Korea Day 8 & 9: War Memorial of Korea, Children’s Grand Park & Mapo Market

The last two days of our vacation was free and easy before our tour guide picked us up and sent us to the airport. Seoul is very easy to get around using the subway. The signs and station names are in English as well as Korean, it’s very foreigner-friendly and easy to understand.

We visited a few places in Seoul, and did most of our shopping on the last two days. Today, I’ll share with you three places that we’ve visited.

The War Memorial of Korea

War Memorial of Korea

War of Memorial Korea 2

War of Memorial Korea 5

War of Memorial korea 3

Korea has been invaded many times, and The War Memorial of Korea is the best place to learn about its troubled history. Although it’s called a war memorial, it’s also a huge military history museum with tanks, planes and weapon systems on display.