Wild Wild Wet at Downtown East: Singapore’s Favourite Water Theme Park

During our recent staycation at D’Resort Rainforest Premier Suite, we checked out Wild Wild Wet – one of Singapore’s largest water theme parks and a perfect place to have some fun!

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Wild Wild Wet
Wild Wild Wet @ Downtown East

Wild Wild Wet is located at Downtown East, a fantastic leisure and lifestyle destination in the east of the island. This was our second visit to the water park, and we were totally amazed with its significant makeover and expansion! It has also added two adrenaline-pumping water rides – the Royal Flush and Free Fall.

As much as we’re excited to check out the new rides, the weather has not been on our side. The sky was cloudy and I was very sure it would rain within 2 hours. So, I was contemplating whether to bring my camera. V shook his head, obviously telling me to keep my camera in the locker.

We had a blast at the water park even though it was drizzling. It was a pity that I couldn’t take any pictures on that day – but thankfully, I managed to get some media pictures to share with you on this post.

If you’re visiting Wild Wild Wet with kids, you’d most probably be spending the most time at Professor’s Playground. With no minimum height requirement, kids can splash to their heart’s content while parents can relax in the huge Jacuzzi. You can find slides, ladders, water cannons and fountains here.

Be sure to look out for the gigantic bucket of water that pours down at timed intervals! When Edison was much younger, he was SO afraid of the water bucket. Now, he loves it so much. Whenever he hears the tinkling sound (indication that the bucket is about to pour down), he will quickly run towards it.

Kidz Zone
Kidz Zone – pint-sized versions of the big rides

Your older kids will probably enjoy the Kidz Zone more. This new attraction is truly a kids’ water paradise, and I’d say it is just like a pint-sized versions of the big rides! Honestly, I admit I’m quite timid when it comes to thrilling rides. So, I enjoyed myself with the kid-sized water slides so much LOL. Best thing is – parents can enjoy the slides together with their kids at Kidz Zone.