketing system crashed as fans thronged to the site to purchase their tickets. All 2,000 tickets were sold out within three hours of sale. Luckily, the organiser added another 1,500 seats and eventually, they were sold out too. Can you imagine his explosive popularity?

I Remember You (also known as Hello Monster) is the drama that transformed me into a Bogum fan. His portrayal of character “Min” – a psychopathic serial murderer with a complex personality – was especially outstanding. His split-second change of expression from smiling to creepy scary has forever inked in my mind.


Next comes Reply 1988. If you watched this drama, you’ll know it’s impossible not to fall for the adorable Choi Taek, a genius baduk player who is mostly quiet but struggles with the simplest of daily tasks (he’s super hilarious too!). He totally captured my heart with his innocence and naivety.

This innocent look makes me wanna watch Reply 1988 over and over again!

From there on, I was a die-hard Bogum fan. Do I even need to mention the massively popular K-drama Love in the Moonlight?

Now, back to Park Bo-Gum’s first ever fan meeting in Singapore!

Park Bo Gum Fan Meeting in Singapore

The event started at 6:15pm. The enormous crowd welcomed Bogum with a very loud cheer. Unknowingly, I was transformed into one of the 3,500+ screaming fans! I love that the event was well organised into several chapters, making it more engaging and fun too.

The fan meeting opened with the first chapter – Happy Gallery – where Bogum showed his fans some pictures that have never been released before. One of them was taken the day before in front of Marina Bay Sands.

Park Bo Gum Fan Meeting in Singapore