Shangri-La Hotel Singapore: Family Stays for Free Staycation Review

Staycations have become increasingly popular in Singapore, it is surely a regular family retreat for many of us. If you’re planning a surprise staycation for your family, you would want the hotel room to be spacious with add-ons like roll-away bed and breakfast for your kids, as well as late check-out to maximize your stay. As you know, kids always ask for “extra time” whenever they stay in a hotel.

Instead on splurging on these add-ons, why not get them complimentary for your hotel stay? On top of these, you and your family can enjoy one of the largest ground level swimming pool facilities with water play features, as well as exclusive Club Lounge privileges that are guaranteed to give you and your loved ones something beautiful to remember.

Sounds great? Yes, the deal will be unveiled now!

Shangri-La Hotel Singapore has recently launched the “Family Stays for Free” staycation at their Tower Wing’s Horizon Grand Premier Room that is specially tailored for families to spend quality time together.

I must admit that this is one of the BEST staycations I’ve ever had! And the hotel room is the BIGGEST I’ve ever stayed in. Check out the Horizon Grand Premier Room that we stayed in and you’ll be wowed!

Some quick facts about Shangri-La Hotel Singapore:

Opened on 23 April 1971, the hotel is the flagship and the first hotel of Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts. The hotel has 747 guestrooms and suites spread over the Tower Wing, Garden Wing and Valley Wing, 127 serviced apartments and 55 luxurious condominium units. The hotel boasts 15 acres of landscaped gardens which are visible through the glass walls enclosing the lobby and dining areas, and has been referred to as “Singapore’s other botanical garden”.

                                                                                                Source: Wikipedia

Tower Wing’s Horizon Grand Premier Room

Tower Wing’s Horizon Grand Premier Room

The hotel marbled bathroom is supersized and glamorous! It has a separate standing shower and bath tub, with premium L’Occitane Jasmine bath amenities.

At this point, you may wonder how big this room is. The answer is a whopping 72 square metres – which is close to the size of a two-bedder unit in my apartment! It has a king-sized bed, a complimentary roll-away bed for Edison, an executive writing desk, minibar, generous wardrobe space, comfortable seating area and a stunning bathroom (pictured above). 

Mucota Dyna Argan Oil Treatment at Headlines Hairdressing

This is the first time I write a review about hair treatment even though I’ve tried many different types of hair treatments in the past. This is one of the BEST hair treatments to treat frizzy and unruly hair, leaving it looking naturally straight and feeling sumptuously soft. And most importantly, it doesn’t cost a bomb.

Sounds good? Okay, let’s read on for more details.


This was my second visit to Headlines Hairdressing. Conveniently located at China Square Central – just a short walk from Chinatown MRT, the salon offers various hair treatments at affordable prices. Their signature hair treatment is the Mucota Dyna Argan Oil Treatment, which I’m going to introduce to you today.

If you’ve never heard of this treatment (like I haven’t earlier), then let this be the first place you hear of this amazing treatment. For the past one month, I have the softest and easiest maintenance hair I’ve ever had in my life! I’m enormously grateful to Mucota Dyna Argan Oil Treatment for doing the magic on my hair.

Facts about Mucota Dyna Argan Oil Treatment


Mucota Dyna Argan Oil Treatment is made from argan oil. Rich in Vitamin E, omega-3 and omega-6, it helps to restore dry and damaged strands back to a soft, smooth, and shiny state. This gentle treatment also contains other nourishing ingredients such as jojoba, castor, honey, shea butter, and collagen to help prevent frizz and replenish hair’s natural moisture.

Mucota Dyna Argan Oil is a treatment originating in Japan. The most important point is this treatment does not contain formaldehyde, a cancer-causing substance commonly found in other hair straighteners in the market, as well as ammonia. Therefore, it is very safe to use. This treatment is suitable for people who has rebonded their hair, or have unruly, frizzy, and unmanageable hair.


This is the condition of my hair before the treatment. It’s unruly and frizzy; the ends were totally damaged by the rebonding that I did two years ago. Truth be told, I was contemplating a bob haircut until my stylist, Charles told me that he can ‘save’ my hair with Mucota Dyna Argan Oil Treatment. So, I decided to give it a try.

bullet-pointTreatment Step 1:

Depending on your hair condition and desired outcome, the stylist will prescribe the most suitable Dyna treatment cream. Basically, there are three types:

  1. DYNA CA: To maintain the hair straightness and softness in a natural finish.
  2. DYNA CCA: Change and turn around hair texture. Gives hair a sleek and glossy finish.
  3. DYNA CAT: To relax curly or color-damaged hair. Gives hair a soft and natural finish.


First of all, I was given a hair wash. Next, the Dyna treatment cream was applied on my hair for half an hour. In between the process, the stylist re-applied the cream to make sure that every glands of my hair was sufficiently coated. When the alarm went off, I was led away to wash my hair.

bullet-pointTreatment Step 2:


After the washing, my hair was blown dry and prepped for the next step. At this point, my hair already felt so straight and soft. Then, my hair was divided into sections. Using a high-temp flat iron, the goodness of the treatment was infused into my hair and sealed into the cuticles.

bullet-pointTreatment Step 3:

As the final step, the DYNA AFTER treatment cream was applied on my hair for ten minutes. This cream further moisturizes the hair and seals all the goodness from the treatment. Ten minutes later, I was led away to wash my hair.

The entire process took about two hours. The end result is nothing short of amazing! My hair is naturally straight (not flat straight like the rebonding effect), so soft, so smooth, and it shines too!


One month after the treatment, my hair is still soft and manageable. I usually do a quick 5-minute blow-drying after I wash my hair. Even leaving it to dry naturally, my hair is still manageable. Ease of maintenance and perfect time savings! For busy moms on the go, life gets better if you have fabulous hair with little maintenance.


Unlike rebonding, I can still tie, pin, and style my hair as usual. This is a treatment, not rebonding, so there is no special precaution needed after the treatment. The treatment typically last about 4 to 6 months. Price starts from $250 depending on the length of your hair. For my mid-length hair, the cost is $300.

If you want naturally straight and soft hair that is easy to maintain, I highly recommend Mucota Dyna Argan Oil Treatment to you. Look for Charles!

Many thanks to Charles for this amazing treatment!

Address: 18 Cross Street #01-15 China Square Central, Singapore 048423
Contact: 6221 6866
Hair Stylist: Charles Tan