Taiwan is a cherished holiday destination for many Singaporeans. It’s not too far from Singapore and best of all – we don’t need to worry about language barrier (unless you don’t speak Chinese at all LOL). I have friends who visit Taiwan quite frequently, but we have only been there once ourselves as a family (not work trips).

Our first trip was in summer 2015 (June). Prior to the trip, I wondered if summer in Taiwan will be as hot as Singapore. I asked a friend and she nonchalantly replied that it will NOT. In fact, she assured me that since we’re SO used to hot and humid weather in Singapore, summer in Taiwan is really no big deal to us.

After the trip, I must say that summer in Taiwan is SO MUCH HOTTER than Singapore. 😲 Maybe different people have different heat tolerance, I would avoid summer at all cost now.

Our 8D7N free-and-easy trip covers Taipei, Kaohsiung, Taichung and Cingjing. We took the Taiwan High Speed Rail from Taipei (in the North) all the way to Kaohsiung (in the South) just to get a feel of the country. We were pleasantly surprised by how family-friendly the country was, regardless of which part of Taiwan we travelled to.

Thing we love about Taiwan:

  1. It’s very easy to find huge family rooms in hotels with affordable prices.
  2. In Taipei particularly, amusement parks, indoor playgrounds and family café are everywhere.
  3. The food is to die for – enough said! 🤩
  4. There are lots of private drivers that you can hire to bring you around. IMO, their charges are quite reasonable too.

If you are looking for a destination in Asia to bring your kids to, you can’t go wrong with Taiwan.   On this page, we shared some useful travel information, our itinerary and write-ups on some of the places we’ve visited.

Travel Information

📞  Country Code: +886
⏱  Time Zone: GMT +8 hours (same as Singapore)
✈  Peak Travel Period: Apr – Jun, Nov – Dec
📅  Four Seasons: No – subtropical climate
💰  Currency: Taiwan New Dollar, TWD (NT$)
🚝  Transport Card: EasyCard 悠遊卡 (Yōu yóu kǎ)
🥛  Tap Water: Boil before drinking
🔌  AC Socket Type: Type A & B – 110V 60Hz

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