Primary One is Almost Over!

I learnt enough from my friends and peers to believe that the day he started Primary One, he would bid farewell to his childhood. He will spend the next few years locked up in school and tuition centres. He will have lots of homework every day.
Thankfully, that was NOT how his Primary One turned out to be.

Starting Primary One: It’s Term 4 Already!

Click HERE to read all my posts on Starting Primary One series. Ten months ago, Little Edison started Primary One. I still remember how his eyes were soaking in tears when he had to wake up at 6:15am. It wasn’t due to his reluctance to go to school; in fact, he was looking forward to the Big Day. It’s just that he couldn’t understand why he has to wake up…

Starting Primary One: Term 3 Update

I can’t believe that Term 3 is coming to an end soon. “Time flies” is indeed an understatement in our times. Don’t you agree? Much to my delight, Term 3 seems to be the shortest and easiest so far. Maybe we’ve accustomed to the primary school routine now. Sleep early, wake up early, learn, play and have fun. That’s how Term 3 turned out to be. Prior to registering him…

8 Ways to Prepare Your Child for Primary One

Preparation for Primary One does not require a major effort. In fact the simpler and more relaxed the process is, the easier and more relaxed it will be for your child. In this post, I’ll share with you 8 easy ways to prepare your child for Primary One.

No Exam in Primary One: Yay or Nay?

When we found out that there is no final examination for Primary 1 during the Parent Orientation Day, we were jumping with joy. “There will be no exam stress for us and our boy this year. Even if he doesn’t study, he will still be promoted to Primary 2 without any streaming. Yay!” I told the Hubby jokingly. And that’s how we eased through the first term of his Primary…