Meet Minions, The Latest Meet-and-Greet Characters at Universal Studios Singapore

I’m sure all of you know Minions. These cute little yellow Twinkie-shaped minions are a great hit from Steve Carell’s new cartoon Despicable Me. It’s amazing how these Minions are able to seize the heart of many children. Over the months, I’ve seen so many friends throwing parties for their children with the Minions theme. In the other words, parents are head over heels in love with these Minions too.

If you’re a fan of these Minions, now I have great news for you. Universal Studios Singapore will soon be introducing Minions as their latest Meet-and-Greet characters from 1 Dec 2013.


Who can resist a photo-taking opportunity with these Minions?

Besides photo-taking, there are various exclusive merchandises available at the Universal Studios Store. Just in time for your festive giving!



There is a huge selection of merchandises from T-shirts, cups, magnets, bags, water bottles, hats, key-rings and toys, to cute plush toys in assorted shapes and sizes. There is something that you’ll surely love.



Special thanks to RWS for inviting us to this special preview, and be the first to take pictures with these lovely Minion characters.


Universal Studios Singapore

We visited the Universal Studios for the second time this year. Our first visit was in July – it was Family Day at Daddy V’s company. Coincidentally, my company also decided to hold its Family Day at the Universal Studios. So, we went there last weekend for the event. It was FUN.

At a start, the weather was not too friendly. It rained twice in the morning and early afternoon. After the rain, it was scorching hot. Anyway, here is how it all went …

After collecting the tickets from our recreation committee, we went to take our first shot in front of the Universal Studios globe. Of course, this is one of the ‘must-have’ shots that almost every visitor will take. Due to the crowd, it’s also not easy to capture a decent picture of the globe (without any strangers in the background).

In front of the USS Globe

As mentioned in my earlier post, this theme park is divided into seven uniquely themed zones – The Lost World, Far Far Away, Madagascar, Ancient Egypt, Sci-Fi City, Hollywood and New York. Each zone is based on a blockbuster movie and they have their own unique attractions as well as character appearances.


At Hollywood, you can expect a wide array of eating and shopping spots. Part of this zone is sheltered, so if it rains, you’ll know where to go.

My advice is always getting your camera ready for the random character meet and greets sessions throughout the day – Woody Woodpecker, Betty Boop, Frankenstein, Beetlejuice just to name a few. I love the Broadway-style theater too.

Take a family picture with this cartoon character

We took a picture with this cat, but I don’t know its name. Do you know its name?

Family Day at Universal Studios

Today, I received a very special e-mail with the subject “Family Day at Universal Studios Singapore” from the Recreation Committee in my company.

I don’t know if I should be happy or not – because I just visited the place last weekend! It was Family Day for Daddy V’s company and we got free admission tickets, meal and shopping vouchers for the event.

Now, my company decides to hold our Family Day at Universal Studios too. Cool! It will be held in September or October this year, but the event date is not confirmed yet. Yay, we have a chance to visit Universal Studios again this year and for FREE.

I want to go to this place again –

I can’t remember exactly the name of this place – where we stopped for dinner. It’s located at the Lost World. From the Universal Studios website, I think it’s called Fossil Fuels.

We ordered two combo meals and one kid’s meal for Little Edison. The kid’s meal comes with a red Woody Woodpecker lunch box (see picture above). It’s very cute and useful for weekend outings. The portion of the kid’s meal is quite large too – enough for an adult if he/she is not a big-eater. I should have ordered three kid’s meals, instead of combo meals. Then, I will get two more lunch boxes for my niece and nephew. It’s my mistake. Sigh.

The food is not fantastic but I do love that Woody Woodpecker lunch box. Ha! If you happen to visit Universal Studios, do check out this place and the lovely lunch box.


Universal Studios Singapore

We visited the Universal Studios last weekend. The weather was rather warm and cloudy. For the past few days, the weather has been so temperamental. Stormy, rainy, sunny, cloudy and rainy again. I was so worried that it will rain. I packed our rain coats and umbrella. Luckily, it did not rain.

This theme park is divided into a few interesting sections – The Lost World, Far Far Away, Madagascar, Ancient Egypt, Sci-Fi City, Hollywood and New York. They are located in a big circle, thus it is very easy to navigate. You don’t even need a map!


At Hollywood, there are mostly restaurants and souvenir shops. We took a picture with Woody Woodpecker.


This section feels like a tropical jungle filled with wonderful animals. Little Edison enjoyed the merry-go-round.

Far Far Away

We felt like we have landed into the fantasy world in Far Far Away. The Shrek 4D show, donkey live and the ferris wheel are definitely not to be missed. We saw the magnificent view of the castle too.

Little Edison freaked out when he realized that we were going for a ride. But soon, he adjusted and enjoyed himself, although he was clinging on to me for dear life throughout!

The Lost World

Theme park activities such as outdoor roller coaster, waterworld, canopy flyer, Jurassic park train ride, Amber rock climb are available in this section. The rollercoaster was gigantic. I felt my heart beat faster every time I look at it.

Ancient Egypt

In this section, there is an amazing indoor roller coaster where you can experience a thrill ride in total darkness.

Sci-Fi City

There is the Accelerator, where you can sit in the cup design machine to swirling and twirling.

New York

We saw the special effect studio called “Lights, Camera, Action”. We were blown away by the filmmaker’s incredible special effect and the setting for a major hurricane that is about to hit New York City.

If you are wondering why we are in different attires in these pictures, that’s because we went to Universal Studios twice on the same day. Our Part I visit started from 11am to 2:00pm. Little Edison was tired and wanted to nap. So, we drove home, took a short nap, shower and we head to Universal Studios again at 5pm for our Part II visit.

On Friday and Saturday, Hollywood Boulevard is opened from 7pm to 10pm (except 30 and 31 July). If you have the day pass, you can enter for free. Otherwise, you can purchase the ticket at $5. The Hollywood After Hours was really beautiful. Lake Hollywood Spectacular show starts at 10pm, but we gave it a miss because the queue was too long.

We left the Universal Studios at about 9:30pm. We had an awesome time, even though we were all wiped out by the end of the day. Little Edison had a lot of fun too and he asked us to bring him there again.

There are too many to mention here, so be sure to check out their website for all of their attractions!