It’s Spring Cleaning Time!


I like Chinese New Year. It always motivates me to spring-clean my house. Spring cleaning is generally not at the forefront of my mind until things start piling up. So, Chinese New Year is the best motivator for me to start my annual spring cleaning.

Last weekend, I was pretty productive. I cleaned and de-cluttered the wardrobes in my three bedrooms, my store room (some prefer to call it a maid’s room), my mini store room and my fridge. This weekend, I’ll clean the kitchen and display cabinets, and then I’ll put up my Chinese New Year decorations.

This year, we have a part-time helper. She is truly awesome. She comes every Sunday morning for four hours; she does the general cleaning, including the windows and frames, as well as ironing for me.

My store room is all full of junk now. There are many pre-loved and space-consuming items that I do not know how to discard. I got two tricycles, a ride-on, a jumperoo, a baby feeding chair, a baby car seat, a stroller, a baby bath tub, a bunch of pre-loved shoes, and many children’s toys all packed nicely in boxes.

All these items belong to Edison. I feel so ‘sayang’ (this is a Malay word that informally means can’t bear to throw away) to throw or give them away. That’s why they are still piling up in the store, years after years.

But I think I won’t be able to keep them for too long. When we move to our new home in two years time, they have to go no matter what. =(

Spring cleaning my fridge is the most interesting task, I would say. Every year, I have amazing discoveries of expired food in my fridge. This year, there is no exception.

And guess what I’ve found! An unopened bottle of chopped garlic that has expired since Dec 2011! I must have overlooked it during last year’s spring cleaning session and it went unnoticed for a year.

Another conclusion that I can draw is that I haven’t been cooking for more than a year. Else, I would have discovered it sooner. That’s how scary it is! I also dumped few cans of expired drinks, chocolates and candies, before Edison pops them into his mouth.

Oh, and one more thing. I also found two extremely wrinkled pears. They were originally green, but I have no idea how long I’ve kept them, so they turned completely yellow and wrinkled. I gotta be extra careful with fruits this time.

Chinese New Year is a great time to refresh our home with some spring-cleaning. Do you agree? Have you spring-clean your house too? =)