Port of Lost Wonder, Sentosa

V and Little Edison at the entrance of POLW

Finally, we made it to the latest themed attraction in Sentosa – Port of Lost Wonder. I can’t resist bringing our boy there after reading so many reviews from other parent bloggers. All I got to say is – this is really a place where everyone can share so much fun together!

The nearest car park is Beach Car Park, which is just a short walk from this kids’ club. The car park rates are relatively cheap too, $3 for first 4 hours and $1 per hour thereafter, followed by per entry charge after 5pm.

Managed to find a nice picnic location at The Deck!
Curio coins and our Port Pass

The main attraction here is the Pirate Ship, the main water play area, where kids can splash, climb, run and slide all day long! There is a giant bucket that will tip over every 5 minutes or so, with droplets of water gushing down.

This is Little Edison standing in front of the Pirate Ship, just when the giant bucket started to tipped over!

Next to the Pirate Ship, there is a slightly “milder” water play area. Perfect for toddlers and young children. It’s our boy’s favorite too. He took some time to “warm-up” here before he got the courage to explore the Pirate Ship.

Water Play Area, with water guns etc

When I brought Little Edison to the water playground in Rainforest Kidzworld the first time, I wasn’t prepared to get wet. Then, I realized that it is mission impossible to remain dry as he is still too young to venture on his own. So, I had to get in and watched him.

No matter how hard I try to avoid getting wet, in the end, I was all drenched after a bucket of water splashed on me. And some boys made me their water-gun shooting target after that. 🙁

This time, I’m fully prepared with my swimming costume and sun block! I went all the way out with Little Edison to explore the Pirate Ship and had lots of fun! It’s worth it!

There is an eatery here – Port Belly, that serves comfort food such as grilled sandwiches, piping-hot pastas and pizzas, as well as savory soups and desserts. Visitors can choose to dine in or have a picnic outdoors at The Deck.

Have a break, I'm so hungry!

I read about the fun bubble party here, but unfortunately, it was not opened on weekdays (so we missed it!). The other attractions here include Curiosity Island, Tree of Wonder, Pots and Planks, Teach us Wild, PlayChute and Play Den. We didn’t have time to explore these attractions as our boy spent the entire afternoon in the water play area until it closed at 6pm.

The map

After 6pm, this place automatically turned into a wonderful port for dining and relaxation. I managed to snap a few pictures of this place after the water play area closed and most of the visitors left.

The Pirate Ship - Front View
The Pirate Ship - Back View
Sand Play Area
Resting Area with Tables and Chairs
Fantastic Weather at 2pm - sunny and clear blue sky!

For more information of Port of Lost Wonder, please visit its official website at http://www.polw.com.sg/.


Jurong Bird Park and New Water Playground

I didn’t know that Jurong Bird Park has a water playground until this advertisement pops out on my blog. Coincidentally, I also saw the 30% off Jurong Bird Park adult and child entry tickets on Deal.com.sg. So, I immediately purchased 3 tickets to bring our boy there for some fun.

We went to Jurong Bird Park last Saturday. It has been raining for the past few days, but we decided to take the risk and proceed with our plan. Spare clothes, towels and umbrellas were all packed up, and we were ready to go!

The journey from our home in the North-East to the Bird Park in the South-West took slightly more than an hour. Thanks to the heavy traffic along PIE, the poor Husband was tearing his hair out in frustration trying to navigate the road traffic.

Alas, we reached the park at 1pm and the weather was still good. Much to my surprise, the parking rate here is amazingly cheap. It’s only $2 per entry, I just couldn’t believe it.

The highlight of this trip is certainly the Birdz of Play – the newly opened water playground. Before we head to the playground, we did a brief visit to the birds in the park. Little Edison was delighted to see the penguins, flamingos and parrots.

Our boy was super excited to see the huge playground and water playground. The dry playground is divided into two sections – one for younger kids 4 years and below, and one for older kids. The water playground is next to it.

After one hour of playtime, we felt a light drizzling rain. So, we stopped our activity and went for a shower. There is a main children shower area, but it is unsheltered. There are also shower rooms in the toilets. The toilets are clean and new. There are also lockers and baby-changing room here.

We went for snacks at the Ben & Jerry outlet – just next to the playground and patiently waiting for the rain to stop. After the rain stopped, we proceed to visit the other attractions in this park. By this time, our boy was so exhausted and fell asleep on his stroller.

All in all, it was a fun day despite the rain. The Birdz of Play is indeed very fun for the kids. I like the park because it is less crowded as compared to the Singapore Zoo. But I also expect that they will have a surge in visitors soon after the opening of Birdz of Play.

Here are some pictures to share:

I love those penguins! So cute!

Colourful parrots…

The flamingos, lots of them!

Little Edison making funny face!

The highlight – Birdz of Play!

Little Edison & I walking to the playground

Playground Fun Time!

At the water playground finally – look at his smile!

Slide, Slide, Slide!

Splash, Splash, Splash!

Giant Flamingo… I love Birdz of Play!