Swim, swim, swim!


Constant sunshine and lazy weekends make for opportunities to bring our boy out for a swim. He loves being in a water, most of the time in the swimming pool in our apartment, and a couple of times at the beach.

I’ve been thinking lately what is the suitable age for our boy to start learning swimming. Most of the articles that I read suggested that 6 years old is a good age to start swimming because they are developed physically and mentally. Most of the medium sized pools are 1 meter deep, so they should be at least 1 meter in height.



As a start, we’re bringing him to the pool more often now to pick up skills such as breathing techniques, floating and water confidence. In fact, there are 3 swimming instructors who are conducting swimming lessons in our own apartment now. So, it isn’t difficult to find one for him.

However, the swimming lessons are mostly conducted on weekend morning as the pools are reserved for residents in the afternoon. I shudder to think of the icy cold water that our boy has to endure during his lesson.


At this point, I’m also considering swimming schools or private swimming instructors outside our apartment. If you have any recommendations, please drop me a comment. I love to hear from you. Thanks!